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I'm interested in Atari 2600 homebrew games. Does anyone know how to get started? Is there a place to download them?

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All the dev happens on AtariAge, most of the authors upload their binaries to progress threads. Sometime the final product isn't free, sometimes it is.

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Has anyone ever compiled a download of (at least) all the free ones?

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The only emulator I know is Stella. I may be too far removed from the emulator world. You can literally down load the entire library.

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This is what I've thrown together for my flashcart; it's missing a ton but may get you started. Archive.org has a decent selection as well if you search for 2600 homebrew.


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I don't think you can download all the homebrews though.

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there's also MAME, if you're not an incel


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Stella is the only 2600 emulator anyone uses

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Thanks. I'll check out Archive.org, too.

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>using MAME for anything other than arcade games

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Yes, because i'm not an incel

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You've got it all backwards anon, only incels use MAME.

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I would literally pay money for the homebrew Phantasm rom but i can't ever find info on it. Its been years lmao

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Yeah it was only live for 12 hours

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what the fuck does that have to do with anything

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you'll understand when you're older ;)

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More info about this?