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TBP has been out for about a month now, so how's everyone feeling about it?

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any more cool thief art?

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oo i like that. I got all the way to 1100 gold before even going into mission 5 proper

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getting ready to start mission 9, this game is stressful

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ok whatever this new zombie noise in this level is can fuck right off

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man this silence is deafening in this level. Also, im just trying to sneak why they gotta make me go through a haunted mansion.

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Get to the top level of the Council Tower (the octagonal room with the chair in the middle of it). From one of the openings you should be able to see a balcony with a bookstand on it. Jump+vault there and you will enter the locked room.

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so you cant beat mission 5 without touching the thing with the talking voice right i know its a game but in real life fucking with this shit cannot be worse than prison or trying to run away from your employer.

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i dunno if i ever would have found that 7th portrait without looking it up, i always assumed that i had checked that room.

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where are you guys seeing the statues turning to face you as you move? havent found that yet

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Is pic related still accurate? I just beat Thief 1 (TFix Lite) for the first time last night, and naturally I'm wanting to start Thief 2. According to what I've read elsewhere, Tafferpatcher isn't recommended anymore, but I'm not sure if I want to use T2Fix unless it's going to play similarly to TFix Lite.

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T2Fix is safer overall than TFix. Just make sure to uncheck all of the stuff you don't want.

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I played through with tafferpatcher a number of years back and I thought it was fine.

wow, never seen these. They're probably the strongest thief art I've seen.

Do we have a good canon shot of the structure of Garrett's face though? That second painting doesn't really make me think of him other than the outfit and bow/water arrow.

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He always looks different in cutscenes, in-game models and official art. People are better off making him look however they want at this point.

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There was one on the first level in a pagan-themed apartment
I definitely remember another instance but I fail to recollect where

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basically what >>10560951 said
do note that T2Fix Lite vs Full is genuinely a matter of preference unlike TFix Lite vs Full, since unlike TFix Full, T2Fix Full actually a.) documents its changes and b.) is fully FM-compatible

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If he was given the opportunity for it, would Garrett use a silenced dart gun?

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Listening to this you can tell he's a pretty good performer. Why the fuck was his work as Hume so all over the place then? Shitty direction, I guess.

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probably not. darts are good for knocking people out with poison or blunted dartheads and all but you couldn't fire rope arrows with it which would limit its usefulness

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>implying he wouldn't just use it in addition to his bow

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it happens in mission 4 but they dont make noise or anything you just look back and theyre all facing you.

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mission 5 wasmt to bad without the sword upgrade.

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>found out just now that walk + speed toggle is almost completely quiet for ANY surface
what the fuck? why is run forward and walk forward different?

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Is there a mod that can make knocked out guards wake up similar to MGS?

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is it just me, or are Kurshok the only faction not to be referenced in the mod?

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. I went with the full version of T2Fix and only enabled the bare minimum of what I thought would actually improve the game. So far it's running great and looks and feels just like the first one did, so I'm happy.

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they were referenced in a way since some scrolls mentioned the lost city but I don't think they were called out by name

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He's not great even here, dudes not comfortable just talking normally so he puts on a cringe "cool guy" inflection to everything. Should have just found someone with a decent talking voice and no insecurities.

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In the first mission there is a tiny abandoned apartment that you can enter through a window, it has a couple of scares involving statues

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say what you want about T2X and it's protagonist, she at least sounded unique.

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>decent talking voice and no insecurities.
I agree, but I also wish he'd just been told to be consistent.
Half the time he sounds like a poor mans Garrett and the other half he sounds like a poor mans Daud from Dishonored, and he flows between the two seemingly at random to the point where, early on in the campaign, I genuinely couldn't tell what Humes voice was supposed to be.

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don't forget the HD texture pack, anon!

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soul vs soulless

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hmmm you sound mad that you don't have a gf to take a photo of so you can make portrait textures

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I've been playing Black Parade, but I got a problem with the FM Selector, any time I try to launch the game after the first time it doesn't work for some reason. I have to delete the fmsel.ini file in my FMs directory each time to successfully launch it

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In another universe, Garrett and Viktoria often clash in Cyberspace under new lives.

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Truly magnificent

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try Angelloader, it's better anyway

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We mentioned some Thief-like games in the previous thread, there is also a multiplayer Thief inspired game being developed by ex LG members

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what resolution should I play Thief 2X so that the resolution doesn't switch when I open the menu or map or objectives?

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I love the attention to detail. Tully a work of art.

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Where is that?

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lmao, this is exactly why I don't use Rebirth in System Shock 2.

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What are some games that are like Thief? I wasnt in the last thread.

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It's here, above Dogleg St. Can be accessed via an airduct in tenements

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HD texture packs are always an absolute soul void for any retro game, made by talentless hacks with no eye for consistency or detail and think that something is automatically better if it has a higher file size. It's true for Thief, it's true for Doom, it's true for Duke Nukem 3D, it's true for Daggerfall, it's true for almost everything. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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The Kurshok are the merman fish people from the Sunken Citadel in Thief 3. I saw readables mentioning The Lost City (Karath'Din or whatever) but not the Sunken Citadel.

It always bugged me that the Sunken Citadel seemed to be added to Thief lore without any concern into how it fits geographically. You access it... from a sewer pipe at the docks, so it's super close to the surface? But also the fish people down there have never seen a human for thousands of years and have never been to the surface? It's some Fallout 3 levels of setting bullshittery that doesn't fit or make sense, very themeparky.

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Splinter Cell, specifically Chaos Theory. The first one had some real troubles during development because half the team wanted to make Thief and the other half wanted to make MGS. Clint Hocking is a big LGS fan.

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The Kurshok are referenced but not mentioned by name. I've read somewhere, I think it was on the DromEd discord, that skacky sees the city sections in TDS as much more sprawling than how they're depicted in the game, meaning that the Kurshok citadel is much further away in his headcanon.

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i wwouldnt say chaos theory is much like thief at all other than beign in the same genre

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>No lockpicks on Jaws of Darkness
Why does Hume think its a good idea to ever leave his lockpicks at home? Even Garrett takes them with him when he goes to loot nonurban areas.

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Thief 3 geography and sense of scale is all fucked, the whole City is like two streets and dozen of houses big

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wow you were 100% right

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there was this big shadowy man-thing in Jaws of Darkness that made me shit myself

I just saw it waltzing around while I was on the way out of the cave and in my panic I backstabbed the fucker

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mark of the beast for HD mods

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By Builder, TBP gives me the feeling that I had when I was playing TDP when I was 13. "I don't know where to go, so I'll crave my own path, whether it's right or wrong."

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*carve, of course, but that one seems right in its own way too

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Is this the place you mean?

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on lower resolution you have less health points?

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A thought came to me in a dream. Taking a map from an alpha build of an old game and making it a thief map.

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oh fuck off

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Didn't know you could use an Atari controller as a weapon

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Has anyone else been having trouble climbing down ladders in TBP? Most of the time I end up falling down to my death trying to get on the ladder.

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that's a problem in general with thief, unfortunately. though I found in TBP the devs managed to place ladders in such a way it makes life a bit easier and forgiving.

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One of the reasons why I'll never understand those supreme ghost autists. I ALWAYS quick save before going down a ladder

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>Master Thief

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Really? I found it the other way around. I don't remember ever having too much trouble with the ladders in Thief 1 and 2.

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other than being third person and the levels needing to fit into xbox memory constraints, CT especially is very thief-like. the bank level is beloved because it's the most open level in the franchise. i'd argue that the actual basic stealth mechanics lifted from thief were improved too. environmental noise drowning out your own noises is a cool idea and so is the very granular control over your speed.

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TFix Lite is recommended for a Thief 1 first timer over the full version? Why?

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Because TFix dumbs down the ai making the game easier than it should be.

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Why would they do that?

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By the builders hand, what art thou doing inside a bush brother?

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Its only been one person and everyone has been asking that for years now, for whatever reason he decided to use the ai from Thief 2 for Thief Gold's TFix and they were made intentionally dumber in 2 because of the more open level designs of the missions. I just found out about it myself a few days ago.

Is it just simply easier to uninstall Thief and then reinstall a fresh game with TFix lite?

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all that work getting all the way up here all those deaths and reloads and I get a fucking water arrow

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Serves you right for playing with bloom

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Fuck I need only 200 more in loot for Jaws of Darkness but I can't find shit after finally going through the whole place and getting all the other objectives done. Does anyone know any hidden valuable loot worth 100 or 200?

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Also why did it have a kill no humans objective? There wasn't a single living human anywhere.

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>finally found the loot needed in the element rooms
>mission stats says there was 3200 total loot
Seriously where the hell do they hide half the loot in these missions? There's always twice as much as the mission objective.

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There was at least one area I could see that I never found in Jaws of Darkness. In the Pillars of Silence area theres another doorway underneath the stairs you enter from that I could never figure out how to get down to.

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I also noticed that the guy who voiced Hume couldn't keep his voice consistent because it was too ''artificial/strained'' so he kinda sounded like different characters in different scenes, it was jarring. Also for some reason his speaking voice is gruff and low while the sounds of falling/hurting/mantling are high pitched, like they belong to a completely different character.

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Same. It made me to return to the bandit camp since I remembered that the item that the hanged man's rope was attached to the beam with was named a lever handle, but when I carried it all the way down it turned out I can't frob the lever slot with it.
I thought I was real smart for a short while too.

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By all that is holy brother, fetch the clippers and save me from the Trickster's grasp!

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>i'd argue that the actual basic stealth mechanics lifted from thief were improved too. environmental noise drowning out your own noises is a cool idea and so is the very granular control over your speed.

i agree with this for sure.

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>Also for some reason his speaking voice is gruff and low while the sounds of falling/hurting/mantling are high pitched, like they belong to a completely different character.
Glad I'm not the only one autistic enough to be bothered by this, but yeah it bothered me a lot. Humes hurt sounds sound like a completely different character and its real jarring.

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having gone through the game files, the hurt sounds are all vanilla Garrett, that explains why they are so jarring

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You would be surprised how difficult it is to give good voice direction. Even if you get the best voice actor on earth, he'll be as good as the voice direction he gets.

t. I spend a lot of time in live voice recording sessions

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No, they're not.

>> No.10573751

Yeah they're absolutely not, trust me I've spent enough hours falling from great heights as Garrett, they're definitely not his hurt sounds.
I guess I wouldn't know given that I've never voice acted or directed, but surely they could have had him stick to one kind of voice at least, no? This weird switching between not!Daud and not!Garrett is just bizarre.

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Was the 'boring prayer book' found in the secret hallway supposed to be used for something in the Dewall mission? I tried placing it on the altar in the little chapel room but nothing happened.

>> No.10573973

I was kinda disappointed when I played Thief for the first time and found out that the machinery sounds in Cragscleft didn't cover your footsteps.

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>play black parade on hard
>find out im missing out on unique enemies and shit
im only on mission 4 but im pissed, i hate the loot requirements. I would've beaten every one so far but I remember getting owned at the end of t1/2 out of nowhere on loot and it just ruins everything.

>> No.10574532

don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. Once you sharpen your Thief Sense you'll find loot in no time

>> No.10574535

apparently i've missed like 400-600 in each of these missions and I feel like I must be absolutely retarded, I spent hours doing autistic jumping across rooftops and still cant find this shit.

>> No.10574570

lol you shouldn't feel that way, you do pretty well considering you can easily miss 1k or more, especially in the later levels
I've found that looking upwards can really help you find areas or shortcuts you've missed. An open window or a wooden surface you can shoot rope arrows to, maybe a crate or similar thing you can vault over to jump on other things. But sometimes you have to crawl under stuff or look behind desks to find more shortcuts that lead you to areas you've visited before so you go "HOW THE FUCK DIDN'T I SEE THIS AM I BLIND AND RETARDED?"
In short, don't fret about it.

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I don't think so, it's just a prop to show you that DeWall likes to watch his female visitors undress or something

>> No.10574834 [DELETED] 

>make arc's central sad point the death of the old woman mentor and how it affects the good guy group in some way
>sike! turns out she's alive lmao
this is the well-written anime I was telling you about

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Does anyone have a link for Gold2Dark, and also, does Gold2Dark only convert the maps or the cutscenes and stuff too? If I want the true TDP experience do I need to acquire real TDP or is Gold2Dark 1:1?
Now I'm wondering. Is there a mod that adds T1's more difficult AI to Thief 2? I'm guessing in context this stuff about the AI changes means that T1's AI can actually see further and react to things further away than T2 can? T2 has maps like Shipping & Receiving or Framed where guards are walking these massive open spaces, but most of the open areas in T1 are either smaller or more twisted and have more cover.

>> No.10575578

the loot requirments in black parade are pretty lienient.

>> No.10575730

When is someone going to man up and give Thief 2 Gold the treatment it deserves? Now is the best time to start now we have AI generated Garrett instead of shitty voice actors mimicking him.

>> No.10575773

go ahead bro

>> No.10575776

I will make the logo

>> No.10575869

I want to see an actual FM made based on this Garrett ai video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyLASGfpdVY

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Played TBP during the Christmas break and immensely enjoyed it, could taffers here recommend a dozen or so of good fan missions to play plz ?
I tried to get into other Skacky fms, but they feel much more difficult and overhelming than TBP...

>> No.10577042

Probably. There was concept art a long while back before LG closed down where they were thinking of making a Thief game in a modern setting and it had a drawing of Garret in a hoodie with a suppressed pistol.

>> No.10577053

i think i remember garrett's back story in that version pretty much being the same as desmond's from assassins creed. truly bizarre shit.

i do like the idea of just transposing everything to a modern setting. it would probably look like kingpin.

>> No.10577146

So what exactly am I supposed to do in the final level for TPD?

I keep going in circles in the necromancer temple where there's that big group performing a ritual on the first floor. I read that note about needing some keys to get past a barrier but haven't seen any.

>> No.10577150

the main shaman or whatever has a key on him which then you can use to open a door a few floors up

>> No.10577223

>There was concept art a long while back before LG closed down where they were thinking of making a Thief game in a modern setting and it had a drawing of Garret in a hoodie with a suppressed pistol
That was Ion Storm, post Invisible War/Deadly Shadows NOT Looking Glass.

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He's talking about Deep Cover by LGS

>> No.10577428

Having a campaign this great with a T1 focus almost, almost helps the wound of Thief 2 Gold heal

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File: 1.12 MB, 2560x1600, thief-4-dagger-of-ways-videobrains-joe-martin-14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. Look up Thief 4: Dagger of Ways

>> No.10577623

Ubisoft stole the concept, mixed it up with PoP, and this is how Assassin Creed was born.

>> No.10577696

>Serves you right for playing with bloom
Whats up with that anyways? Are you using some sort of CRT emulator or something, because my CRT creates a ton of bloom but it looks way better.

>> No.10577804

>medieval fantasy setting? too unrecognizable, it will never sell
this bullshit still sounds surreal to me

>> No.10577838

How would you describe Thief's setting? It's clearly typical fantasy but has a sort of modern twist to it.

>> No.10577869

Thief world is pretty close to what you see described in New weird fiction - the strange mismatch of eras, genres, and tech levels.

>> No.10577870

historically plausibly accurate fantasy

>> No.10577871

whatever stuff like perdido street station is

>> No.10577934

It's like the period of transition between late-middle ages and early-renaissance but in a setting where magic exists alongside technology

>> No.10577947

>between late-middle ages and early-renaissance
yeah this, but I was almost shocked that in TBP the year is 832 or something. was it ever mentioned when TDP takes place? it could not have been 500 years

>> No.10578051

TBP is set before-ish TDP. Garrett is mentioned in some parchments in the keepers stronghold.

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What was his fucking problem?

>> No.10578117

>TBP is set before-ish TDP
yeah I know, that's why mid 800s is weird to me. but I don't think in TDP or in T2 the year of the builder was ever mentioned

>> No.10578150

Its called steampunk

>> No.10578164

Don't forget it's like year 1444 in the Islamic calendar right now. The first year of the current era is literally an arbitrarily picked date - for all we know, in the world of Thief the calendar may start with some important event in-universe that has no relation to Jewish fishermen.

>> No.10578183

well, ok, that's possible

>> No.10578229

Actually, now that I think of it, it's pretty common (and logical, from a world-building perspective) to distance your world's calendar from the one we have on Earth. Having your fantasy calendar's dates match the Gregorian calendar seems like a really weird coincidence if you think about it.
That being said, I've made a quick search for numbers in the book files for Thief Gold and Metal Age and I haven't found any references to dates - unless the year shows up somewhere in Thief 3, I think it's safe to assume that it's just fanfiction not based on the original games. It's also possible that it gets mentioned in spoken dialogue, but seeing as it's not in any books I don't think so - it's more likely that the devs left it out intentionally, which is also a solid choice for presenting a setting like this.

>> No.10578261

>which is also a solid choice for presenting a setting like this
yeah I agree. still, a Jesusian character could have existed in the Thief universe

also wasn't there something like the holy trinity in actual in-universe canon? it's been a while since I played the originals, but don't the guards and the hammerites keep mentioning it?

>> No.10578387

Sorry to insist, but
Nobody ?

>> No.10578478

you should ask on the looking glass forums, thief threads were always shit when it comes to recommending fan missions

>> No.10578528

You dont need gold to dark, download AM16 Thief pack of missions, its TDP completely vanilla with tons of small fixes to the levels that LGS would absolutely do.

>> No.10578740

if you like undead missions I strongly recommend Lost Among the Forsaken and Tomb of Saint Tennor. the former was made by DrK, who was heavily involved with TBP

>> No.10578929

Is it? I dont recall much... steam.

>> No.10579151

I didn't invent the name but its what they use for settings like Thief.

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>I dont recall much... steam.
maybe not in TDP, but T2 is full of steam

>> No.10579872

I fail to see any steam in the attached picture...

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what do you think is in the pipes? how do the gears, valves, cylinders work?

>> No.10579884

water, perhaps some excrements

>> No.10579956

why is there necrotic mutox coming out of your oven Karass?

>> No.10580179

So, what's the big deal with the TDP version of The Lost City being hailed as so much better than the Gold version? I just played it and the only thing I noticed was that the Hand Brotherhood are gone and that three Craymen show up after you get the water talisman. Is that literally it? I thought that instead of the Hand Brotherhood there would at least be a bunch of craymen down there to avoid or deal with around where the water is but instead there is literally no gameplay down there at all. You just walk down into the tomb, grab the lever and the talisman, leave, flashbomb some craymen and exit. I thought maybe I had a scuffed install of TDP or that some NewDark or Gold shit was overriding it until I went and looked at some old ass youtube videos but as far as I can tell they had nothing down there either.

Is the hype for TDP Lost City literally just "it's more atmospheric if there's no Hand Brotherhood expedition" and that's it? I really thought it'd be more, like a mini Song of the Caverns area with Craymen as the main foe after all I had heard about it.

>> No.10580209

My mistake, there is another three craymen that show up in the connecting temple area on the way out. I still completely fail to see what the big deal is.

>> No.10580221

There is no big deal, the tone is just changed a little bit too much.

You have a more sense of solitude in the TDP version.
Being initially a big map mostly empty with only exploration is a bit unnerving.

Then the elementals and craymen appear towards the end. Its like the city is starting to find Garrets presence.

It makes Garrett the only person there, the hand mages speaking and prancing around kind changes the tone.

>> No.10580231

I feel like i've been seeing people making mountains out of molehills on the TDP Lost City subject for years. Everytime Gold gets brought up some sperg will come out of the shadows to tell everyone not to play it because 1. Thieves' Guild bad and 2. TDP Lost City is "so much better"

I don't particularly feel like having played Gold before TDP has cheated me out of a good experience with The Lost City. I quite like the challenging Hand Brotherhood gauntlet in the tomb as it breaks up the gameplay a little.

I'm guessing the much bragged about "superior TDP version of Bonehoard" is literally just removing the fire shadow and changing some wall textures.

>> No.10580240


Everytime i have seen people talk about it its always mostly about tone not about gameplay.

I personally have played the gold version more at this point than the vanilla one, but I do know why people sperg about it.

In fact I do think the non gold version of Thief is a more streamlined and better game. The gold missions are fine and all, they are excellent in concept but very bare bones. Not really necessary.

>> No.10580245

Into the Odd (although if you already find Skacky missions ''difficult'' the beginning of this mission might frustrate you)
Disorientation and Rose Garden by Melan (but pretty much anything by Melan is worth playing)
Cracks in the Glass by Marbleman
A Short Night Work by bbb
Chalice of Souls by various
Gems of Provenance by Stinkykitty
Pretty much anything by Lady Rowena, although my favorite was ''The Tower''
The Greyquarter Heist by Taylor (probably the best debut FM I have played)
Shadowplay by Schlock (a small mansion mission, great atmosphere in this one)
Death's Cold Embrace (this is a campaign and I quite enjoyed it)
Ascend the Dim Valley and Compulsory Egress by Dirkbogan (For some reason while I can see how they are quality FMs I didn't really enjoy them that much, you might though, they are generally highly rated FMs)
Feast of Pilgrims (same as above, highly rated FM that I personally found a bit overrated but it's still one of the best Thieves' Highway missions out there)
Catacombs of Knoss (the first mission is very fun to play if you like verticality, I didn't really care for the second part though since I don't like horror FMs)
Whispers Below the Cobblestone by Korthak
All For a Night's Sleep and Returning a Favor by Morrgan (cozy and small FMs from the 00s)

>> No.10580249

Thieves' Guild has a high difficulty for where in the game it is placed, which can be a problem for first time players. The Mage Towers is fine, it could have used more time in the oven. Both of these missions add a lot to the lore and setting of the game and I think the game benefits from having them despite their mixed quality.

Song of the Caverns is one of the best missions in the entire series, on the other hand, and was certainly worked on to completion and does not feel half-baked.

>> No.10580251


Again I do like them and their lore.

But they are still mixed quality. I have no issue with Gold if the gold missions were improved a little bit.

The hand mages are cool, I love the necromancers in BP now as well

>> No.10580254

Song of the Caverns also has a lot of empty rooms but of the 3 yeah its fine.

Honestly my favourite concept is the thieves guild.

I might be wrong but I think back in the day there was a Thief demo with assassins and Thieves guild fist part available. I am not sure.

>> No.10580370

criticism against thieves guild was never about difficulty. it's simply an ugly, unfinished mission that has too much space and too little content.

the sewers are repetitive. the mansions are clearly unfinished. there's furniture placed facing into walls, and the geometry is crude compared to the original missions. this criticism also applies to the mage towers, although that mission also suffers from extremely ugly textures

>> No.10580378

Ramirez's mansion in Assassins is easily worse than Mage Towers. TDP's missions don't have some sort of unattainable high level of quality that Gold can't hope to touch, half of them have the same issues.

>> No.10580406


I think ramirez mansion is dope, The entrance, the side entrances, and the overall layout inside is nice.

The concept is nice, the initial tavern\casino infiltration and the maze like sewer system. It needed more time so its complex structure woudl end up masterful like cragscleft.

>> No.10580416

>Ramirez's mansion in Assassins is easily worse than Mage Towers
how? ramirez' mansion is visually superior. it has a greater level of detail and looks "lived in", whereas mage towers is oversized and filled with empty spaces. the former has a stylish and appealing colour scheme, whereas mage towers mostly offer different shades of brown.
gameplay wise, ramirez' mansion is open ended and has several points of entry, whereas mage towers force you to progress in a rigid sequence.
storywise, assassins introduces you to the politics of the city while foreshadowing stuff like the sealed section. mage towers is pure filler content. none of the readables or dialogue has relevance outside of that mission.

>> No.10580428


Yeah his post makes no sense, for TDP era ramirez mansion is super complex.

>> No.10580638
File: 1.79 MB, 1400x3900, 1569305188014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10580641
File: 1.29 MB, 1269x1122, 1572320465897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10580683

Ramirez's mansion has like 10 completely empty rooms. You guys must be misremembering it if you think it's not "filled with empty spaces like the mage towers".

>> No.10580706

Mixed it with Portals of Phereon? I must be misremembering my playthroughs then.

>> No.10580732

I went full on assassin in the last mission since there was no don't kill anyone objective, I mean who wouldn't kill the people that are trying to use you as a sacrifice?

>> No.10580734

i can excuse the ramirez mansion since it's part of a huge fucking city level

>> No.10580768


Its still a more elaborate design, multiple filled bedrooms, secrets passages, inner and outer courtyard, chase sequence, scripted events it goes on.

Again i dont hate mages tower but they just dont compare anon.

>> No.10581107

Shit I must be going insane, the wiki says there were two demos, one altered Baffords mansion and the Assassins one.

But I clearly remember playing a demo of the thieves guild and the shorter assassins one.

Maybe Europe had different demos to the US, or maybe they were early extra magazine stuff i played back in the day.
Very weird I dont trust my memory now.

>> No.10581419
File: 12 KB, 220x250, DromEd_Object_Model_sandbag2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The sandbag is a self-explanatory item. Occurring most frequently in the Thief Gold mission "Song of the Caverns", it is used in the theater industry to stabilize backdrops and the like. All of the bags in the Opera House can be picked up and thrown as they are not being used.
>The sandbags were supposed be able to knock people out when thrown at them, but gameplay and physics issues led to this being disabled.
Do any FMs make an attempt to (retry?) implement(ing) this behavior?

>> No.10581494

This works with TFix. Just played that level recently and messed around with the sandbags.

>> No.10581598

Huh, no shit? Normal TFix I assume? I only use Lite because it doesn't nerf the AI. If it is implemented in Lite then I guess I just never tried it the past couple times I replayed the game using it.

>> No.10581635


Yeah i knew i was not insane, THERE was a demo of the thieves guild back in the day.

You dont need to, you can find the mod itself and install it, or take it from regular tfix and install it.

I installed carrybody on tfix lite.

>> No.10581850
File: 647 KB, 1280x1024, Shock2 2024-01-08 01-37-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10582354

Someone should make an updated version about the patches you need to use. It's still recommending TFix for Thief 1.

>> No.10582447

I just watched someone else play a mission in black parade.
Somehow they can blackjack people who they've alerted by hitting them in the front and then going around for the rear.
In my game this absolutely does not work and just has the npc laugh at me for trying, am I fundamentally misunderstanding something here?
We're both on expert.

>> No.10582448

I just finished TBP


>> No.10582458

honestly Im wondering if there is something that fucks up his ai as well, its clear they do not react to shit like they do in my game. Is this a result of using/not using tfix light like this anon says? Fuckers see me like a hawk out of peripheral vision meanwhile this youtuber just fucking stomps everywhere undetected

>> No.10582523

I'm using TFix since I never knew about the ai thing or knew about TFix lite and blackjacking alert guards works for me. Maybe you're just not fast enough? You got to bonk them from behind while they're stunned for that split second.

>> No.10582730

it only works if you're standing in darkness

>> No.10582832

>AM16 Thief pack
Never heard of this, sounds like a good excuse to replay the game once more, though I can't get the cutscenes to work with it... odd

>> No.10582949

oh that might explain it then, thanks

>> No.10582953

That's the one I was thinking of right there.

>> No.10582972

Im really loving TBP, I'm only on mission 5 though. What level is your guys favorite?

>> No.10582992

Second one, because I’m a sucker for big creepy labyrinthine mansions. But almost all missions are equally good.
The last one is the only one I found disappointing.

>> No.10583007

i need to replay the second
I didn't notice the hidden vault because I couldn't even see the fucking statue to open it in the dark
yes I was on hard okay

>> No.10583202

Mine is mission 8. It's almost a perfect horror level; it was so stressful to play for me that it made me a bit sick to the stomach while I played it, so I took a break halfway through. It is really suspenseful for the most part, and I liked how it builds the suspense

>> No.10583837

It's a glitch that unless I'm mistaken they fixed in Thief 2. You have to lure the alerted guard to somewhere with enough darkness and I think using forward lean also helps when doing this, but if you forward lean blackjack a guard on the back while in total darkness it will knock them out. I welcome a sperg with more knowledge to correct me if I'm wrong on any of this.

>> No.10583852

fourth one, definitely
any level that makes you feel legitimately glad you come back to the starting point is good in my book

>> No.10583863
File: 12 KB, 500x447, garrett8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That kinda makes sense working in the dark, i mean you cant see the bj coming for you.

One thing I liked in Thief 1 ai, is how alerted guards after trying to catch you and fail they resume patrol but if they see another time they fake not seeing you and just jump on your ass with no voice cues. As a kid I really loved how so many states created really interesting situations

I bet for new players monsters are fine, but guards must seem a bit archaic. A shame really, you cant push the dark engine on regard further even. But I guess they are mostly okay, probably intimidating to new players.

Afters thousands of playthroughs I find them quaint.

>> No.10583868

the final stretch up the sewer system into the casino is like a cherry on top of a good map

I have yet to play them all right now but I loved the Brand. Its a beauty.

I am kinda pumped up to play more known FMs, I missed many over the years.

>> No.10583932

Kind of a depressing ending, but at least he got to keep his soul intact

>> No.10585683

What the FUCK is this basement creature

>> No.10585708

i really liked the brand but was surprised how short it felt compared to the previous ones.
i honestly thought there would be 5 layers of bullshit in that house

>> No.10585806
File: 1.86 MB, 1920x1080, dump002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What did he mean by this?

>> No.10585810

It took me fucking forever to explore that entire map top to bottom front to back and I still ended up missing like 500 loot. Do you just ignore every path that isn't needed for the main objective or something?

>> No.10585827
File: 17 KB, 250x188, murus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A novice passing the cemetery yestereve said he saw a strange glowing figure walking therein, but upon investigating found that the apparition had vanished. Those who heard his story laughed and blamed his vision on an excess of ale, but I am not so quick to dismiss it. I remember the burial of our beloved Brother Murus last week and the feeling that something was wrong. I shan't relate the story to Brother Martello, since he was much attached to Brother Murus, and mourns his loss still.
>I am wracked with the agony of guilt. The Master Builder cannot spare the cursed coward that I have become. If only I could bring myself to confess what I know about the death of Brother Murus. His soul will never rest unless we perform the Ritual of Consecration upon his grave. But the priests will surely ask why such a thing need be done, and I am too weak a Builder's servant to face their wrath.
What was Murus guilty of that required his grave consecrated?

>> No.10585846

yeah i thought i did good but turns out i missed like 350. total playtime was like 1.5 hours? idk maybe less

>> No.10585961

does the black parade not work with tfix lite? feels like the ai is broken
npcs keep going on alert even though I'm not even near them, like it happens when I'm on a different floor, completely silent and don't see anyone around

>> No.10585995

>The Sword was made by a woman
>Song of the Caverns was made by a woman
why does Thief want me to respect women

>> No.10586026

It has always tripped me up that Sara Verrilli designed The Sword, an universally loved level and many people's favorite OM, and then went on to make Thieves' Guild for Gold.
Now that I check back it seems she worked on various other OMs of varying quality but the contrast between these two in particular has always been puzzling.

>> No.10586039

>What was Murus guilty of
the crime of being too based

>> No.10586082

bothering complete strangers with weird requests like killing every hammer haunt in the vicinity or performing religious rites they aren't comfortable with

>> No.10586090

>always interested in thief
>play first mission
>lot of fun steal everything
>2nd mission
>wandering around mines
>no clue where to go at all
>hopelessly lost
>die to spiders
>just never play again

I want to...

>> No.10586102


>> No.10586132

use your map and use your compass, don't be afraid to get lost since most of the rooms in any thief mission are connected and loop around

>> No.10586135

Getting turned around and finding your way is a part of the Thief experience. The mines only seem expansive at a first glance, if you look around a bit more you'll start to recognize some of the tiny landmarks in there.
Zombies are trivial to maneuver around, being laughably slow, and can be holy water arrowed in a pinch. You can also put them to sleep with just two fully charged sword slashes if you need a bit of space.
The spider bit is optional, and if you end up in that area anyway, don't forget you have your arrows and your sword. There isn't much reason to be overly conservative with your tools; there isn't much use for the lethal weapons in the prison complex anyway, and the Hammers prefer electrical lights, so you'll only need a couple of water arrows once you arrive at their section. I think like 5 is enough, though there are like 2 mandatory torches to douse IIRC.

>> No.10586185

9, the atmosphere is incredible with the festival going on, the late afternoon setting and just the mages keep in general was very nice
Honourable mentions to missions 2, 4 and 8 as well though.

>> No.10586234

I haven't played Thief 2X since it came out, I remember a train level, a hammerite cathedral level and some spooky levels and a haunted house. Should I replay it? I have basically no memory if it was good or not, I think it was even my first FM (FM campaign in this case) I ever played but I've played a shit load since then. Does it hold up?

>> No.10586532

Is there a ttlg thread or something I can read which actually explains the differences between Thief 1 & 2's AI in detail and why everyone except Voodoo thinks it's a big deal and why Voodoo doesn't think it matters enough to retain the AI behavior for Thief 1? I'd like to actually read something about it which isn't just anecdotal "Thief 1 AI is more alert, Thief 2 AI is dumber", have people explored the values and shit applied to the AI somehow?

>> No.10586708

I don't know anything about anything but having watched the videos of someone whos playing with tfix its obvious the ai straight up has like 1/3rd of its normal hearing range. im almost positive it completely cripples their field of view.
i would really like to see the comprehensive comparison

>> No.10586765
File: 7 KB, 1271x72, tfix thread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There isn't really a thread explaining the differences between the 2 games AI in detail but there is the actual TFix thread itself where voodoo47 justifies all his changes and tweaks. Problem is it's 128 pages long and the AI stuff is buried somewhere in there. Sorry, it's late where I am - I might try finding it tomorrow. I do remember some ttlg members arguing with him leading to TFix lite getting created so there's that - I think that was in 2014? 2015? It's been a while.

Part of the problem is that NewDark is based on Thief 2. The source code leak was of the Thief 2 engine (and System Shock 2 and Deep Cover hence why we've got some of the assets of that unfinished game) and, at least initially, it was more-or-less impossible to fully import Thief 1's AI behaviours perfectly into the Thief 2 engine (sorry, don't know why - outside of my scope of knowledge.) If you patch Thief 1 with NewDark/TFix Lite and alt-tab out of it you'll notice the icon says it's Thief 2 - because it basically is. NewDark turns Thief 1 into Thief2.exe no matter what you do. This is why Thief 2's AI ended up in Thief 1 in the first place.

In the years since it's become possible to import most, if not all, of the AI behaviours into Thief 2 (clearly since NewDark/Lite plays properly now) but it's still Thief 2 so some bugfixes from 2 are in 1. For instance in the original you could get guards to drown by luring them into waist-high water because their AI is programmed to stop pursuing you beyond waist-high depth but whoever stuck the breathing hole onto the models attached it to somewhere on the waist rather than their head. It was also possible to circle-strafe around archers which could cause them to shoot themselves, stuff like that.

>> No.10586810
File: 134 KB, 1082x762, thief ai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also this is inaccurate:
>"Thief 1 AI is more alert, Thief 2 AI is dumber"
It's not dumber, just different. In some ways the Thief 2 AI is actually better and more alert than the AI in Thief 1. It's moreso that it's noticeably different when stuck into a game that wasn't designed around that literally wasn't designed around that specific AI. Hence why it comes off as being "dumber." Sorry, someone with more DromEd knowledge can probably help you out on the actual technical details.

Sorry, you'll have to sift through that 128 page, 3194 posts thread yourself to find the nitty, gritty details and voodoo47's justifications for all of them. Again, initially it was because NewDark was Thief 2 and it was impossible to import Thief 1's AI into that version of the engine completely but that's clearly changed in the years since. Try to find his post where he passively aggressively says that, and I'm paraphrasing from memory here, "If you want to play Thief the classic way then you should just build a retro Window 98 PC for yourself. I have and it's great! But there's no reason to go back to the old version now, TFix is far superior," or something along those lines. It was quite funny

And again, keep in mind, he doesn't make NewDark itself, that's TheRaven on a different, french (? iirc) forum.

>> No.10587451
File: 1.72 MB, 1920x1080, dump000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>How dare you defile the name of someone so good and virtuous as the Lady van Vernon. Our Lady is a saint among mortal women. An angel so pure the heavens couldn't hold her.

>> No.10587615


>> No.10587869


Lol so I'm reading this bit here where Voodoo added a random fence to stop a legit solution to a puzzle and everyone is asking him to revert it and he's basically just going "no, I'm king of this shit, what I say goes" even when basically everyone else agrees that he is wrong. What a stubborn prick. Why is it always modderbrained retards who find themselves in charge of bug fix unofficial patches and then just randomly make arbitrary mod changes on a whim?

>> No.10588286
File: 82 KB, 1805x792, watacunt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This area was not designed at random, can you please stop assuming LGS' work is plagued with errors?
>I do not have to assume - I know. I have been living in the editor for almost a decade now.
What a cunt. And never mind for a second whether or not Looking Glass actually intended for something to be a viable method or not, didn't they literally say that they liked it when players defeat problems in ways they've never thought of? Wasn't that kinda the point of their whole design philosophy in the first place?

>> No.10588295
File: 42 KB, 1806x460, just build a windows 98 pc bro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, also this is what I was talking about!
> so let me wrap this up - TFix is what it is, use it if you like, if you don't, try the alternatives, and if you don't like that either, you can always set up a virtual machine with win9x and fire up the software mode, the only way a real purist should play the game. //no, that's not correct either - a real REAL purist will grab his old pentium from the basement and hook it up to a crt monitor, because 640*480 res with 15fps and refresh rate of 60Hz is the way the game was meant to be played.

He's made that argument (or a variation of it) quite a few times and it gets funnier everytime. The version I first read was when he argued that if you were a "purist" just build a retro PC with Windows 98 installed to play one game on it. Hillarious

>> No.10588693

He seems to have a hateboner for speedrunning and "exploiting". He's probably one of those people that goes into the youtube comments of a speed run video and seethes about how people are cheating and not playing the game correctly.

I skimmed through the thread but couldn't find any mention of the AI changes between vanilla and TFix/Thief 2, but I think want totally to thorough.

>> No.10588698

>but I think want totally to thorough
Sorry I'm having a stroke.
I wasn't totally thorough.*

>> No.10588820
File: 242 KB, 1920x1080, brand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was scouring the mansion in TBP's The Brand and I found an easter egg on the roof. A stack of 666 fire arrows and a message that basically says "Good job taffer, now how are you getitng back down?"
Still can't figure out what the fuck the sigil in the bathroom is for though.

>> No.10589030
File: 812 KB, 1920x1080, dump002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

replaying Thief 2
>First City Bank & Trust
>every single room has a completely different lighting setup
>some are torches
>some are gas lamps
>some are electric wall sconces that can never be turned on or off as no switch is tied to them
>some are electric wall sconces connected with visible wiring between the lamp and the light switch
>some are electric wall sconces connected to a light switch with no visible wiring
>some are electric wall sconces activated only when an alarm is set off
>some are iron lamps connected with visible wiring between the lamp and the light switch
>some are iron lamps connected to a light switch with no visible wiring
>some are iron lamps that can never be turned on or off as no switch is tied to them
After playing so many FMs it's kinda weird to notice stuff like this in the OMs, like where it's clearly visible within the map on which days the map maker worked on certain parts of it, or even when other map makers entirely worked on parts of a map. Pic related, what the fuck.

>> No.10589125

>also hammerite wall bulbs
>also candle chandeleirs
>also iron ceiling lights
>several other types of lights and candles and standing lamps and desk lamps
I swear the bank must have every type of light source in the game used in it.

>> No.10589582

>Song of the Caverns
A good mission but narratively it is complete shit that made Keepers into such retarded losers that their Deadly Shadows incarnation seems super competent in comparison.
>walk 3 meters into the caves
>oh no, we lost half of our expedition
>swim 10 meters in the underground waters
>I cannot push forward, I hope my brothers will forgive this wretched being for his cowardice in the face of the unsurmountable task he and they were presented with
>swim 8 meters more
>their super secret shrine is barely bigger than the hut the disgraced former opera owner lives in and its traps, all 1 or 2 of them, were successfully braved by a bunch of bumbling idiots

>> No.10589607

The ideas are nice in those missions but they didnt clearly come together in the end.

Its sad cause the concepts are super cool. And i love the statues in the mages tower.

>> No.10589652
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1080, dump004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>goes out of his way to put lucky coins on the grave in Haunted Cathedral
>gets duped by Constantine and has his eye stolen for a world ending plot he ended up almost unwittingly helping
>stops believing in good luck by the time Thief 2 comes around
His smile and optimism: gone.

>> No.10589660

Personally I interpret it as a matter of scale. The caverns area before the Opera House should have been like two or three times bigger and had way more traps and craymen hanging out, but I'm guessing the entire map budget was spent on the Opera House and it probably couldn't be made any bigger.

Ideally the caverns would have been their own entire map, then once you get to where the Keeper's put the talisman (in some Sunken-Citadel-Kurshok-style temple under the sewers that's filled with Craybeasts and Craymen or something) you would find out that some retarded expedition from some noble's private army looted it and it's at the Opera House.

>> No.10589728

>the statues in the mages tower
The talking ones in the library? Yeah, all the Gold missions have something cool and something bad in them. Personally, Mages' Towers ended up as my personal worst beating even the Thieves' Guild.
>earth tower was the worst of the bunch, just a boring hedge maze, air tower barely better, water tower falsely promised that the rest will be as quick as it was and the fire one was actually fun with you playing a platformer with those heating tiles
>no idea how I was supposed to realize that one of the bookshelves was a secret door leading to one of the Expert objectives all along
>all of the backtracking I had to do to move between towers
>mages with different elemental attacks were fun
It is a fine map good enough for one playthrough but I really wouldn't look forward to replaying it. Also, I hate how Gold butchered the Lost City mission:
>mages not only kill the sense of rediscovering it but their presence also fucks up the mission's original hint system: when Garret first runs into the Keepers' remains he makes a remark on it (they have the Expert objectives on them), in the Gold he also encounters the mages there so I really thought he meant them and would have missed the loot if I hadn't consulted some playthrough
>the tomb that first contained one of the tablets got cut in a bad way where I was like:"that's it?" and then I learned that yes, there was more to it in the original

Yeah, it's understandable why it turned out like that but that doesn't make the end result less dumb.

>> No.10589740

I want Thief 1 TDP redone with the fidelity of something like sound of a burrick in a room.

>> No.10590063
File: 249 KB, 1280x999, 1502528962567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Neither did I, there was talk about using elemental arrows in a certain order on the ritual circle but nothing happend. Information about this map is also pretty sparse at the moment.
Amazing map though, spent almost an enitre hour in the first part before sneaking into the walled-off section. So far the quality of this mod has blown everything released the past year out of the water.

>> No.10590067


I was just talking about the lost city above with an anon, yeah its true, its not big but its a big difference in tone.

How the fuck did you get there

>> No.10590070

>So far the quality of this mod has blown everything released the past year out of the water.
It might unironically be Game of the Year and I'm not even joking.

>> No.10590080

Did you get the holy sword? I replayed the brand with it and its great.

>> No.10590083

It sadly probably is.

I would pay a lot to have more or just other campaigns from them.

>> No.10590096

Just give it another decade and they'll probably have an amazing Thief 2 campaign out by then.

>> No.10590145

>But also the fish people down there have never seen a human for thousands of years and have never been to the surface?
You find one locked in a cage in the market earlier so clearly they have been unsealed.

I thought all the loading screens did a good job of making it feel like "you just don't see most of it".

Thief 3 was the first game in the series that I've played so I might have a soft spot for it but whatever. I loved how the market area could descend into a total chaos with no player help with multiple factions trying to kill each other and civilians helplessly running around. The Enforcers were a disappointment since I really expected silent and maybe invisible assassins who would raise alertness of each other without the player's knowledge instead of the guys asking hammerites to bash their skulls in but they and statues added to the chaos in the streets so they were fun in that way too.

>> No.10590158

Deadly shadows is a fine game but the writing took a bit of a dive.

However with some tweaks just imagine it on the dark engine. With scary keepers assassians, big sunken citadel, and cradle.

>> No.10590190

Yeah I did (looked it up though, no way I could have guessed that puzzle by myself) though you do get plenty of tools to work with in The Brand so I don't think I would have ran into any issues without it. Really loved those huge manors in the first part, they just kept on going.

>> No.10590214

I love the little details of the people living right next to the walled section. Charms, candles. Its a great opening.

>> No.10590339
File: 1.49 MB, 1179x1056, longdaddy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he opened the door to the greenhouse and killed longdaddy before having a chance to become friends

>> No.10590365
File: 2.00 MB, 1920x1080, dump008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The Rothchilds bow to the Bumblesons

>> No.10590472
File: 1.89 MB, 1920x1080, dump009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the legendary "Dark" William Markham is a onions pirate that respects women

>> No.10590610

I skimmed through some of it and did find a post where voodoo47 said that it was impossible to implement the Thief 1's AI behaviours in NewDark but that was from... 2012? ...2013? And I didn't screenshot it and now I have no idea where in the thread it was

>> No.10590705

based. fuck speedrunners

>> No.10590852
File: 194 KB, 1920x1080, roof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>How the fuck did you get there
So I had a speed potion from somewhere else in the map, I forget where. If you go to the attic there are two doors leading to balconies, one with a gas arrow on it. Go to the one that doesn't have the gas arrow, drink the speed potion, then run up the corner and mantle onto the low peak, then mantle up to the high peak and go straight across to where the gable over the front door is.

I found it because I was trying to get to the top of the roof to see if anything was up there after finding a diamond in a corner balcony you have to access by shooting a rope arrow at a hole in the roof over the large broken room you climb through to access the attic.
I got back down with rope arrow fuckery on the trees out front. You could probably also do it by abusing props.

>> No.10590867

>a retard that wants to add changes to a game because he thinks he knows better than the game's developers because he does cinematic larp rp in his singleplayer games is good because he doesn't like speedrunners and his changes are intentionally done to fuck with people who want the original gameplay
neck yourself

>> No.10590878

based exploration autism, anon. I do that sort of shit in the OMs all the time with newmantle just to see where I can get but I don't usually bother trying to get out of bounds (or in this case super secret areas) in FMs for whatever reason

>> No.10590881

>"prudent" woman
Whore. He means whore. And if one of his crew rapes a whore in port then all the other whores in that port will refuse to service the crew of that ship. Moreover, in some ports the local whorehouse was also the only place to get booze. So one crew member commits a little theft of services rendered and the only bar in town won't serve the rest of the ship. This is VERY bad for crew morale. This was a common edict even for pirate ships in the golden age of sail. A crew that can't get staggeringly drunk and then get some pussy when on leave in port after months at sea will fucking RIOT.

>> No.10590884

I have been educated. Dark William Markham was merely trying to keep his crew happy by restricting the use of pirate rape.

>> No.10591271
File: 85 KB, 640x480, lauryl_gamall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Garrett's ghost friend is very cute. I loved escorting her through the city as she spooked the passers-by to run away in terror because they saw a floating ball of light.

>> No.10591390
File: 335 KB, 1920x1080, window.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay some of the hidden loot in TBP is starting to piss me off. Look at this fucker right outside the starting apartment on Kept. They used a decorative fake window texture to mask an interactive window. As if the door texture confusion wasn't bad enough already. Now I'm going to be wallhumping every window texture.

>> No.10591579

why does Garrett associate with so many little girls

>> No.10591968

that's retarded

>> No.10592269

OH right, I sometimes underestimate new mantle thats the issue.

>> No.10592276

Because unlike what he sounds Garrett is cute and innocent as well.

>> No.10592516

Yeah some of the textures were annoying, some looked real but where fake doors and vice versa.

>> No.10592585
File: 68 KB, 640x480, vmware_x7sbzmkYJo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

piss water :(

>> No.10592609

drink it up bb

>> No.10592636
File: 524 KB, 320x240, death.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10592657

>neck yourself
ironic coming from a speedrunner

>> No.10592683

I'm not a speedrunner, I'm just not a nigger that wants some modderbrained retard to start changing intended gameplay solutions on a whim because he gets mad in youtube comments sections, you contrarian retard. Lynch yourself, nigger.

>> No.10592695
File: 81 KB, 525x468, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Casing the Joint never gets any better does it? I wonder why they even bothered to include it. It uses an unfinished version of the map, the only loot is the most annoying garbage of all time (tiny invisible Lucky Coins spread all over the level), half of the secrets are just empty rooms or pointless. It's not like Thief 2 was starving for maps or anything (it has 15, TDP had 12 and Gold had 15), they could have just made Masks and spent the extra time that was spent making Casing the Joint on polishing other stuff.

>> No.10592828
File: 178 KB, 1336x680, thief-boom2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here are some handy newdark features I wish I knew about sooner.
>in cam_ext.cfg, add this line to hide your health bar when It's full
; hide health bar at full health

>in user.bnd add this line to cycle through your inventory keys (the "k" being your hotkey of choice)
bind k "inv_select key"

and lastly, you can copy over the user.bnd file from thief 2 over to your gold folder and you'll get the exact same control scheme, even including the mechanical eye zoom.

>> No.10592837

To add to this, there is some thought that pirate captains may have discouraged rape because it would make victims fight back.
The whole point of piracy was to take shit intact. Ships, cargo, etc. You wanted people to see the black flag and surrender, and the No Quarter flag was usually a threat that would make the cargo to expensive to take. After all, merchantmen won't usually fight but if you tell them you're not taking prisoners they will!
If pirates raped (or were believed to rape) women, then there was the thought otherwise-placid merchant mariners would fight to protect them and fuck up the whole arrangement. On a similar note: pirates had to be able to fence their loot and if the local towns ring the bells and bunker up you can't easily trade with them.

>> No.10592887

Sounds like you're the one who's mad. They're just video games, bro. lmao

>> No.10592939

>rescued his fence from prison just so he could fuck his sister
Yeah Garrett sure is innocent like a child

>> No.10592942
File: 432 KB, 2700x2400, 1697368935361786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10592943

Wish it hid the health again after getting damaged.

>> No.10592947
File: 433 KB, 1600x1200, 1700909202363098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10592951

Basso is just his m8, not his fence. Cutty was his fence and he fuckin died.

>> No.10592954

For some reason his lying on the floor body was so funny to me in the blopper reel mission.

Poor Cutty.

>> No.10592983

You sure? I thought I remember him mentioning that he used Basso for selling his stolen goods which was also why he had tor rescue him.

>> No.10592991

Basso is a boxman (safecracker). He only shows up in Expert as a bonus objective so that Garrett can bang his sister for rescuing him. He goes to Cragscleft to rescue Cutty (his fence) because he didn't get paid yet for the Bafford job.

>> No.10593014

Garrett is a lolicon and Basso's sister is 11yo

>> No.10593025

Despite the va which is fine mostly, I am glad they went hardened old veteran rogue for hume.
I like the archetype of old grizzled knights and rogues, like sam fisher.

I mean they could've gone female main character holy shit no.

>> No.10593027

Zaya in T2X sucks, I remember finding her cringe. A female player character in these games would be fine if they got the proper voice talent for it but that doesn't exist for fan mods.

>> No.10593029

It was not a criticism of thief 2x, i have actually never played it, but i have tried a fuck ton of fms.

I mean its doable to make a fem mc, but man its brigands and hard ass rogues. It does not fit.

>> No.10593070

There is a command for the zoom on the health bar
; zoom hp bar
hpbar_zoom 80
perhaps if you set it to a low number - maybe even negative? - it'll be so small you can't see it...

>> No.10593093

>and lastly, you can copy over the user.bnd file from thief 2 over to your gold folder and you'll get the exact same control scheme, even including the mechanical eye zoom.
I did this back in the day to get Shift to work as a run modifier. The key thing I did not know about, thanks anon!

>> No.10593663

Garrett only mentioned that Basso's sister would be grateful, so maybe he just expected hugs and kisses, ehehehe.

>> No.10593813

Slowly going throught Into the Odd and I think I like it even better than TBP. The beginning can be frustrating (never really cared much to learn to use flash bombs), some collisions here and there can be buggy, and I don't like much the second visit to the big tomb after you get your lockpicks , but the atmosphere in this is so impressive ! They perfectly nailed that 'weird fiction' feeling with a really well-done mix between the macabre, the bizarre and the beautiful.
Next stop will probably be Alcazar.

>> No.10593857

I hated that so much at the beginning but by the end of it I was bowled over. In my top 5 for sure.

>> No.10593918

Yeah, I came close to drop it at the beginning too. Pointless exercice in sadism. But I was intrigued by the environment, so I went on...
I fell in love with the fm during the first dive into the underground : no cheap attempts at crass horror, but dripping with atmosphere as you go deeper and deeper in a clautrophobic and crushing environment of forgotten halls lost to time and memory.
I fell in love with the fm a second time when I reemerged above ground into a beautiful, cosy mansion - and some of the rich apartments you can find in this part of the mission are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen in a videogame. They feel like a piece of Italian Campania transposed into Thief's world.
I'm loving it, it's glorious.

>> No.10594113

5 and 8.
I'm a big fan of horror themed levels in non-horror games.

>> No.10594164

I actually did bounce hard off of Into the Odd the first time I played it. I went back thankfully because its easily my favorite single level in a game ever made.

>> No.10594216

cool, thanks

>> No.10594273
File: 296 KB, 1324x1324, Thief Gold Screenshot 2023.11.30 - [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10594429
File: 2.40 MB, 1920x1080, dump000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey Nice.

Been playing sound of a burrick in a room, and the city is so nice. I swear to god this mission is doing something delicate and nuanced to my brain, I mean I loved the small city segments in TDP,and seeing the door open into a wide city complex and comfy, but at the same time very vanilla makes me warm inside.

>> No.10595631
File: 392 KB, 1583x2048, 1684323327621857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Saw this thread and got me thinking what item from Thief should be made like this.

>> No.10596703

people still browse /po/?

>> No.10596835
File: 189 KB, 926x452, 7 years 7 months 3 weeks 6 days and 22 hours ago.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10596923

A low poly papercraft thief 1 garrett model would be cool to make.

>> No.10597005

thief 1 Garrett model... so a cuboid?

>> No.10597097

I was actually looking for a specific thread where an anon was building a 1:1 woman replica out of paper

>> No.10597376

There is something in the bottom of that pit in the brand with the hanging chains.

Cant get to it.

Did anybody get a slowfall or something potion and went there?

>> No.10597437

Nvm i found the secret. Really cute.

>> No.10598327
File: 1.87 MB, 1920x1080, dump012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit kept away from view was a ride.

And the final section oh fuck yeah.

Nice touch the hag is burning evidence

>> No.10598418
File: 595 KB, 3840x2160, nohud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Update, it works.
Put this in your cam.cfg to make both things disappear

; zoom visibity gem
vismeter_zoom 9999
; zoom hp bar
hpbar_zoom 9999

>> No.10598421
File: 587 KB, 3840x2160, nohudbj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It leaves the equipment stuff but that's fine I guess.

>> No.10598435
File: 2.11 MB, 2560x1440, Thief Gold Screenshot 2024.01.14 - [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>inv_status_height -10

>> No.10598445
File: 1.11 MB, 3840x2160, becarefultaffer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh nice! That's great, thanks. Feels very different playing without the light gem. Think I'll stick with it for a bit.

>> No.10599427

I’m a beginner with Thief fms, and you know, I think some of these missions have my favorite graphics and art direction of 2024’s videogaming.

>> No.10600073

>Psych0sis is running Thief Gold on Wednesday