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Anyone else get this thing? The system itself looks great, but the controller it comes with sucks ass and it doesn't seem to be compatible with actual 2600 controllers (I don't know if it doesn't work with mine because it has a new board in it, or if it just doesn't work in general). I also still don't like how it's not compatible with every game either.

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system takes longer to load than a standard 2600 kek

i might still grab one but i literally am hoarding all the atari systems, i have all of them even the xegs
will eventually get into their microcomputers as well

not a fan of emulation but stella works ok on my hyperkin system even with paddles on a proper 1ms gaming monitor (not too jittery)

so i would imagine the 2600+ looks slick and has some QoL features like hdmi output and would suffice as a "quick and dirty" solution for around $120

probably will grab one after christmas
i still use the VCS ryzen pc as a media center

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I got it. Games take a while to load and about half my carts (all very common games) don’t work. The controller ports are also too loose, and all my original controllers just slip out.

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>system takes longer to load than a standard 2600 kek

A classic VCS/ 2600 has no loading, though. You would turn it on and the game just starts instantaneously. The best looking thing about the 2600+ are the joysticks and rotary controllers. The shell looks good too. It looks cool fromm a retro perspective, nice recreation of the 4-switch VCS. But yeah, the emulation seems a bit iffy. Probably neat as a Christmas present, though.

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My cat likes it.

>A classic VCS/ 2600 has no loading, though.
I'm sure it'll eventually be hacked to work better.

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It's an emulator box you can use real carts with and apparently not all cartridges work

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Only 5 replies? This thing is so DoA.

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Another faggy emulator box with zero creativity or soul.
>They went with the fucking 4 switch design as if anyone liked the tiny shitty switches on the back
>10 in 1 dip switch carts in current year.
>doesn't even come with a real AC adapter, just a USB cord
>loading screens, yes fucking LOADING SCREENS on an atari 2600, not to mention display lag, for a console that famously executed code a scanline at a time
>worse compatibility than a free emulator
>supports 7800 games but has no 2 button controllers
>tiny board in a huge shitty overpriced chunk of plastic
>adds nothing of value, just another shitty emulator box to waste a cpu and money on
I'm guessing the main groups of users will be old people with newer TVs that will receive this as a gift, soibois who can use this as their sacrificial dust collector to signal their quirky nerd plastic hoarding instead of letting a real console go to waste, and brainlets who want to play dem old tari twennysik hunnit carts but wit real controls on tv not on da puta and don't care about the details.
>If they come out with a colecovision game cartridge adapter for lulz I'll take it all back and buy one.

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Kill yourself.

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Does the new rotary controller work on original hardware?

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>>10433635 (me)
I sent Atari an email about the system not working with original controllers. I'm hoping my system is defective and it's not actually incompatible.

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no u

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ok you're not "wrong"
but you gotta give atari some credit
its modern atari, they are trying to learn from their past mistakes

if nintendo shat out a NES hdmi system that used faggy carts youtube and the collective reddit-filled internet would cream themselves to fucking death

modern atari
>buys atari age
>interested in the fanbase\community input
>still supports the 2600 VCS nearly a century later
>supports carts despite zero financial incentive
>makes carts for the original system in 2023

you gotta admit,
that is atleast SOMEWHAT based