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After 30 years I finally figured out how to complete this epic adventure No internet. Honest!... Now what?

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now, you continue to not have sex. you might even make a reddit account. the world is your oyster.

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I wasn't talking about you anon, I was talking about me

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You could play Uninvited, or Deja Vu.

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What game this?

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I'd have to emulate them as I don't own them for NES, which version is the best?

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I've only played the NES version of both games, so I'm not sure how good the other versions are.

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the Mexican Runner took 12 hours to beat this one. he also fucking hates this kind of game. lyl.

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Shadowgate I think

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These games are hated in Japan and considered infamous kusoge. Apparently the Japanese dialog had more ridiculous and funny descriptions of your death than the English dialog does.

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i learned so much vocab from this bad boy

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NES has the best versions of all 3. Deja Vu is actually a really early Macventure from 1985. Kemco did good work in updating and translating the ICOM trilogy for home consoles.

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It's actually sword of sodan

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Not a fan of this game. Too much bullshit I don't have the patience for and too creepy/I'm just not into Gothshit. Can't we just play Mega Man instead?

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Why don't speedrunner faggots run razorblades across their throats? I'm really curious why they don't.

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>I know this cause I found exactly one manchild shitposter on a wiki comment in 2008
Don't posture like you know what a "kusoge" is.

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I'm surprised this passed NOA's content rules.

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Kemco Seika really did a great job converting these to consoles

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I remember liking Deja Vu because it was an adventure game that had little to no moon logic. Locked door? Just shoot it out with your gun. Accosted by a bum? Punch him in the face. I was able to get the very end of the game but I don't think I could ever figure out what evidence I needed to dump in the sewers before going to the police station. Has the NES version of the sequel ever been dumped? It looked pretty far along in screenshots.

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It's my understanding that Deja vu 2 for nes was complete, they just never shipped. I saw it in a display case when I was a kid. Not sure if it was a display box for future release or they somehow had the actual game. I think it had a price tag though. Still haunts me.

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Deja Vu II got ported to the GBC though

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The Uninvited's dialog was censored on the NES but somehow they did get away with pretty graphic stuff in Shadowgate.

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NOA's content rules weren't really absolute but more just a caution to developers that a game might not pass Q/C so they usually didn't want to risk it. Some developers did bend the rules and got away with it. It's rather strange how much NOA bullied LucasArts over Maniac Mansion when Shadowgate got away with telling the player he'd stabbed himself with a spear and blood is gushing out of him.

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I'm guessing they figured not many children would find a spear and try to stab themselves with it, but they might decide to see if putting their pet hamster in the microwave and turning it on really does make them explode.

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There's a sequel called Beyond Shadowgate that's supposed to release soon.
It's made by the original devs of Shadowgate.

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isn't that already a game? for PC engine?

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The Macintosh originals. Though the NES versions are nice, but they're all subtly different from the originals IIRC.
I wonder if the game has some change that genuinely changes the game or if it's just another case of Japs are shit at adventure games?

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it just doesnt follow the strict conventions of their adv games where there is little risk of failure and you can advance freely by clicking all avaliable text. the translation as someone else said is a bit over the top.

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Likely Kemco didn't want to pay for a fourth run of expensive MMC3 carts with a battery save.

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Japanese-style "exhaust all the options" adventure games are so tedious and pointless - Shadowgate may be shallow, but it does have actual puzzles in it here and there

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Haha and for me it was the exact opposite. Of COURSE you'll try using every command and every item on "SELF". But I never even considered the hamster thing until I read about it somewhere.

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Wow that cover really makes me want to buy this game.
Wtf were they thinking?

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Yeah. We were talking about the nes version though.

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The sequel's coming out soon, based on the design docs for the unmade version that was cancelled.


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wait 30 years to forget 95% of it so you can do it again

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Totally unique, it absolutely popped out on the shelf so you were guaranteed to at least pick it up and check out the box.
I miss the era of unique computer game boxes

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the computer versions were all on 16-bit machines. it's too bad they never made C64 or Apple II port because they were able to port it to NES which was also 6502 based

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>C64 port of Deja Vu
I'm sure the nonstop incredibly slow disk access would have been fun.

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When I was a kid I would legit play my NES while waiting 4-6 minutes for a C64 game to load, then I'd pause my NES game, and would come back to it if there was any more long load times lmao.
Wish I had a fast loader cart at the time, only learned about that in my 20s.

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this anon had cracked/pirated copies of games because original disks usually had some kind of fast loader built in but they would be stripped out in the process of removing the copy protection

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what relation does this have to the released version? mother 3 n64 to gba scenario?

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is he sealed in carbonite?

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Wrong thread?
GPT post?