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Why didn't Nintendo choose to use magnetic discs on the main unit instead of planning the DD as a addon?
They'd have
>Tried and tested tech
>64mb day one instead of 4-12mb in 1996
>Cheaper to produce than cartidges
>Option to split games on multiple discs

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Because Nintendo prides itself on taking the most convoluted and nonsensical option possible so they can say they're not like everybody else.

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If only they used cds

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One of the main reasons to stick to carts is because a cartslot costs next to nothing. A cd drive (or diskdrive) is many times more expensive.
Note that the N64 was cheap at launch for just $199, and Nintendo didnt even loose any money on that.

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>Nintendo being forced to pay license fee to both Philips and SONY two companies they didn't exactly have good working relationship with

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Because magnetic discs were cutting-edge tech at the time, and Nintendo requires that everything they produce needs to be at least 5 years behind the curve.

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magnetic dis*******K*******s are fragile and can have viral failure modes

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Lateral thinking with withered technology :^)





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they corrupt easily

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imagine a kid scribbling on and shoving sandwiches into it

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Why is there a thread about this every day from kids who never used a magnetic disk in their life? If you ever used them, you'd know why.

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Lateral shitting with shitty technology. Nintendo's involvement in gaming was a mistake.

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werent those zip disks very prone to failing or something?

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Oh my $4 licensce per drive would really bankrupt them!

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But the lost on carts that started from $10 to FUCKING $40. And a drive assembly costed around $20 for imtegrated solutions.

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yes, and they could damage zip disks in a way that would cause them to destroy other zip drives

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Why the fuck would you want to directly fund your competition?

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But it could mean that they pull the licenses if Nintendo’s product was a serious competitor to theirs.

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Nintendo is literally running a free campaign for Microsoft in the latest Smash Bros through the inclusion of Steve

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. It benefits Smash Bros and DLC sales more than it does Microsoft to include him.

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Microsoft and Nintendo aren't really competitors. Xbox having a physical console is basically legacy at this point.

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Sounds like a weird cope, but please do enjoy paying for the development of Halo 7

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Not to mention the game is literally on the Switch.

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Carts were a better option. Fuck magnetic media. I rather take what we got over a reality where you have to worry that you corrupted your copy of Ocarina of Time because you set it on top of your TV set. Disks for consoles was always a dumb idea that was only feasible for the Famicom when they thought they were going to have to go that route.

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Minecraft popularity and I think even some of the first Nintendo versions, predated the Microsoft purchase.

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But every copy of Minecraft goes to Microsoft pocket who believe Nintendo doesn't have much time left as a first party

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The licensce is only paid if a CD drive has built in audio playback capabilities(specifically redbook audio). Same with DVD drives you only pay a licensce fee if it has DVD audio and video playback. The drives themselves have no licenscing fees.

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And the promotion of Steve in a Switch smash bros also increased sales of Minecraft on Nintendo systems. Nintendo is also getting profit by allowing the game on their systems at all.

I also wouldnt take Microsoft's opinions without a heavy dose of salt considering their current predicament.

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>Option to split games on multiple discs
most sincerely: go and fuck yourself

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In the end the consumer got screwed by more expensive games, but the base price of the system was very low without losing money on it and that did lure in people.

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Hard to do copy protection on magnetic disks in days when CPUs were not powerful enough for strong encryption. Once people figured out how to read from and write to those things (and doing that is incredibly difficult to prevent for magnetic media), piracy would become rampant. All anyone would need to do is buy a single N64 game and then rewrite it with a different one once they beat it using an image stored on PC. Yes, specialized/modified hardware would likely be needed, but shops specializing in that task would pop up. "Switch your N64 game for $10!". Optical media and solid-state media can both be made truly read-only very easily.

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I would say in the end, the consumer benefited. While a higher price, those same carts are still perfectly usable in current year where as magnetic media could be damaged far more easily. I would say something you bought nearly 30 years ago that is still functioning perfectly fine is a good deal.

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Sony and Phillips did not and still not do own the CD format.

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You don't understand, it was never about preventing Sony from making a minuscule amount of money that they would have if N64 used CDs. It was always about making sure that Nintendo's pockets were lined up with money from third-party developers who had to buy cartridges from them. If a game didn't sell well, the developer lost money, but Nintendo still made money. The modern business model where 30% revenue cut is all you need to give up for dealing with distribution and no one makes money if a game doesn't sell seems nicer in comparison.

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Because they were stupid dumbasses

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What a retarded thread, lowering the already low quality of this board. Do you have no shame OP?

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Here's a magazine snippet I stumbled across just now (as part of an unrelated activity)
Do take everything with a grain of salt but still and interesting read
>Sticking to carts reduced base price by $150
>A CD expansion is still an option if the time is right
Did not even mention the DD drive yet.