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Are there any other 3D fighters that play like Virtual-On? And how come this game never really took off in the western fighting game scenes?
I enjoy this game a lot, though I never got to play it in the arcade twin stick setup. It handles pretty well on a controller.
Also for any of you who have played these and the Gundam vs games what do you think about the two in comparison to each other?

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No, not really. I guess you could say Zone of Enders, or Power Stone, but those aren't exactly the same thing. I guess maybe ARMS might be close.
As for why it never took off, for the same reason that ARMS or any other really experimental game didn't take off. The FGC is really niche and prefers to play their own specific sort of game. If it isn't two dudes standing horizontally across from one another and hitting each other with button presses, then they don't like it. Just look how much complaining their is about Smash Bros, just because it involves moving around.

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It's not a fighting game. It's a third person version of Senko no Ronde which itself is a remake of Spacewar!

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Obviously it's not exactly the same but Sonic Battle is similar and it also has a story mode.

There's also Custom Robo.

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How is Virtual-On not a fighting game? Also I thought it came out way before Senko no Ronde?

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Last Legion UX on the N64 plays extremely similar and its designed for a controller instead of twin sticks… but it sucks.

Saturn + Twin Sticks is the best way to play at home. It’s only beaten by the actual arcade unit. Dreamcast one is a step up graphically but I think the original is the best.

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>Games like virtual on
You mean games like Namco's Cyber Sled, which came earlier.
Or its '94 sequel with more moves and a campaign mode, Cyber Commando.

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It amazes me how stupid posters on /vr/ can be where they have no idea about a game but make all kinds of wild comparisons that don't even come close to the mark.

To think that Virtual On threads have now forever been fucked by some random Zelda autist.

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FGC sweats only play two niggas standing across from each other, either 2D or 3D but it’s basically 2D mode.

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virtual on had side tourneys but getting the dual stick setup just for 1 game prevented it from growing.

gundam versus took the virtual on torch. especially, when you had to down dash in gundam versus to land and dash again. real similar to virtual on with jumping to lock-on.

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How am I supposed to beat the game with anything other than this ugly piece of shit?
It's so much better than all the other robots.
I almost made it with Raiden once but the final boss timed me out.

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viper 2 is a glass cannon, use other virtuaroids.

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skill issue

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Maybe you'll like Destrega

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Try Phantom Crash
Gundam VS series (FvZ, GvZG, GvGN+)
Megatudo is a relatively obscure one

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Phantom Crash has a cool aesthetic

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It's great if you're tired of the Gundam look

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Lol the cat hates the government

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There are like 4 or 5 but several are japan only with fan translation
Frame Gride on Dreamcast
Zero Divide 1/2
Koutetsu Reiki - Steeldom
Bulk Slash on Saturn
Robo Pit on saturn
Custom Robo obviously.

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These aren't really comparable, Zero Divide is a straight Virtua Fighter clone for example.

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some of them are closer than others but most of them have the flying around a 3D arena feel with control stick tap to dash, more or less. There are only so many 3d robot fighters out there to be picky.

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I found out about this the other day and have been meaning to play it.
Really love the UI. The whole streetculture vibe reminds me of Eureka Seven.

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Is there anyway to emulate the arcade controls without it going retarded yet?

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It's called a D-pad.

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The characters in Zero Divide are supposed to be hacker avatars in cyberspace, not robots.

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And the robots in Virtual On are supposed to be game players in the present day remote controlling robots in the future through time-warping arcade machines

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this game looks like the most hidden gem of a video game I've seen in a while. how is Xbox emulation doing these days?

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That's Virtual On though, not ZD.