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Whip out those sexy retro PC game boxes, those fuck-huge ones, and show off your sexy little slutty pieces. That's right, OPEN THEIR FLAPS!

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I bought the rainbow six book because of the game

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>physical games
No thanks. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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Peak homo eroticism indeed.

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Get some pics of that Command and Conquer and Hexen box.

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are you saying that the heterosexual choice in this situation is to spend money on plastic owned by male children 20 years ago that's covered in poop, breath and cheeto dust?

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Sure, if the thread's still up in a few days. I have several more boxes around, like some WarCrafts, Sims, Mario Teaches Typing, Wolfenstein 3D Collection... the most obscure of which is probably Rex Blade: The Battle Begins. Never really "collected" big box PC games, I just got these all at retail back in the day, even including Chasm which was a discount buy at Target.

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Remind me to never go over to your house.

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The hetero choice would be not to be an underage and have gotten them when they were new releases.

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From when i got to meet the former bingbingman one time.

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This one comes with a bunch of lego pieces and a lego camera

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I don't even use steam lol

fuck that shit

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wtf, never heard of this.
fuck off, I'm tired of you superiority complex digital niggerfaggots in every physical thread. Seriously slit your wrists.

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Heres the current shelf
Can I have your copy of blood pls, thanks

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>No thanks. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
"Sorry, this game has been delisted by the publisher."

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Great thread.

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Serious, anon.... Sell me this Blueshift one.

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>Xenophage at the top
Fuck yeah. Everyone hated it and it was a pretty shitty game but I loved it. SQUID VS BAT. That sucking noise when you'd get put into a hold or the little victory movements when someone won a round. And who can forget the MEAT moves. Great times.