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>tfw no more awesome pixel art threads

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This shit is now my background.

Someone post more.

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a background for ants?

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this is /vr/ so I can only assume it's for people's sweet windows 95 machines

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I really like the way the PC98 version of Policenauts looks.

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>tfw you're developing a game but the only so-called "pixel artists" you can find anywhere these days only draw crayon-level Apple-commercial-looking shit because they don't train or strive to become as good as these PC-98-era pixel artists

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You need to show these pictures to them, and be like "don't you want to do this?"

Other games with good pixel art, though sadly not as big, are the Legendary adventure games with Gateway 1 and 2 and Timequest. Not PC98, but DOS.

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>why aren't you guys making art that I WANT YOU TO MAKE

This isn't the way to go about things.

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Why not set them up with the restrictions pixel artists back then had to deal with?

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>ok you need this image to be smaller than 20kb

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Wasn't it more than that? Like a certain amount of colors available and such.

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Yes, and they also used palette references to save space.

So, rather than an image being a picture, it would bd a load of numbers/letters that tie it to a color on a palette.

FF6 did that.

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You could always try and chat up the fellows over on Pixel Joint. I haven't been there in forever, but I think the community used to have a forum for hiring artists.

But that's just a random incoherent thought on my part.

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Isn't being a good pixel artist 90% knowledge of color theory?

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Aren't these both porn games?

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Damn that's nice. What's it from?

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According to Google: FM-TOWNS Illusion City.

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The artists for most of these games would draw/paint normal anime-looking backgrounds of the time, then digitally scan them

then they would either 1. draw line art over it and completely re-colour it by hand, or 2. just cheaply convert it to 8-bit (which looked really crappy.)

as far as PC-98 limitations, they were 640x400 and can only display 16 colours per sprite, which (I think, not sure) could be layered on top of each other to achieve up to 32 colours (which few did as I imagine it would be hard on the system)

Probably, those were what sold and thus what were made. There weren't nearly no non-porn games, just a scale of 'Mostly porn and little gameplay' to 'Good gameplay and story with some porn on the side'

do you have a source on that?

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>(I think, not sure) could be layered on top of each other to achieve up to 32 colours (which few did as I imagine it would be hard on the system)

With a bit of dithering you could bypass that easily, as long as layers could be "transparent" of course.

And the bed is from Gateway2, a game by Legendary Entertainment. Both those games and (to a lesser extent, TimeQuest) have great pixel art for every location in the game. You can get them from various Abandonware sites and they run perfect in DOSbox if you crank up the CPU to get past the images render time, which is only about .5 a second, but long enough to distract a modern gamer.

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>You can get them from various Abandonware sites and they run perfect in DOSbox
wow, great. I think I'll try them out.
thanks anon

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What Abandonware sites do you recommend?

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You're welcome. Just be prepared to read, and you might want a piece of paper to scrawl a map on and take some notes for Timequest and Gateway as they don't have maps, and none of the games have a journal system and you will get overloaded with information in text dumps.

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I'm pretty sure they're all on Abandonia and MyAbandonware, if you check both you'll get them all.

The whole library is pretty fun, Eric the Unready is very cute.

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Thanks. I'll check them out.

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Most games for the NES had sprites which had 3 colors + alpha each. That's a limitation.Also, they were 32x32 at best (big Mario, for example, 16x32).

I sometimes make sprites with such limitations for a challenge.

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Can we see some?

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Don't have any on the computer i'm posting from, but I think I can make some of the little thingies now.
brb producing

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Nothing too awesome, since it's made slapdash.

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Pretty good. Are you working on a game at all?

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Also I probably suck at this.

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Nope. Making these just to feel the spirit of the olden times.
Also in educational purpose. I want to know what kinds of obstacles the devs faced at the time, and how were they getting past these. Plus I'm a sucker for optimization, and giving yourself coinstrants like these stimulates an opti-thinking of sorts.

Pic: a version of >>1050334 I just fixed proportions on.

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Have you heard of the 4K competitions that get held? Game developers have to create a game that is less than 4KB big. If you ever felt like going down the developer route it sounds like something you'd be interested in.

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I keep getting amazed by all these exotic kinds of contests.
This sounds actually fun, gonna learn something more 'bout it. Thanks.

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A huge majority of those games must be procedural, surely.

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They are typically in Java so I'd imagine so yes.

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They'd have to be damn short, since I've had files over 4kb without going over 200 lines.

So these would have to be either super basic, or super densly coded with everything in that x=y*t(ds-2) shit you see the eggheads do.

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> never will a 2D first person game like this be made, ever

damn it.

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There might be, but at most it would be something like >>1050248 where you just look at it.

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>All of those KoF backgrounds
I yearn for more detailed backgrounds.

I think the source code for the projects is made available sometimes. If you can believe it, Notch made one himself:
Source code provided.

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Ah, didn't know java shrunk so small after compilation.

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I think there are other 'tiers' of game-size competitions because while 4KB might be an interesting challenge, it make for a pretty bog-standard game.

Also here's a collection of fighting game stage backgrounds:

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like what? animated? quite a few of japanese pc98 games had animation

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Wow, that's some heavy dithering there.

It probably looked okay on a CRT monitor though.

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I think the idea is to simulate transparency by splitting the image into two planes with alternating lines: The girl's plane has all the odd lines, and the ship has the even ones. Then they can scroll the ship by without modifying the girl plane's pixels at all, and make it look like you're seeing the girl in the reflection of the window or something.

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Such a simple technique but it gets a quality result. Watching a PC98 game in action while minding its specs is like watching someone tear apart an RPG at level 1.

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That's exactly it. It's (a variation on) a very old trick called "screen-door transparency", and surprisingly well-executed here.

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I knew the effect, just saying that's a lot heavier that I've seen before.

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While they are visually impressive (this one's background is blurred! Holy shit!) they're not very technically impressive when you remember that they're just still pictures a lot of the time, with animation being paper-doll style.

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what is this from?
also, these threads always annoy me because it seems like they are just the same person posting screencaps from obscure hentai games whether they are good or not, and then when you ask what a game is they throw a hissyfit but sometimes actually tell you

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I read more visual novels than I have any right to admit, so that hardly bothers me. It's simply the quality of the art.

I keep meaning to read YU-NO, but I'm already busy with Katahane.

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What? People have been talking about games in this thread. And I think that it comes to them is because they're the ones that are visually impressive at a glance.

Yes, Chrono Trigger has some incredible spritework, and Ambermoon and Albion have some great visuals for their technology, but "look at that plant!" or "look how great that refrigerator looks!" isn't a very fun thread.

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YU-NO's charming pixel art is one of the things that made me excited about it in the first place, when I first heard about it, but it really pales in comparison to some of the stuff in this thread...

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>they were 32x32 at best (big Mario, for example, 16x32).

Technically speaking, the size of a sprite isn't limited by anything other than scanline limits. Because the NES can only show 8 tiles per scanline, and each tile is 8 pixels wide by either 8 or 16 tall, the maximum size for a sprite the NES could display would be either 64x64 or 64x128, depending on the rendering mode. Punch-Out is an example of using massive enemy sprites, while Little Mac, ironically, is a background entity.

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Oh, and the NES can display a maximum of 64 sprites onscreen, it can't render anymore than that. That said, MTPO has to be one of the most optimally programmed NES games, as it doesn't flicker or slow down despite those massive graphics.

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thanks for telling me what game that was from and totally not throwing a thinly veiled tantrum that has little to do with my post that would prove my point

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It's Shadow of the Beast for the Amiga. What is depicted is the game over screen.

This is a screen cap from Snatcher, for the Mega (aka Sega) CD.


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It's from a creepypasta made about the Godzilla NES game.

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It's pixel art, it scales just fine as long as it's the right ratio.

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it's pretty long and the ending is kind of stupid but it's definitely worth reading

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It's great if you know somebody named Melissa.

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i do though

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everything I post is sourced by the filename, you big dingus

and fyi, half the time the places I find these images are on weird obscure japanese or korean webpages and sometimes I can't find a source for them

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especially if she's a drug addict

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Gotta love these stuff.

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more light lighting and "pixel impressionism"

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Pretty simplistic but I like it.

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Reminds me of pic related.

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is one of our images sourced incorrectly? or did two games re-use the same graphic

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Probably the numbing of the pictures.

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Why did Real Human Bean suddenly start playing?

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I cant fully take in the flicker without a CRT.

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How strong was the PC-98 for it's time?

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Big, in Japan.

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I just played Season of Sakura recently and it does use that image.
Both Season of Sakura and Tenshitachi no Gogo were made by JAST so they might have reused the background.

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someone should be a hero and get the actual rendering

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SNK had fucking gorgeous stages in their fighters.

And then KOF2k1 happened.

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There's some incredible work here for those who haven't seen it. Click launch with sound (or without)


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Any way to download these as gifs?

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They aren't images, they're interactive HTML5 canvases, so no. Besides, storing them as gifs would defeat the purpose--a gif would be a series of changing frames, but these are actually just single frame images where only the colors displayed change over time.

Of course, it would be possible to screen capture them as short videos and convert them to gifs, but that wouldn't capture the "blend" effect very well, which relies on smaller steps between the colors. I'm not sure what you wanted to do with them, but I'd really like to use these as desktop backgrounds. I'm thinking there might be something I can install to get my OS to let me use an html webpage as a desktop background (there used to be something like this in Windows ME, for instance, but they got rid of it).

I'd also be interested in finding a way to represent these in a flash applet so I can post them as awesome loops to /f/.

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See >>1050416

It's one of the displays.

>> No.1059942

Yes, and see how it's nearly a megabyte despite being a small 256 color image? It's a series of captured frames basically, I think.

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The original software is freeware now:
Just run a DOSBox window in the background 24/7.

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I might be able to use a program I've found to convert these to animated gifs like the one posted ITT already, but I'd need to find the actual IFF/ILBM files in the first place. Having a little trouble with that, even following the link above.

>> No.1060006

Wait, someone may have done this already; a few of them are available here:

>> No.1060020

Here we go, may have finally got to the bottom of this: https://github.com/antimatter15/jsgif/tree/master/Demos/canvascycle

A set of scripts called "canvascycle to animated gif." Let's see if I can use this to convert the remainder of the scenes.

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poorly made .gif to show how it doesn't translate between the two.

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this is all i saved

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sorry for ruining the thread, half of these aren't canvas?

>> No.1060353

Not sure what you mean. These are animated gifs made from the "HTML5 Canvas Color Cycling" web demo posted somewhere above, hence "canvascycle.gif"

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back to game art

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You think that's bad? My name is Zachary...

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very good artwork here

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Those are so goddamn beautiful, thank you anon.

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>> No.1068761

Is it just me or could they use a longer delay between frames?

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does anyone have the link to the page that was just like the canvas one posted here except you could change the time of day?

>> No.1072443

Thank you for the hell of kick ass desktop.

>> No.1072470

>Gateway 2: Homeworld

Fuck yes. That game was what got me into the Gateway books, which is still probably my favorite science fiction series of all time.

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These are beautiful but they're not from a game they were made by an internet artist... you realize that's not fucking retro?

Not retro

>> No.1075190

who gives a fuck

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That first one is from Snatcher you clod of a shitposter.

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Don't reply to trolls.

Report and ignore their posts.

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Just go away already.

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this one's really nice, but noirlac is such a giant cock sucker. he literally pulls images off the internet (does not even use any of his own screen captures, probably has never even touched the MSX), changes the colours slightly or crops the image, then tries to SELL the art like its his-
truly a shitstain on the pixel art community.

ok my rant is over

>> No.1077273