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What are some non-boxing games that let you use boxing gloves?
Also, what are some fun boxing games other than the Punch Out series?

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Killer Instinct
Tekken 4

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Street Fighter games with Balrog (he's a boxer and always wears the gloves). Streets of Rage 3 has a playable Kangaroo wearing boxing gloves.

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Beavis and Butthead lets you beat up people with a boxing glove attached to a broomstick

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Rockin Katz

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>Anonymous uppercutting a chirper

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Fight Night is a fun boxing game with cartoon characters and silly moves

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This and Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle (originally a Roger Rabbit game for FDS, don't remember if it also had boxing gloves or not)

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Felix the Cat

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It's weird how this game wasnt turned into a meme yet, or The MASK in general. Zoomers have no idea.