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so, what is the way to play this game?? you see, me and my brother played this game 15 years ago, logically we played it once, as any other videogame, and, logically, moved on. years later we saw that there exists this thing called mr x and we're like "oh look, these fuckers put the tyrant from the dammation movie in the remake, fucking idiots" but then we learnt that tyrant was in the original game, and we were like what the fuck, we never faced him or anything like that
so, how does that work? we have both cds (Leon and Claire), but I can't seem to understand how that works. it souns like revelations 2 mechanic (doing x thing with barry clears x path for claire) but that makes sense since it's the same cd.... how does that technology in og resident evil 2 work?? what the fuck is "Leon A" and "Leon B"? what, I need to complete the game 4 fucking times?!?!? pure bullshit. I can't recall any other game that does this bullshit

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no one knows. one of gamings unsolved mysteries

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Leon/Claire A is the first time. Finishing with either unlocked the B side for the other character(Leon A unlocks Claire B and Claire A unlocks Leon B). I don't know which is the right order but the last time I played (last month) I did Claire A and Leon B which is what I always do.

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I mean, we want to play it now. how we should play it? play leon once then play again? play claire and then stop and change to leon??
oh, I see...
I wonder, if someone casually started with claire, then he wants to replay it, ths time with leon, he'll be playing leon B? or a second option/campagin will unlock?

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He can play as Leon A without any problem, he just misses the extra content that comes with playing Leon B. The B part is a save game that can only be loaded on the other character's disk. So instead of starting as new game, you would start it as a load game.

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..I got lost here
so it's contuining a save file?
I mean:
>you beat claire, just fine
>you put leon disc, just fine
what does it appear then? a save file? a menu/option? you put "load" file, then load the cleared game... and you start with leon? is that it? or you start a new game but eveything now is changed and influenced by the other file, therefore, not being able to play Leon A?

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Two cd's? What are you talking about? This game only came in one CD. Who's this "Leon" character you speak of? As far as I'm aware, you just get to play as Claire, Chris' sister.

I wish this game had more content, it's a shame that it wasn't popular enough to warrant anymore sequels. Oh well, we always have Silent Hill.

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>the pretend something exists because you don't like it meme
Wow, haven't heard that one five thousand times.

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the game has two scenarios.
the scenario A is what your character (either leon or claire) goes through if you pick them as the first character you play as.
the scenario B is what the other character that you didn't choose did in the meantime. actions you did in playthrough A will have effects on the B run.
either character can play either route.
if you play leon A and claire A, you're doing the same things but with a different character, and of course they won't affect eachother at all.

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>t souns like revelations 2
imagine revelations 2, you play as claire who is kidnapped, that's scenario A.
then you play as barry who goes to save her, that's scenario B.

so claire A/barry B.

now imagine you could do the opposite.
Barry A/Claire B.

in this case barry would be kidnapped, and claire would be the one who goes to save him. got it? so basically yes, resident evil 2 has 4 scenarios and a shitload of content. that the remake lacks. it still has an A/B scenarios, but they're almost the same.

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You played as Claire. When you finish the game, it creates a new save game that can only be loaded on Leon disc, it's the Leon B side. If you start Leon disc without loading that save file, you are starting Leon A.

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>you're doing the same things
No, they are not. Playing with Leon A/B will have Ada, will have different bosses, the chess pieces instead of colored blocks, etc.

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i know they're somewhat different, hence being 4 scenarios and not 2. still, he's gonna do roughly the same things as the other a scenario. with the same bossess too (birkin instead of mr x)

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>resident evil 2 has 4 scenarios and a shitload of content. that the remake lacks. it still has an A/B scenarios, but they're almost the same.
yea because they were totally different in the original right ? you dont do the same braindead puzzles and shit right ?

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yes? different puzzles, different areas, different paths to the rpd, different bosses, different cutscenes, different story. ada can die by falling or being impaled by mr x. sherry can be infected and you need to find the vaccine or be safe and sound without meeting birkin.
kill yourself etc

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RE fans are braindead and you didnt played the game you just spout youtuber non-sense.

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putting a key into a keyhole isnt a puzzle or else i solve a puzzle everytime i get home.

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>literally explained the differences vs "bro they're the same"
but im the one that didn't play it? what a stupid mexican piece of shit

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I would have rather had 2 scenarios with branching choices like RE1 vs. 4 linear ones that are like 95% the same.

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you solve the exact same puzzles you retard i literally speedran the game.

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The other anon was talking about more than puzzles. While those don't really change, everything else does.
How you navigate the RPD and where you get your items changes. Depending on scenario, Leon can go to Irons' office and Claire can have a run in with Leon in the sewers. Different narrative beats play out for all four scenarios even with how Ada dies or whether or not Sherry gets infected, and bosses all change.
>b-but i speedrun!
Yeah, you're a retard.

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ah, that's it. so you load a new file
wew that much? I grew up wth ada dying when she falls off a bridge (because birkin wife shot her something like that) but then I see in other games that leon fights mr x in a fire area and that ada appears and I'm like wtf? btw I didnt read your whole post, don't wanna be spoiled that much
I remember fighting birkin in a bridge, but now I don't know anymore

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hell, I played darksde chronicles last week and there was this scene with the poilfe chief I don't remember his name, wanting to capture sherry, making experiments and transforming into a monster and I was so lost there. I knew he was somewhat dirty because of the movie but I don't remember any of this in the game, maybe he did that but I don't remember anymore

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wow so all the superficial stuff got changed,truly impressive game design,you wont feel like doing the same shit 4 times in a row.

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as opposed to... changing the intro and 5 minutes of a last boss? literally what are you even arguing in favor of? less content?
clearly you realized you were wrong midway through and now you're just trolling or genuinely embarassing yourself. you can move on, i forgive you.

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the remake still got more content than the original even if some things dont change they overall added more than they removed.

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How you play the game is changed. Your routing is changed. Where you need to go every scenario is changed. You need to weigh up what's a good decision in regards to the side pack and SMG, as well as the wires and BOW gas, all of which are dependent on your skills with either character's weapon selection.
This is hardly superficial.
>the remake still got more content than the original
Half the city streets are gone.
Every area not the sewers, RPD, or lab is gone, and replaced with linear setpiece sections that have no impact on your scenario as they are exclusive to side characters.
All four scenarios are the same. Narratively, it doesn't matter how Claire or Leon got into the RPD as all that changes is two cutscenes- one at the beginning, and one at the end. For your gameplay, the only real change occurs with the second handgun but it's negligible at best.
The bowgun is removed, which removes an entire element of Claire's loadout which was her crowd control weapon.
Multiple enemies including ivy and spiders are removed (and the dogs only exist within two sections of the game, one per character).
Evolved lickers and evolved ivys are cut.

Honestly, what is this mysterious content the remake has that dictates it has more than the original? What, 5 million tofu reskins?

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how about greatly expanded sewers and lab with more puzzles in them than the entirety of OG re2.

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>how about greatly expanded sewers
At the cost of several other areas, yes. The sewers essentially being the same length as all those cut areas, except instead of going through a variety of different environments, you're in some murky shithole where the only colours are green and grey, and your movement speed is shit because half of it is in water.
>and lab with more puzzles in them than the entirety of OG re2.
At the cost of being absurdly linear. The lab isn't even really expanded, the left wing makes you think "Oh, maybe this will be a bit bigger", and then you get to the right wing and it's a couple of halls + a boss arena. There's no zapping so no secret room, no moth room, the ivys exist in just two rooms really so there's no shaft where you get to seem them growing out of the lab, it's all lazy and blatantly unfinished (especially when you watch the cutscenes and get to see Annette teleporting all over the lab for no reason).

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You have to play the game 7 times in a row (and beat it). Each time you beat it, you have to improve your time by 1 hour. So for instance, if it takes you 7 hours to beat it the first time, the second time needs to be in six hours.

On the last attempt, you have to do it with out taking damage from lickers.

Good luck, fren.

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lmao,the second time i played RE2 my time was cut more than half what it took the first time.
RE2 is a piss easy game.

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RE2 was already extremely linear

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And? It was linear, but it had shit to punch that up, environment variety, cool setpieces, shit CHANGED for all four scenarios.
The remake doesn't have any of that.

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How the fuck do you get a game with two CDs, play through one of them, and just forget that there's a second CD?

Anyway, the way the game works is that there are two "routes". You're going through the same basic concept in each route (you start at the beginning, end on the train ride) but each route takes you through a different path in the city. There's a "Route A" and a "Route B". You play through the game once with one character, and then you play through the second route with the other character.

So if you play through Leon first (Leon Route A) then you start the game with Claire on the other route (Claire B). The opposite thing, Claire A-Leon B, if you start with Claire. The naming convention was because there's some significant differences between Leon A and Leon B routes, and between Leon A vs Claire A. Each character has some paths specific to them, and each route has some parts specific to that route, and there are a few minor differences in one paring which don't show up in the other.

>I need to complete the game 4 fucking times?
Nah, just once through with both characters is enough. Doing things in the opposite way can be fun if you want to see the differences, but you're not really seeing that new of content.

>how does that technology in og resident evil 2 work?
It's been awhile since I played this, but I'm pretty sure that when you put in the other CD, you'll have an option to load a save game from the other character off your memory card. That'll start the Route B for that character.

Note that you need to have played through Route A with the first character. You cannot, say, play through Leon A, then Claire B, then try to use the Claire B save to do a Leon B run.

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It’s very easy indeed but the first time you play it it’s a son of a bitch.

First play through is like 5 hours. Second is like 2 hours.

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Not retro but the remake is the best way to play RE2.

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>you're not really seeing that new of content

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>forgets there is a second two
who the fuck said anyone forgot the other cd?? I literally said "I played it once, then, logically, as any other game, moved on, because I did it, I already beat it"
What, you played as chris then were autistic enough to replay it with jill, knowing it's the same game? you play it once with mario then play it again with luigi? are you retarded??

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this nigga plays videogames in a rush.
motherfucker, relax and enjoy all the content

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but anon i must clear the backlog ill never clear.
i cant play 100 hours on one game which is why i dont play rpg.

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Classic RE is pretty short if you’ve already played through before. I revisited RE2 after not playing it for years & knocked out a full Claire A/Leon B run in two sittings

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>What, you played as chris then were autistic enough to replay it with jill, knowing it's the same game?
You 'knew' it was the same game in RE2 and you missed out on shit
And yes, playing as a different character is enough of a change to warrant a second playthrough at the least
The game hints at several points that one scenario will affect the other and there's benefit to playing both