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What are the best retro multiplayer games?

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if you're asking about fighting games, I personally love super street fighter II turbo. The mechanics are INCREDIBLY simple, so you can pretty much start having fun right away.

My favorite obscure picks would be Money Puzzle Exchanger and Street Hoop.

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tetris tgm2+ is a really good version of tetris
v special is one of the best fighting games period
and real bout 2 is great until somebody picks this guy

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>Playing on an /int/ emulator

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Why aren't you playing Tony Hawk pro skater 2 on fightcade, anon?

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use thug pro on pc anon

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Is that retro?

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CvS2 is pretty fun.

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is flycast still dogshit, i tried playing recently and it was lagging like fuck.

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Played a match yesterday and it was fine. Just be sure to play with someone in your region.

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