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Is it really that bad?

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Nobody said it was. It’s the best classic sonic out there

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Which Sonic started the trend of "we need to have good music"? It must've been either this or 2.

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/v/, and lots of youtubers seem to think it's the worst one.

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As in badass? Yes.

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i think it's the weakest of the genesis games, but i still really like it and i'm not sure if i'd place CD or 2 at the bottom

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This is heavily jacked off by 90% of Sonic fans and 75% of non-Sonic fans

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>at the bottom

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>listening to /v/ and youtubers

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It's the worst for a first-time play through but probably gets better if you have time to explore and mess around with the time travel mechanic. If this was one of your only Sega CD games back n the day, you probably would have loved it.

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No OP. It's not.

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I've never played it but it has the best OST of the original games, but only the Japanese version.

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It's one of the better games in that trash heap of a series.

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2 being at the bottom doesnt mean its BAD, just that its the least good. they're all still good games.

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no, it's better than 1
but the time travel thing was a bad confusing gimmick
it didn't work well in a game where the point is to run like a mofo

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Still the best game on SEGA CD imo.

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what competition does it even have

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I only just started playing it for the first time last week. It looks cool visually but i really havent just sat down and really played it.

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Popful Mail
Lunar games
Final Fight CD
Dark Wizard
Dungeon Explorer
Robo Aleste
Keio Flying Squadron
Lords of Thunder
Android Assault: Revenge of Bari-Arm

Pretty heavy competition, mostly in the form of shmups. But I've heard it said Popful Mail and Snatcher are also arguably better

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No, it's just a mediocre misuse of Sonic overall for slow-methodical platforming and backtracking instead of playing with momentum like Sonic's physics are actually built to be fun for.

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Most levels in CD do make use of Sonic's physics and have unique terrain, though. Even Wacky Workbench has some of that and can also be gotten through quickly if you know what you're doing.

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wacky workbench is actually kino when you make it through without touching the floor. it punishes 2fags hard though since they just want to hold right to win so everybody hates it.

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It's the only Sonic where you can run for more than 2 seconds without bumping into shit

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probably from the beginning because i think the guy who did the music was known for composing pop music or something. someone may be able to confirm or deny.

i really do like sonic cd sonic's attitude. or 'tude, if you prefer.

the jp ost is fine, but the other ost doesn't feel the need to stick to what you'd typically hear in a sonic game, and it works quite well.



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It's not bad but it definitely lost that holy aura it had before.
I think it is pretty good but you need modding to get the best out of it, and even then it is easily worse than 2 and 3.
Heavenly ost in both versions.

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It actually addresses all the meme criticisms people have with 2D sonic but people hate it anyway.

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>probably from the beginning because i think the guy who did the music was known for composing pop music or something.
Yeah, it was right from the get-go. The bassist of the J-Pop group Dreams Come True, Masato Nakamura, composed both Sonic 1 and 2. His original demos for every track in both games were printed on CD and are available online.

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And he's the reason why Sega usually won't include any music from Sonic 1 or 2 unless it's for a special occasion.

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Sonic does not appear to be looking at the gem he's holding, which he's holding in the most unnatural way possible

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I played it for the first time this week (got the Sonic Gems Collection on GameCube). It's not very good so far, what do people like about it, outside of the opening cutscene?

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Lol no it isn't.

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Who the fuck just puts their discs down on a desk like that? Cringe

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It was really hyped up as that one game you couldn't play officially on console for ages. When Gems Collection came out I played it and loved it
Both OST, but especially the JPN/Euro OST, are awesome
I love the exploration aspect of it with the different times too, but a lot of people seem to hate that
Also the bonus stage for time stones kicks ass and I got so good at them I could destroy them in like 15 seconds each
Absolutely my favorite classic Sonic

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I didn’t know about it till Sonic Gems cause apparently people had the hardest time emulating it for whatever reason till like 2010.

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It's not that hard to just get sega/mega cd bios and shit, and the 2011 release was literally a port to another engine

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>i still really like it and i'm not sure if i'd place CD or 2 at the bottom
I have the same view myself, I'm not sure why this opinion is so rare honestly. 2 has some poor levels that bring it down a bit.

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It's not my favorite of the classic Sonic games, but I enjoy it's overall aesthetic immensely. Every zone has upwards of four (mostly slightly) different levels to explore all with different music suited to each time period. I like how most of the levels are designed with a mixture of platforming and fast sections. I like the emphasis place on exploration with having to find the robot generators to get a good future. I also like that the exploration aspect is basically optional if you obtain time stones via the special stages; it's good to have multiple ways to complete the game using whatever style of play you prefer. The boss fights are unique and fun compared to the rest of the series, comprising of a whole challenge stage before the actual boss (even though Robotnik got nerf'd to 3 hits down from 8.) For me, it's simply a fun, well-thought-out game and absolutely deserves the praise it gets. It's not for everyone and I can see why some people don't care for it, but it's by no stretch of the horizon a bad game.

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Playing through it now. So far
+great ost
+great sprite art
+neat approach to boss fights
+the invisibility gimmick when activating time travel
=bonus stages are “okay”. They have a neat concept but are fairly easy
-levels can be really tedious (the bouncing one) or downright confusing in their layout
-the loading on the time travel makes you want to avoid it all together in the way it breaks up the pace

I’m gonna keep the levels as a tentative negative because, like most sonic games, I want to play through it a couple of times before judging that aspect. Classic sonic rewards memorization and reaction speed do I want to give CD a fair shake. Same reason I’ll eventually try superstars even though it got such middling reviews initially. To many people stumble to the finish line on these games and write them off when that’s simply not how you’re supposed to play them.

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Superstars feels to me like a mixture of cd and 4.
So not that great.
It's also extremely unpolished with glitches galore and extremely bad bosses.
It's by far the worst official classic game, taking all the wrong lessons from its inspirations.
I 100%ed it and never looked back, never happened with other (good) games in the series.
It's not '06 tier but it's really meh.

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I never planned on playing Superstars myself, but as soon as the gameplay trailer dropped for it, I fucking knew it would be some Sonic 4-tier bullshit. I'm almost certain that outside of romhacks and fangames, Mania (basically a glorified fangame) will be the last actually good Sonic game we'll ever get.

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Maybe I’ll skip out then. There are still a bunch of Romhacks I need to play anyways, and 98% of the times I bet on a new game being okay I’m let down.

I actually didn’t hate 06. I knew I was going in playing an alpha and when you learn to deal with its jankiness it can actually be kind of fun. It’s also the last time sonic hit that perfect cheesy shonen anime feeling.

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The silver lining is that a a few tracks are made by Tee Loopes and the early levels are decent, excluding bosses, still way too much automation for me since the very start.
I think it is a 5/10, 3/10 for me because of squandered potential and sega cutting corners like crazy.
I would say pirate it and make your own ideas.

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Yes, it's trash. Only hardcore sonicfags and speedrunning autists will defend it.

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CD has a Time Attack mode that removes time travel signposts so the player can focus on mastering the levels, so I would recommend you to replay the levels through that both if you want to just explore around the levels or try to master them.

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It has it's problems but it's still good. Saying it's the worst one isn't really saying much as 1-3&k are all great.

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>but it's by no stretch of the horizon a bad game.
It's not a good game tho.

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I only really like CD. I think the other Sonic games are not very good and speedrunning is a waste of time.

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You're right. It's a fun game

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You are absolutely right but unfortunately the movie with shadow is near.
A new wave of autism and angst is upon us.

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>Is it really that bad?

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It’s wild how well Generations still holds up.

And I’ll do that at some point, but you’re the second anon I’ve talked to that has 100%’d it and didn’t really like it. I’m more willing to trust anons that journalists and youtube personalities who fumble to the end of a game then slap an inoffensive score on it. One guy I watched reviewed it without even knowing about the Trip portion.
I’ll do that. The time travel gimmick isn’t awful, it’s just poorly implemented. Going fast and getting invincibility is done better than the later boost games, it’s just the awful load times. So far I’m in the camp of it still being fun but probably my least favorite of the originals.

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I'd argue it never left.

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I always thought CD was the best. Best atmosphere and mood, most adventurous use of the mechanics. Game tries to actively stop you from going fast, but you still can, you just have to know how. Feels like it's better to play after the main games (1->2->3k) so you really know how to use the mechanics. Both soundtracks rule, Tidal Tempest is killer in both. Also, best special stage, imo. Definitely most fun.

2 is definitely the weakest, baring maybe S&K? Too much filler. The beginning is amazing, end leaves a lot to be desired.

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There's a former Sonic CD animator (from Toei) on Twitter who still draws Sonic to this day. He never got tired of drawing Sonic and draws him almost every day. Can't remember the name though

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>the movie with shadow is near.
Doubt it. They can't get Eggman back

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>/v/, and lots of youtubers seem to think it's the worst one.
they're only salty because the US got an inferior OST to JP/EU

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I have the Japanese/European OST. Game is still bad

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By what criteria is the game even bad? Most people find it to be an enjoyable or, at the very least, a fun game. I never see anyone argue for why it's "bad" apart from saying
>It's LE BAD
Just say you don't like it, you'll won't come off as a contrarian retard that way

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>>10440761 (Me)

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The levels are unfun to play, Sonic controls badly (that huge delay in his spin dash is unusable) and most of the bosses are boring as fuck.
It's not good. 5/10 at very best.

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>It’s wild how well Generations still holds up

if generations is the best 3D sonic game, then that's bad news. i've never played a more average game in my life

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There's no problem with the controls, the levels are great and the bosses are good, certainly much better than the ones you would find in Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country.

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Sonic is really fun to draw so I can believe it.

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Sonic CD will forever remind me of when an ex-gf dumped me by saying that she didn't find me sexually attractive anymore...
I coped by paying Sonic cd and pretending nothing happened.
10 years later, it still hurts.

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great analogy anon. I wanna hear more about how sonic gets “Blacked”.

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I thought it was trash.
Game was ugly as fuck, it couldn't make up its mind if it wanted to be a sub-par sidescroller or a dreadful behind-the-back trackrunning game, and only got by on pandering.