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No story or cutscenes? Sorry, it's barely even a game.

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Is it a race on this shithole to be the first to post the most worthless low quality shitpost in every thread

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There are cutscenes and even a story.

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Is checkers or poker or snakes & ladders a game?

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It does not feature goats nor has anything to do with goats. Columns is more fun.

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The jury is IN: Tetris Stinks!

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It's a fun game...I guess. But the claim that the Gameboy wouldn't have been popular had it not been released with Tetris is bullshit. That thing would've been great, if not greater with a Mario game instead.

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>really like the game
>but am awful at it
feels bad man

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they made mario games for the gameboy. tetris still outsold all of them combined.

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why is it rated so highly? I get bored after 10 minutes.
is it an autism thing?

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If Tetris was an autist thing that would imply a fucking big number of people in the entire world is autist, even my mother played Tetris in the 90's

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it was for me
playing on unofficial tetris clients has ruined my patience
modern official games feel slow and laggy
older games arent as bad but it still frustrates me
sometimes i wish i got into TGM

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Tetris has actually always trended more to a female demographic. It is categorically not an autism thing. Maybe there's some phallic thing with the coveted long brick.

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Tetris is chess for women.

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This is video games in general for me

Prefer them both over Pokemon. I don't even get the appeal of the Pokemon games, the anime did a better job of making them look cool

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Tetris sold gangbusters upon gangbusters, it didn't just sweep the globe on some marketing. The game is very simple and straightforward to get into, but as the speed builds and builds the skill ceiling shoots through the roof.
I would say that Tetris is arguably the very best example in the world of how to do a basic but engaging single screen game.

>Maybe there's some phallic thing with the coveted long brick.
Ladies prioritize girth over length, length matters more for male ego if anything.