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What are some good time traveling games?

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It might start and end at Chrono Trigger. I know Ephemeral Phantasia has time travel, but that game is strange and janky albeit charming.
Wait, how could I forget? Majora's Mask!
I've never played Time Splitters so I'm just going off the name. Maybe it has time travel.

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Ocarina of Time.
maybe also Secret of Evermore if that somehow counts.

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SNES or DS version of Chrono Trigger for a first playthrough?

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Ecco the Dolphin

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DS, it plays the same and adds neat little anime cutscenes

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Tales of Phantasia, although it's a linear game (can't choose which time period to go to).

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Sonic CD
The game non-Sonic fans really like for some reason.

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>Ocarina of Time.
I love that I still have to play it. Not sure if I should wait for a remake at this point though

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Play the PC port

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Nintendo shut it down :(

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Timesplitters 2
SNES is best, the DS version has shit music and unnecessary added content that sucks and bogs the game down. PS1 version has the best music and anime cutscenes, but it has insufferable load times whenever you open the menu or go into a battle, so that keeps it from being best.

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>The game non-Sonic fans really like for some reason
Because it's the only good one, sonic fans are known for having utter shit taste.

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Space Quest IV
Day of the Tentacle

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How is the music in the DS version different?

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Sonic 2006

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Garlando's Quest

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Marathon Infinity

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I’m probably the only anon on this entire board that’s ever played this but whatever. It’s one of the best jrpg I’ve ever played that just so happens to have the best time traveling concepts.

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I played that quite a few times and it got a lot of show in Nintendo Power and I think even a cover. It's not time traveling, remember the MC was trapped in a suspension capsule while the world was destroyed. That's why he's all cyber advanced.

I thought you would know that part.

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That’s exactly what time traveling is… are you ok, anon?

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We all time travel 1s/s.

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Based captcha

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Majora's Mask is the only one I can think of where it's used effectively as a joint between story and gameplay. Pretty much any other game it's just there for the story, with maybe a couple 'leave a thing here in the past for an item in the future' moments.

I'm not saying that's really bad or anything, I think OoT and Chrono Trigger are great, but in those time travel is mostly used for story and to give a sense of scale to a fictional world by seeing how it changes over time. Resetting time to puzzle out different solutions to people's problems as you learn their schedules and how to make events occur is the only example I can think of of time travel really being meaningful in a gameplay to gameplay moment.

I mean I guess there's also prince of persia's rewind and a few other games that do a similar thing, but that's time travel at such a small scale it almost feels like it doesn't count.

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Major’s Mask isn’t time travel. It isn’t relevant to the Zelda timeline.

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I think the rewind mechanic was pretty cool at the time, but I get what you mean. Time-travel as a gameplay mechanic only became common with Sands which is quasi-non-retro territory.
Majora's Mask is THE exception to the rule afaik since most other games focus on the story aspect--they're playable Back to the Futures. Ages is kind of a compromise between story and puzzles.

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It’s not really good, but I’m adding it to the list of time-travel gimmick games

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Nioh 2

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honestly pc is pretty good rn, it's only missing the rob FMV and it has all the cutscenes in pretty good quality, just make sure you turn off that god awful "HD" texture

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Chrono Trigger