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Did they every end up fixing how the right analog stick works in the PC port?

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PC port has max payne style aiming, reVC and some mod idk has a free look for controllers

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yea, in re3/reVC

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Why the hell would you handicap yourself and play this game on a controller

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>fixing anything
These retards couldn't make their games run well on any system, with Max Payne 3 and RDR 2 being the rare exception.
Do you seriously believe they are competent enough to patch up this old game?

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>handicap yourself
>in gta

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If you a true fan of these games and play them frequently (which a fan should),then you will notice there are indeed many handicaps involving shooting exactly where you want to (at proper speed), camera movement & ESPECIALLY shooting,driving,using horn&movement.
I played GTA VCS recently and there was a very infuriating moment a mission was difficult simply because of how inferior gamepad controls are to PC controls. I dont remember precisely what happened, but you couldnt do two actions at the same time because of gamepad limitation, which you can easily on PC. So yes its a handicap

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Is this the famous OoT-like people talk about?

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I have two words of advice for you: get good

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If you were good, you'd adapt to the PC's handling of the right stick.

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I played both ps2 and pc versions multiple times, really not a big deal :)

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Big enough deal to make a thread about something you've struggled with for 20 years.

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Theres nothing about getting good you dumb ass
I bet you dont even know that you get 5 shotgun ammo for every police car and you can explode every vehicle in very quick shotgun shots
Which you cannot do on controller
You are tourist to the Grand Theft Auto series, sir

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But I know that stuff, and you get extra armor in an enforcer, used that for vigilantes. Just because your crab ass claws need special needs controls doesn't mean everyone have to use them.

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Mhm except with gamepad manual aim you literally cannot do it with the precision and time it is possible on PC,therefore it is handicap
Auto aim WILL just lock you to a random ped or enemy

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Or you can just not use auto aim and aim at the car. Well if you're a typewriter orc with total lack of motor skills for analog aiming then it's impossible, sure.

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Did reVC fix any of the FPS related issues or did they get DMCAed before they got that far?

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no, but vc doesn't have much issues beyond boats maybe and the cum fountain

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Not quite, it was being worked on when the DMCA hit. There was a WIP pull request with a lot of things fixed, but vehicle acceleration was too slow.
Nearly all physics is wrong at higher framerates. If you run the game at like 500+fps it's easy to see how fucked it is.

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I was talking more sensible framerates like 60, if you're a high refresh tranny idc

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>I was talking more sensible framerates like 60
Yes and they're still off at 60fps, it's just more noticeable the higher you go.

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And if they do, you shouldn’t be allowed to own it.