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Are 2004-2005 Stalker builds retro?

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Was Stalker ever s seamless world or was it always a lie?

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get out of here Stalker

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you can't go there

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Did they ever claim it was?

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Shadow of Chernobyl is 07 so it's safe. STALKER was probably the first non-sequel upcoming game I was truly utterly hyped about. Spent a lot of time on the STALKER fan sites circa 2004, the Gamespy affiliated one had an admin who praised the devs for not delaying the game unlike those Valve assholes, we all know how that turned out, kek. Picrel is a wallpaper I got from around that time, I can find no trace of it anymore on the internet (you'd think Yandex would be specially suited for reverse image search here but no dice) but it's a cool concept art. Obviously the game that finally came out wasn't exactly what was promised, but it delivered where it counted, which is amazing atmosphere, punishing encounters, and shit going wrong/just right at unexpected times.

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>Shadow of Chernobyl is 07 so it's safe
B-but... But... It doesn't run on 2001 hardware so it's not retro!!!

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>Shadow of Chernobyl is 07 so it's safe.
What? Are you gonna also imply that Call of Duty 4 is safe?

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I remember getting The Punisher on PC and it came with a trailer for Stalker. The early one showing vehicles and whatnot.


I remember it leaving a pretty spoopy impression

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You may not like it, but Modern Warfare is /vr/ legal.

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So we can discuss 2007 7th gen games as long as they got a PC port? That's retarded.

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We have had Team Fortress 2 threads early on.

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Yeah, vr has gone down the drain since the rule change

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They may as well allow DS and PSP. Those are more retro than fucking COD4.

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Ubisoft has been making the exact same game for seventeen years, what's your point? The industry stagnating doesn't magically not make an old game

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Our rationale for choosing the fifth-generation systems as a cut-off is not based on age, but instead on what we deem to be particular technical attributes of these consoles compared to the sixth-generation and subsequent consoles. Specifically, we believe that there is enough of a style difference between the fifth- and sixth-generation consoles in a way we do not believe exists to the same extent for the sixth- and seventh-generation consoles or beyond that there is a benefit to focusing on the former (and earlier).

The sixth generation was the first full generation of consoles where the use of bitmap-based 2D in games was purely for the purposes of style rather than technological expedience. The sixth generation also saw the rise of certain styles of games which still dictate the games we play today, including Halo, which presaged an era where first-person shooters would be designed with consoles as first-class citizens, changing from Quake-influenced twitch shooters to slower games with limited weapon carrying and also popularising the use of vehicles in FPS games beyond just replicating rail shooter mechanics; Grand Theft Auto III and its sequels, which crystallised the attributes of the open-world third-person action-adventure; The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which saw the first signs of the series becoming a mainstream success, with a tighter scope over its sprawling predecessor; RE4 set the standard for all modern third person shooters, along with the start of what have become gargantuan series such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. There are precedents in other fields in maintaining strict characterisation based on style that does not progress simply because of age.
>tldr age is not a factor for whether something is retro or not

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Yeah that's very nice but explain the Wii then. It's not retro here yet it's less powerful than the original Xbox

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If there's enough people who are more interested in that then simply discussing old games, wouldn't it make more sense to call the board something else?

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I've never played the Wii since I'm not a onions-infused manchild so I can't comment on it.
The board you are referring to is /v2k/, which would accomodate 6th gen to whatever the last gen was, since /v/ is just current thing shitposting.

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nta and I might be misremembering but I think that this was part of the original design docs at least, just as vehicles were. Breaking it up into smaller maps works really well for the game though. Every area has a distinct feel and atmosphere.
>Dead City in the trailer

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Oblivion Lost build was in 2001.

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Ah right, fair enough. I thought I was speaking to someone who actually likes games, never mind.

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exactly this, I've now likened Retro and non-retro to Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi music. Sixth gen and on really set the standards of modern AAA development and aesthetics, audio was more traditional recorded sound vs sound-fonts and synthetics, graphics are utilizing techniques like dynamic lighting, bumpmapping, DOF, Motion Blur, quality motion capture and better lip sync, less "concessions" and shortcuts to approximate certain things, now you can just do them because the technology will allow for it. anything Sixth and beyond you can tell a "modern" feel vs showing anything 5th and below, and the idea of making a "retro" game in modern day is the same idea as making "lo-fi" music, using purposfully limited or low quality techniques to make something feel less modern, feel less "clean"

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>Quake-influenced twitch shooters
Shut the fuck up

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People don't actually like games here anon. They like pussy-repellant CRTs, owning a bunch of plastic that they never touch, fighting console wars that have long since stopped mattering, and arguing over who has heard of the most obscure games.

But at least it's better than reddit where people fight over whether boobs in games are okay, or youtube where you have to speak retard to have a conversation that doesn't involve repeating yourself 500 times, or twitter where people either don't have enough space to make a salient or they post a 60 tweet rant about how they want game developers to work less, be paid more, make shorter games and that's a good thing.

Pick your poison I guess.

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Hello hello

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Do any of the original devs still work at GSC? I thought Grigorovich or whatever his name is abandoned it after CoP

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Did you want something?

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>Marked one! What the He-*Explosion*

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Not an argument
I'm sorry for the snark, but I have never touched a Wii in my life

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>Not an argument
I wasn't making one, faggot

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It's got a dx8 render.

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What about this image is so confusing to you? AC1 is old as fuck

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Thank you for admitting video games are a male space, anon

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Your home is a male only space. Because of your CRT.

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I unironically wish video games were still pussy-repellent. Look at what happened when women started infesting the industry and community

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They still are pussy-repellants. Pick me girls/e-sluts on YouTube/Twitch/activists with nothing better to do don't change that fact, women on average don't play games, they play mobile shit.

I mean yeah, more women play games now than they did in the 90s for example. But it's still a really low number.

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CRTs are pussy-neutral

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Enough to make games be uglier and worse than ever.

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its getting even worse as there is no hard rule about discussing remakes and remasters. been unbearable lately because of it

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tf2 has dx8 too