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Favourite mgs boss? I’ll be watching you snake!

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This fight on hard with no minimap is intense as hell. Kinda cheap, but really thrilling. He probably is the best boss in the game.

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Toss up between Psycho Mantis and The Boss. Liked Peacewalker too but its not the same kind of boss

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probably Volgin, so many great boss battles with him.

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Rays on extreme, hitting them right after they become vulnerable but before they can attack is so satisfying and there are 20 of them so you have to step into this zen state of doing it perfectly

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It's gotta be the end, so atmospheric, why does almost no dev even come close to the quality of MGS boss fights

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I was stuck on the fight with Vamp in MGS2 on Extreme for ages. 2 had such a satisfying difficulty.

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Olga on Extreme is insane. You can't make a single mistake and half of the fight you're blinded. First boss in the game too! I was not prepared. Took me like an hour and a half to beat her.

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gray fox from mg2s