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It's my favorite console but I think the Saturn would fit the bill more.

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>the holy grail of emulation

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Saturn and Xbox have proven to be the most-difficult retro consoles to emulate by far. Saturn emulation wasn't acceptable until the late-2000's/early-2010's around 15 years after the console launched while Xbox was the same way until over 20 years after the console launched just within the past couple of years.

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The one emulator which people want 100% compatibility.

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Acceptable Xbox 360 emulation came before OG Xbox emulation was ever achieved which says a lot.

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Saturn emulation is great, use Mednafen.
Cave CV1k hardware would be nice for someone to properly work out. I’m looking forward to all the Pi users saying N64 because they don’t know what Parallel plug-ins are.

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impossible to emulate

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And it will never happen because modern CPU’s can’t do the PS2’s floating point math correctly

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They can actually.

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So why haven’t they?

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What, is PCSX2 faking it?

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They have.

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PCSX2 has to round off the numbers, causing bugs in games that expect an exact value. It’s a fundamental difference between the ps2 and modern hardware that has no solution.

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They haven’t, clueless moron.

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Old post, but nothings changed.


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I'm a Clued moron. You're a clueless moron.

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no that's PS4, the thing has a shitton of exclusives that can't be played anywhere else, and emulation is coming along at a snail pace.

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OK, the PS2 FPU and vector units don’t follow IEEE standard for representing/operating on floating point values.

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If I’m clueless show me when they magically fixed the issue then, because that would have fixed literally hundreds of bugs in one go.

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I would say so. The wadur and the smokes, etesera....Id love 60 FPS Godhand and Dynabsty Wabbiobs 4

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Why Sony fans can never like their things because they genuinely enjoy them? Why is always about bragging and feeding their own egos?

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Sony isn't a security blanket, they just make platforms

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>impossible to emulate
Going by this definition wouldn't the PS3 be more apt?
PS2 emulation is pretty good these days.

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Dunno, i think nowdays is on a great place, i don't even know what the BIG problems are anymore.

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I don't care about PS2 emulation because there's a bazillion easy to hack PS2s in the world, while I do care about Saturn emulation because they are rare enough to be relatively expensive and require much more expensive console specific hardware to do anything with.

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Who is to say this enjoyment isn't genuine? Zelda fans certainly don't enjoy their game, merely bragging about an arbitrary score.

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Because we won every single generation and we can. You'll have to deal with it.

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It will happen in time. 15 years ago even 8-bit emulation wasn't perfect.

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>.Id love 60 FPS Godhand

Hasn't Godhead ran perfectly fine on PCSX2 since basically forever? I remember it being one of the earliest games that worked.

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The thing that I don't really understand is why games can be so hit-or-miss even using a modded PS2. That was incredibly disappointing for me to find out that compatibility is not at all a sure thing even on a PS2 with a big fat hard drive in the back.. What gives?

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>What gives?
PS2 games expect to have full control over the entire system, and some key components of the system pull double duty as IO control hardware, meaning that hardware a game needs to run might be busy if a loader is running in the background (really, alongside the game). Compatibility hacks work in a lot of situations, but if a game is going "I need complete control of the PS1 chip to run logic, why the fuck is it busy streaming data from LAN" there's nothing you can do.

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to prevent emulation/piracy mate

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Most emulators just brute-force through it with good enough hardware

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>Saturn emulation wasn't acceptable until the late-2000's/early-2010's

i remember playing saturn games on emulators from start to finish back in 2004.

>Hasn't Godhead ran perfectly fine on PCSX2 since basically forever?
It did, I played it circa 2009 or 2010 I forgot.

all these "shit is impossible to emulate" people are retarded.

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that would be the original xbox

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This ain't exactly it but close enough. Thanks to the guy in the last PS2 homebrew thread for telling me about UDPBD. I have an HDD but it's nice not having to install unless really necessary. Only worried about crashing since it seems to be less compatible than HDD

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Just bought one for dirt cheap. The seller replaced the laser with some weird SD card reader, but other than that it works great. Are the loading times via USB really that bad, or is it just some extra seconds? I've heard some games have issues with cutscenes, but I mostly play low budget JRPGs.

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PS2 emulation now is finally where it should've been ten years ago.

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You probably didn't have a particularly great experience on old versions of SSF or Yabause though. We tolerated it because there were no real alternatives but thank God for Mednafen.

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I remember trying SSF back in like 2006 or 2007. It was fucking shit. My poor Pentium 4 could barely run it. ePSXe ran like a fucking dream though.

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How much money do you think major developers lost from game sales on PS2 due to how easy and prolific piracy was?

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practically nothing since piracy was never popular until after the console was mostly finished. Similar to dreamcast. The only console where piracy ever impacted sales significantly was ps1

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And then you guys wonder why nobody likes Sony fans