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How did Nintendo get the sprites on Popeye arcade to look so good? They look higher res than the rest of the game.

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Look at the resolution of your screenshot.
The game runs in a very high resolution for the time period.

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If you've ever seen the actual arcade machine it is actually a very high res game. It's kind of cool, it doesn't have a harsh interlaced look but the detail is really apparent. I've gotten to play a real machine a few times.

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I have only played it in mame but noticed it looks damn good compared to other games from the same year.
yeah its pretty impressive actually.

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If you can find a local machine with a real CRT obviously, they're really nice in person. It "looks" like a Cartoon in a way that something like mame won't really represent well.

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the arcade game used interlaced video to double the resolution; it was not until 6th gen consoles that this could be properly recreated at home

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This was by request of Paramount. As part of the condition for the license, they insisted the characters look like they actually do in the cartoons and not just Atari blob of pixels shit.