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sounds like sega master system to me
plays at the very start of the video

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xta8pL7GStw

anyone know it?

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It's either a Pokemon song, a Sonic SMS song, or something from a Wonderboy. Possibly a retro remix
This really annoys me because I recognize the melody

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i could probably figure it out if i keep rewinding but there is too much autistic screeching to hear it clearly enough and i dont want to get a headache... why are you watching that shit?

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same, recognize the melody. it is really annoying since it feels like it is on the tip of my tongue. sorry, yeah, the people talking over on the video are extremely cringe.

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Literally cannot tell with all those apes hooting over it

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Isn't that the menu music from Neo Turf Masters? Sounds like an SMS arrange or something.

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holy crap it is. youre right. neo turf masters neo geo pocket color version.
that is amazing. thank you. love turf masters but never made the connection.
damn. ty.

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Anytime, anon. :) Enjoy your time ON THE GREEN!