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I've come around a little on this game recently.

>Environments are large and traversed in multiple ways with a high degree of verticality. Each area feels relevant to its situation and location. Lacks the open world exploration of SR1, but good for a game of linear progression.
>Kain has a large arsenal of weapons available to him, along with various ways of attacking and killing enemies. Large variety of enemies too.
>Game world feels suitably lived in; wait near certain NPCs long enough to hear unique interactions, some also attack each other, inhabitants believably feel part of different factions.
>Combat isn't bad but isn't great either; 'Auto' renders it pointless, as you only have to hold the block button and wait for an opening. 'Manual' should have been the default to necessitate knowing how to fight. Fury/Berserk/Immolate also aren't very unique of one another.
>Highly atmospheric music and detailed game world.
>That said, it has some of the weakest writing and VA in LoK. It's very buggy, broken and the presentation is somewhat low-budget, but it has its moments.

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The game is alright, but it shows that the whole genre of "walking along a corridor, fighting a bunch of enemies, pulling some levers, and occasionally get new abilities" is inherently really weak and a creative dead-end.

At least it isn't completely bogged down by puzzle shit like Soul Reaver.

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that sounds like it basically describes all action games, from beat em ups to action platformers to zelda like adventure games

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Blood Omen 2 was a little more unique in the fact that it wasn't a corridor, and you had multiple wide open areas at regular intervals.

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This guy is right.

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it's better than soul reaver 2, as a game, anyway. i can respect it. final level's music was pretty cool too.

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If it had the polish and quality of SR2 it could have been an above average game. A big problem with SR1, SR2 and BO2 is that they all feel like fragments of what they really should have been.

The cutscenes in these games tend to be their most consistent strength, but in BO2 they're so janky and wobbly. I was watching back the Eternal Prison and in the cutscene after Kain meets the Builder and the device explodes, the exploison occurs behind him, but he's blown back as if it occurred in front of him. If you use the Soul Reaver cheat, after a certain point the Soul Reaver object becomes stuck in his shoulder in every cutscene too.