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Meet Guzzler for the SG-1000. This looks like some VIC-20 shit here. No wonder the Famicom won. Lol.

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that image doesnt do it justice
you need to see the jerky sprites in motion and the pc speaker tier sound to truly appreciate it

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OP is a meat guzzler

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the sg-1000 has some killer titles though
hustle chummy
ninja princess
girls garden
a handful of space shooters
if you cant afford the expensive system get a mark iii or SMS and everdrive cart

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the sfx are quite charming if you appreciate that whole Atari aesthetic. having said that Guzzler is also an 8k game. there were a couple of 8k SG-1000 games while Galaxian was the only Famicom game to ever use a ROM that small.

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Six games used 8k ROM (Guzzler, Terebeki Oekaki, Space Mountain, Space Slalom, Q*Bert, and Champion Tennis). Most of the library was 16k or 32k and if you disregard bootleg Taiwanese games the only official game to use bank switching and be larger than 32k was Home Mahjong. Yes, folks, only one cart with bank switching and they wasted it on a fucking Mahjong game.

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Damn so this is the power of the NES without any mappers. Ugh so glorious.

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for contrast the Colecovision had only four 8k games but 28 games with 24k ROM and a single 20k game.

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>there were a couple of 8k SG-1000 games while Galaxian was the only Famicom game to ever use a ROM that small.
Space Invaders is only 9k, the physical ROM was 16k but almost half of it is empty.

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the SG-1000 sold better for the first several months as the games were cheaper and the first Famicoms had problems and were recalled

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SG-1000 games on SMS look and sound a little off as the color palette is more muted and the sound is pitched lower

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even those early NROM titles usually look slicker and more advanced than anything on SG-1000

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why wouldn't they? the SG-1000 used a chipset from the 70s.

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>ninja princess
>girls garden
based sg enjoyer

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>talking shit on the Vic 20
It's a highly underrated machine

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but single screen maze games are cool. It's not gonna win any technical arms races but it's a fun lil genre.

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thanks for the shitpost, anon. Loaded it in MAME and had a fun time.

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MAME is trash, use S8DS instead.

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Absolute schizophrenic. When did I imply I want to emulate on a DS? It wouldn't emulate the arcade version anyway. If you're joking it's a weird joke. MAME's also great, fuck you.

Anyway, the C64 'version' (?) is also neat.

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I will say, what makes the SG version crummy is not the fidelity, but the lack of the letter collecting score doubling mechanic of the arcade version. Alcohol also doesn't stun enemies. Pretty shitport desu.

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Some homebrewfag needs to do a NES port of this. though it'd be a lot of work to convert the code to 6502 while the arcade game had Z80 at very nearly the same clock speed as the SG-1000 so it was a very easy port to do.

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Bubble Bobble stole from this in a very obvious and shameless way but having said that the arcade game had almost 70k of ROM and the SG-1000 port was just 8k. Obviously 70k was unrealistic for a home console game in 1983 but even if they used 16k it could have been better.

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the SG-1000 port is more charming because it's so primitive and jank. the arcade game is too slick and polished.

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is this the precursor to Mr. Wino?