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This is such a good game. Until you get to the medical labs.
Wish it was different

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I wish a lot of things were different...

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I wish there was a remaster or weapons mod like stalker

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I felt it was a consistent 7/10, I have positive memories of most parts of the game but after the original destructible terrain gimmick wears off, it's a pretty standard progression. The arsenal was big enough to keep things novel going into the later game, that machine gun with the scope and the rail gun were so damn powerful, not to mention the mini-nuke launcher.

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I played the PS2 version and my PC elitist friend told me I didn't actually REALLY play it

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Well you played an approximation of it. Could be worse, you could have played the ps2 version on a ps2 emulator

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I never got why this game was popular. It's boring from start to finish.
Destructible terrain wasn't exciting at all.
Only good thing I guess I could say is it never became terrible.
Nothing outstanding though. 4 or 5/10 for me.
I heard PS2 version is improved in someways.

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How is Red Faction popular? It's a cult game.
The reason why it's a cult is that it's actually pretty good. Sure it's no Half-Life, but it's pretty good
Cool setting, weapons, destructability was infact exciting (if you had actually played it back then).

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I say that and then remember there's 4 Red Faction games.
Yeah I guess it must've had some level of popularity

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It even has an N-Gage port of all things.
A friend was recommending it to me in early 2000s. I wanted to play it so badly, but couldn't. Didn't bought it or whatever. Can't remember.
I've finally played it a few years ago was quite disappointed.
From what I've understand people only like 1 and 3.
3 looks like Saints Row Red Faction.

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I liked it quite a bit the first time I played it, but was more lukewarm towards it the second time around.

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Easily one of the best FPS games ever made.
Like Golden Eye, Halo 1 and Descent had a baby. And the baby had destructible environments.
Name me one other title where you pilot a submarine and a go into an orbital station in the same plotline.

This game isn't even retro. It mogs 99% of titles being released today.

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Destructible environments had nothing to do with what made this game great. This is the FPS equivalent of a Platinum Games title. A wild ride from the first mine to the final spaceport.

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Does the game have gore/gibbing?

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Mod out the rail gun and it's a really good Half-Life 1 clone