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Comfy EarthBound thread.

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mother 1 is better

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Earthbound's inventory system makes me not want to replay it

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If you need hundreds of items then you are bad at video games. Having so many items would make it too easy. The only item you stuck with is the ATM card and that is stuck with Ness who has healing PSI anyway and is also overpowered.

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I kind of like it. More than the combat and grinding actually.

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Pippi, Ana, Paula or Kumatora?

Who is best girl?

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Same. Item management and who carries what adds a bit more realism to a bunch of kids only having their pockets and backpacks.

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Paula. She's cute. And funny.

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>>10434000 (checked)

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Sexy video game dads thread?

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Those alien bastards are gonna pay for making long distance calls on my line!

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Is 3 really better than the SNES game? Played it a bit and I'm only controlling some old cowboy guy. Also no comfy semi-realistic town yet. And it's a bit too crazy with dinosaurs walking around and shit right from the beginning

Not much of what I like about the SNES game so far except visually and writing

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It's up to you which is better. I prefer Mother 3, but some people prefer the older ones. They're different flavors of games and the transition from the one to the other isn't an objective upgrade.

Sounds like you've barely started the game so maybe it'll grow on you, but it's never going to give you the kind of setting you're talking about. It has plenty of its own charms, though.

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I played the sequels, but I really want to play Mother 1 too. Im only waiting for both Encore fangame and the Mother 1 ROMHack of Mother 2 to finish, and then decide which way to play Mother 1: Either any of the original versions, or any of the incoming fangames.
The inventory itself isnt bad, what is bad is the control of the inventory and the stores. Thank good fan patches/romhacks fix these issues.

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Post fan art where Ness isn't soulless and/or brown.

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All I want is that key items and equipped items don't take inventory space. It's just busywork.

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>Thank good fan patches/romhacks fix these issues.

What kind of patches/hacks specifically are the best for QoL like that? I love the Earthbound inventory system but I'd be interested in how people have tried to make it even better/smoother.

I downloaded 25th Anniversary Mother 1 recently to replay it since it's probably been over a decade since the first time I played it.

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I think I oversell it a little, but Matenalbound redux and I think Perfect Edition give at least some fixes and better button remapping.

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How do we create a soulful remake that will appeal to the switch masses while retaining the hardcore nes qualities

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Like it is really a hard thing to do...
>3D artstyle like your pic or similar, in tone with original games style. Nothing extravagant or costly to implement
>Fix bugs
>Improve mechanics when needed
>Trying to expand characters shouldnt be bad, but only the bare minimum. Keep the games plot and dialogues like in the originals.
>No forced political/gender/modernity shit

Thats it. Following this will make your game better than 80% of modern western remakes.

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>sells 12 copies

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Why is it always a comfy EarthBound thread and never a sexy EarthBound thread?

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>Fix bugs
I cant think of any outside of the cliff clipping

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Simple: you don't.
Leave the game as it is and stop trying to recapture something no one, not even the original creators of Mother (If M3 is any indication), seem to understand.

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where's his new twitter

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They're not gonna suck your dick faggot.

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Why is it always a comfy EarthBound thread and never a sexy EarthBound thread?

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Well we have this from a few threads ago.

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>Those nipples

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Rather than wasting time remaking Earthbound, someone should just take a few stylistic notes from it but then make an all new game.

I also mean that WITHOUT the plot 'secretly' being about the player character (or another character) being gay or/and a tranny, that shit is already trite and dull. Gone Home did that a decade ago and it was just as much underwhelming narrative wank then as it is now with Myhouse.wad, indie devs and modders should be more creative than that.

I mean kid protagonists, a 20th century setting, colorful cartoon aesthetics, goofy humor that is just a little bit random at times (but never too much), along with varying degrees of bleak and dark themes here and there.
Also, without doing the same turnbased combat as they all do, how about some realtime combat and platforming so that you need to put some effort into movement and maneuvering? Doesn't need to be too hardcore, just something basic like the Zelda Oracle games.

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...So Pippi or Kumatora?

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Good take. An EarthBound/Mother-like game doesnt need to be turn based, hell even need to be set on a modern setting.
It just need to be quirky enough, mostly happy but not saccharine and any bad/sad moments be impactful, and have fun gameplay and combat (no walking simulators).

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>1990s semi-urban setting
>13yo tomboy loli sperg who seldom talks
>no PSI, but she tinkers with common household chemicals (firebombs, acids, adhesives, eventually explosives)
>also tinkers somewhat with mechanics/electronics, more often than not taking random shit apart to get specific components
>carries a small metal toolbox, either smacks with that as main attack, or selects an available tool
>more tools means more options for attacks and field uses, as well as more damage from using the toolbox as a bludgeon (which starts subtly denting the one corner she strikes with as the game progresses)
>spanners as throwable weapon, ala Dodgeball, can recover thrown ones to throw again later
>sister's hairspray combined with dad's lighter as a fire weapon
She'd have to be a foil to some grumpy fuck too. Not sure what kind of quest she'd be on though, or what the main opposition would be, something which can allow for some bizarre and supernatural encounters at times.

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What would adult Ness and Paula look like?

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Maybe like this?