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GDK is a fucking joke
R36S screens are melting
Anbernic is being boycotted by the industry
9999-in-1 brick machines are wonky
We modding BROKEN 3DS systems into GBA players

Old Thread >>10400904
Retro sizer https://retrosizer.com/
Retro handhelds spreadsheet https://pastebin.com/ZyqXr19r

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fug, meant to say broken og DS systems, not 3DS systems

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WHICH IS IT?? Not that it matters because this sub 32-bit device will cost fucking $100.

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Unless the GDK Pixel retails for fucking $49.99 USD or lower, it's going to be such a catastrophic fucking late-to-the-game failure.

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lol try $89.99

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still me rn

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Buy an Xbox

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Here you go bro

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>pants of the IPS for 4.5 Brazilian inches
>ten simuladoors admitting games multi-jugular

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>Get DSi XL Wine Red
>Luck at and pretty much zero yellowing. just a very slight slight bit in the corner of one screen.
>Hack it following the guide to install Twilight Menu plus Unlaunch.
>Get tired of TwilightMenus shitty menu and if I want to boot my legit games I now have to press select because dumbass dev can't program having slot one on the theme
>Eventually find out about HiyaCFW
>Install it
>Can use the original DSi Menu that looks much nicer
>Can use Slot 1
>Can use DS forwarders so I don't need to go into TM++ or a Flashcart to play games
>Only time I ever go into Twilight Menu now is to enable cheats or DSi mode for games
Feels fucking good bros. Feel like I got the ultimate DS.
The cheats and DSi mode stay on even when you launch from the forwarder.
So I can just set them, return to the original menu and boot my games with the cheats and dsi mode. Feels preem.

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Is it normal for OpenGL to have better performance on the Odin Lite than Vulkan? I'm using MMJR1 and some games feel more stable this way, or at least able to hit full speeds more often at a 2x resolution. Its just running at 30, but I guess the Odin Lite tracked the speed the Android UI updated for this screenshot or something.
Also holy fuck some of these levels were more challenging than I remembered.

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a avacado... thanks...

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Play the ds version of resident evil and review the dpad.

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Is that Infinite Space between Heart Gold and DQ?

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Yes, my favourite DS game.
Spent all of Act 2 going to every system and planet to try and find Nia

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>Yes, my favourite DS game.
Damn fine taste, Anon. Even if you do have Heart Gold instead of Soul Silver.

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Alright, I want

>4:3 aspect ratio
>GBA/PSP form factor
>Something like RetroArch
>Emulators GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, MAME, Neo Geo, that run accurate with no slowdowns. No outdated ZSNES level shit.
>Under $120

What do I get?

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Has SP ever been more wrong than they were with this one?

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>ummm super is actually slow sweaty
>b-but if you play it fast you're a t-troon

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Rk20203? (I think)

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I also want the form factor to not look like goaste's spread asscheeks.

Just rectangle or PSP shaped please.

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the miyoo flip...
i need it.....

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Oh boy the worst fucking thread on the board! Yay!

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Cope and seethe, thanks for the bump.
>b-but I saged
And I'm bumping because you saged. Die mad about it. <3

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The retroid pocket2S you fucking newfag

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>y-y-y-your mad!
>spazzes out and deletes half the posts every time someone btfos him
Dilate (resetting my ip now XD)

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Uh-oh schizo melty.

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You're a troon if you obsess over glitch running your way through that boring ass overrated game.
And you literally are a troon so...

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Stop projecting

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Correct. Stop malding.

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>No outdated ZSNES level shit.
>disliking the most sovlful emu

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You seem very upset over someone pointing out that you're bad at a game.

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Even chinks are tired of the gamekiddy ceo's shit. By the time he properly reveals that rgb30 clone, powkiddy would've already released an upgrade.

Seething buttmad zero mission/fusionkek. Speedkeks obsess over your gayboy shit than super any day of the week.

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I can't unsee it lmao

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Incorrect. Stop malding.

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OpenGL has always had better performance because nobody ever knows what the fuck they're doing with Vulkan, not even the various guides' writers.

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>"Hey anon! What's that? The cool new Nintendo Switch chad plays?"
>"Uh, no actually actually this is the PowKiddy CPXXX2K23. It plays Emulators and ROMs."
>"Oh... What's a Emulajigger and a rom? I never heard of it."
>"Uh, well, 20 year old games I stole off the Internet."
>"Oh, wow, ok bye."

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Why are the mods playing favorites?

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Nokia N-Gage is still THE goatse handheld.

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Git gud.

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Because xer's the ones shitposting

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There's already a thread

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>>454279207 #

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From gogamegeek they still haven't received the smart pro from the manufacturer.

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Koriki for the RG35xx has updated to version 1.0. Anyone try it out? Is it worth the effort of setting up a micro sd card for it? The idea of being able to play psp games on such a cheap rhh appeal to me, but the beta versions of koriki were so unpolished I reformatted the sd card.

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Pic unrelated
Miyoo plays ds, and its always available for $50 on allie express and temu
Ps1 performance is perfect on both so the image makes no sense

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The above filter will auto hide any faggot that mass replies to 5 or more posts. Thought I'd share.

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Koriki enables GPU support for the RG35XX which means it fucking spanks the Miyoo.
Can play pretty much any game in 4x res on PS1 at full speed.

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The N-Gage wasn't just the goatse visually but tactally/to play with as well - or so I've heard.

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The screen isn't 4X
Dumb ass

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Instead of worthless release dates, games should be categorized based on the styles of the era, which (like architecture) is a product of the technology used. The "generation" should reflect the technology used and not the date. Look at the way architecture is categorized for example (Classical, Mid-century modern, Postmodern, Neomodern, New Classical, Contemporary, etc…). Mid century modern will never become classical. Similarly, Jazz music will never become classical. It's dumb to call an 8 bit hand held a later gen just because it came out later. The gamegear is literally just a master system. The Wii is literally just an overclocked gamecube and has a weaker CPU & GPU than the Xbox. When a hobbyist decides to manufacture his own delorean, it's not a "current gen" car, because the technology is old. Using this logic, here's the REAL gaming eras:

The Pixel Era:
Gen 1 (1 bit) - Literally just Pong
Gen 2 (Low 8 bit) - Atari 26/52/78, Vectrex, shitboxes nobody cares about
Gen 3 (high 8 Bit) - NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Master System, Game Gear, PC 88, MSX, ZX Spectrum, Pico-8, TIC-80
Gen 4 (16 bit) - SNES, GBA, Genesis, PC98, TG16, Amiga, Neo Geo
Gen 4.5 (32 bit 2D and 2.5D only) - Sega 32X, 3DO, PC-FX
Gen 5 (32 bit 2D and 2.5D Only) - PS1, Saturn, N64, DS

The Early 3D - Low Poly Era:
Gen 4.5 (3D titles only) - Sega 32X, 3DO
Gen 5 (3D Only) - PS1, Saturn, N64, DS

The Early 3D - Mid Poly Era:
Gen 5.5 - Dreamcast, PSP, 3DS
Gen 6 - PS2, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox

[Insert Globohomo Here]

Modern Era (HD widescreen, Microtransactions, Day 1 patches, hyper realism, Casualization, homogenized controllers, homogenized architecture, mocap, facescan, Californian management, etc...):
Gen 7 (Mainly 720p) - 360, PS3, Wii U, Switch
Gen 8 (Gen 7 + Stable 1080p) - PS4, Xbone
Gen 8.5 (Gen 7 + 4K) - PS4 Pro, Xbone X
Gen 9 (Gen 7 + 4K + RTX) - PS5, Xbox SX

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so for Garlic OS where do I stick the samples folders for MAME 2003 Plus and Final Burn Alpha 2003?

using a dual card setup for it just to be clear

>> No.10415302

just give it to me straight, which is better?

>> No.10415303

>Final Burn Alpha 2003
whoops meant 2012 not 2003

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I cant believe emulators are gonna have nostalgia dorks.

>> No.10415326

I mean he is right that as much as ZSNES is horribly outdated by modern standards of emulator accuracy/performance it had a very charming aesthetic in it's UI that you mostly don't see with modern ones

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I'm still waiting for my Miyoo Mini+ to arrive and from what I understand, the console's default OS is in the SD card, so it won't work without it? And please recommend guide on how to properly install Onion OS.

>use a branded micro SD [x]
>use a branded SD card reader ???

t. chinkheld newfag

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Learn what 4x res means you fucking retard.

>> No.10415379

The miyoo mini plus. Better screen, better buttons, better OS, wifi.
^this guy is just a contrarian that screams about plebbit every thread
^this is the kind of faggotry we're talking about. The kind of retard who will insist you use some shitty old emulator because he likes the dumb ass visual basic menu.

>> No.10415380

It means exactly what I think it means.
The screen isn't 4x the resolution of the ps1 so you get fucking nothing from rendering the game at 4x.
>muh super sampling!
Doesn't do shit

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Honestly don't use this fucking thread, just go on YouTube. The losers in this thread are some of the most obnoxious autists on earth. I'm talking literally sitting in their shit diapers levels of autism.

>> No.10415386

>^this is the kind of faggotry we're talking about. The kind of retard who will insist you use some shitty old emulator because he likes the dumb ass visual basic menu.
that's not what I was saying at all, all I said was that ZSNES looked nice, I said nothing about actually using it in the current year(except maybe if you're one of those people who like messing around with really old versions of Windows or something)

>> No.10415387

Nobody's insisting anyone use zsnes retard, stop seething over nothing.

>> No.10415391

Pretty sure the OS is on the device itself, but you need roms on an sd card to play anything anyway.
For installation they should have a guide linked on their github page.

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Heres the thing...
Ape Escape > Banjo Kazooie
Spyro > Banjo Tooie
Ms Pac Man Maze Madness > Bomberman 64
Symphony of the Night > Legacy of Darkness
Spyro 2 > Chameleon Twist
Choro Q3 > Choro Q 64
Pop n Tanks > mario party
Team buddies > mario party 2
Ehrgeiz > Custom Robo 64
Crash Team Racing > Mario Kart 64
Twisted Metal 2 > Diddy Racing
Spyro 3 > Donkey Kong 64
Rollcage 1 > Extreme G 1
Rollcage 2 > Extreme G 2
Wipeout 3 > F zero X
Goemon 5 Uchuu Kaizoku > Goemon Great Adventure
Gunnm Martian Memory > Hybrid Heaven
Klanoa > Kirby Crystal
Crash 3 > Mario 64
Klanoa Volleyball > Mario Tennis
FF Tactics > Ogre Battle 64
Breath of Fire 3 > Paper Mario
Ace Combat > Pilot Wings 64
Crash 2 > Rocket Robot
Future cop lapd > jet Force gemeni
Ghost in the shell > conker
Mega Man Legends > Zelda Ocarina
Tronne Bonne > Zelda Majora
N-Gen Racing > Sanfrancisco Rush
Gamera 2000, Omega Boost > Sin Punishment 1
Tekken 3, Soul Blade, Street Fighter Alpha 2 > Smash Bros
Cool Boarders 3 > Snowboard Kids
Cool Boarders 4 > Snowboard Kids 2
Ace Combat 3 > Star Fox 64
Harmful Park > Viewpoint 2064
Jet Moto 2 > Wave Race 64
Metal Gear Solid > Win Back
Policenauts > Wonder Project J2
Oddworld > Yoshi’s Story

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why do you need wifi on a gameboy though

>> No.10415403

Yes it is you double nigger retard
640x480 is quadruple the amount of pixels of 320x240

>> No.10415406

>why do you need wifi on a gameboy though
ftp, ssh, cover art scraping, system updates

>> No.10415413

in most respects the differences are extremely minor, more than anything it comes down to whether you think Wi-Fi or HDMI is the more important feature and/or whether or not you feel having the CFW and your ROMS on separate cards is important or not

>> No.10415425

fucking off yourself cretin.

>> No.10415429

forgot to mention netplay if you're into that

>> No.10415442

False. That's 2X, which the miyoo already does. 2X means double in both directions, not total pixel count you silly little nigger faggot.

>> No.10415447

Yes you can, on the miyoo mini which has a higher ppi

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>> No.10415456

so using Final Burn Alpha 2012 on my RG35XX(with Garlic OS) and for whatever reason it's displaying everything sideways and I can't figure out how to fix that, anyone got any suggestions?

>> No.10415469

I suggest you sell it and buy a miyoo mini. Also stay away from horislop consoles they make you gay.

>> No.10415470

You said the screen isn't 4x res which is false, idiot

>> No.10415474

Nah. 4X render means 4X in both directions which is 8X total pixels.
You're wrong faggot. Kys tranny

>> No.10415478

Your pathetic Miyoo doesn't have a working GPU now like RG35XX does with Kokori or whatever it's called.
Get fucked cunt.
PS1 will be much better on RG35XX now.

>> No.10415484

A distinction that has yet to materialize in any noticeable benefit whatsoever...

>> No.10415487

Its fast enough to play sonic which uses blast processing. Thing is though, Sonic was always more about pinball physics than brainless speed. The marketing focused on speed but the games did not. Boost and Adventure are not classic Sonic logically translated into 3D, they're gotta-go-fast simulators with a sonic skin. Instead of physics-based platforming you just spam homing attack. Instead of earning speed through maintaining momentum as you run and bounce through an obstacle course, you just push up and hit max speed in 1 second, then proceed to watch some auti-pilot bullshit until it's time to mash homing attack again.

>> No.10415491

You said the screen doesn't have 4x the resolution. Do the math and count the pixels, or is that too hard for your pea sized brain?

>> No.10415493

Tell me you don't play video games you just huff plastic fumes, without telling me you don't play video games you just huff plastic fumes...

>> No.10415494

False. You said the wrong thing, you were wrong. It's ok, we already knew you were a retarded tranny, you don't have to save face.

>> No.10415496 [DELETED] 

>Tell me... ACK

>> No.10415502

I'm literally playing Final Fantasy 7 with the Because translation at x4 resolution at full speed.
Something you can't do on the Miyoo.

>> No.10415504 [DELETED] 

>emulator says render 4X
>which means 4X in both directions
>the screen isn't 4X in both directions
You can't save face. Stop.

>> No.10415506

You're literally not though

>> No.10415509

In other news.
GarlicOS 2.0 just got released.

Which devices are currently supported?
Anbernic RG405M
Anbernic RG405V
Retroid Pocket 2+
With countless more being worked on, including the original RG35XX and other fan favorites.

Looks like Linux based OS.

>> No.10415516 [DELETED] 

No one ever mentioned the emulator you faggot fuck. 4x screen res means 4x the resolution of 320x240, which is what the screen is, at 640x480.
Do. The. Math.

>> No.10415520 [DELETED] 

No it doesn't. It means 4X in each direction. That's why when you select it in the menu, you get 4X in each direction.

Your can't race face, you lost, and everyone watched. Just like that time you couldn't tell what the color purple looks like. XD

>> No.10415524 [DELETED] 

You're Jewish aren't you?
Because you will argue that water isn't wet until everyone else gets tired and leaves, and then tell yourself that getting the last word means you won. It's so sad
This tranny will never stop. Don't waste your electricity.

>> No.10415528 [DELETED] 

>Basedal Sneedity Sloppin
>HURR DURR grinding is da point of JRPGs
False, grinding was inserted into lower budget titles for cheap padding. Otherwise people would just play shitty mobile games and say Brave Exvius is the greatest RPG of all time because it's 100% grinding. The appeal of JRPGs is that they merge anime characters, console style adventure games, visual novels, D&D inspired combat, creative boss battles, puzzle games, etc… all in one. It doesn't excel at any one quality, but when done well it brings a variety to the table that no other genre does. It's basically a buffet: none of the food is that great but you get to fill your plate with a ton of random stuff. Plenty of JRPGs have been criticized for too much of one element: Too much talking, too much walking, too many encounters, too many mini games, too many puzzles. It's all about balance.

Grinding is not challenging, it actually undermines strategy. Grinding is not fun, it is mindless tedium. Novelty is fun. New encounters are novel, repeated encounters are not. Grinding was never beloved, it has always been criticized even in Japanese reviews. Further more, no Japanese review has ever praised a JRPG for being more grindy than others. You are alone. You are a braindead autist who doesn't realize how unpopular your opinions have always been; You became attached to something that nobody else liked, then mistakenly projected your views onto the rest of the players. You desire a tedium simulator, because you are a NEET who has never done real work. But you're not a high functioning autist, because even they crave novelty; you're an autistic midwit who can be endlessly entertained by mindless repetition. Go back to your mobile games, we all know you play them.

>> No.10415531 [DELETED] 

So desperate to being right, dunning kruger in full effect.
Water isn't wet, so looks like we got two clowns here, how was clown college?

>> No.10415535 [DELETED] 

Electric purple.

>> No.10415538 [DELETED] 

No it doesn't. 4x means 4x in each direction.
That's why when you select it, you get 4X in each direction.

>> No.10415545 [DELETED] 


>> No.10415547 [DELETED] 

>HURR DURR grinding is da point of JRPGs
False, grinding was inserted into lower budget titles for cheap padding. Otherwise people would just play shitty mobile games and say Brave Exvius is the greatest RPG of all time because it's 100% grinding. The appeal of JRPGs is that they merge anime characters, console style adventure games, visual novels, D&D inspired combat, creative boss battles, puzzle games, etc… all in one. It doesn't excel at any one quality, but when done well it brings a variety to the table that no other genre does. It's basically a buffet: none of the food is that great but you get to fill your plate with a ton of random stuff. Plenty of JRPGs have been criticized for too much of one element: Too much talking, too much walking, too many encounters, too many mini games, too many puzzles. It's all about balance.

Grinding is not challenging, it actually undermines strategy. Grinding is not fun, it is mindless tedium. Novelty is fun. New encounters are novel, repeated encounters are not. Grinding was never beloved, it has always been criticized even in Japanese reviews. Further more, no Japanese review has ever praised a JRPG for being more grindy than others. You are alone. You are a braindead autist who doesn't realize how unpopular your opinions have always been; You became attached to something that nobody else liked, then mistakenly projected your views onto the rest of the players. You desire a tedium simulator, because you are a NEET who has never done real work. But you're not a high functioning autist, because even they crave novelty; you're an autistic midwit who can be endlessly entertained by mindless repetition. Go back to your mobile games, we all know you play them.

>> No.10415549 [DELETED] 

That's never how screen/monitor resolutions have been measured. 640x480 is not considered to be four times as large as 320x240 fucking anywhere (even if it technically is).

>> No.10415551

I hate in line triggers so much bros

>> No.10415556

This needs to be updated already to say that the Miyoo Mini plus comes in transparent PINK, not purple.

>> No.10415564 [DELETED] 

>STILL distressed that his toy is pink

>> No.10415574

The anbernic is the one that's pink

>> No.10415579

Having played it daily for 3 years, I've beaten the following games on my Miyoo mini

>90-100% 2D :
Policenauts, Alundra, Brave Prove, Community Pom, Legend of Mana, Castlevania Chronicles, Symphony if the night, Goemon Akogingu, Mega Man 8, X4, X5 & X6 [Improvement hacks], Oddworld Oddysee & Exodus, Lunar 1&2, Rhapsody 1&2, Saga Frontier 2, SMT 1&2, Star Ocean 2, Tales of Phantasia, Suikoden 1&2, Valkyrie Profile, Brigandine Grand, Langrisser 4, Master of Monsters, Tearring Saga,

>2.5D (3D levels, 2D characters):
Azure Dreams, Breath of Fire 3&4, Strider 2, Thousand Arms, Xenogears [2.0 patch], FF Tactics [Lion War hack], Front Mission 2&3, Kartia, Saiyuki, Vandal Hearts 1 & 2 [+Turn Based patch], Vanguard Bandits,

>2.5D (3D characters, 2D environments):
Koudelka, Chrono Cross, FF 7, 8, 9, Legend of Dragoon, Parasite Eve 1, Wild Arms 1, Res Evil 1-3, TRAG, Mr Domino,

>90-100% 3D:
Gamera 2000, Omega Boost, Tempest X3, Vanark, Bloody Roar 2, Ehrgeiz, Tekken 3, Rival Schools, Bushido Blade 2, Ape Escape, Crash 2&3, Dr Slump, Spyro 1-3, Apocalypse, Future Cop, Ghost In Shell, One, Gekido, Gunnm Memory, Jackie Chan Stunt Master, Aconcagua, LSD Dream, Mizzurna Falls, Brave Fencer Musashi, Dragon Valor, MediEvil 1&2 [PAL], Threads of Fate, MM Legends 1&2, MGS 1+VR, Rising Zan, Tail Concerto, Tron Bonne, Nectaris, CTR, Jet Moto 2&3, RC de Go, Wipeout 2&3, Racing Lagoon, Rollcage 1&2, Vigilante 8 2nd, Silent Hill, Chaos Break, Deception 2&3, Remote Control Dandy, Team Buddies, Silent Bomber, Trap Gunner, Devil Dice, Frogger Swampy, Incredible Crisis, Paranoia Scape

>> No.10415582

Does it play any dbz games?

>> No.10415584

>gimmick shit
You can innovate with creative stage design and gimmicks. Ever notice Rayman 1 and Rayman Origins aren't the same even though they're both 2D? Megaman 1 vs Megaman X, way different, still 2D, still Megaman. Mario 64 vs Galaxy, super different, both collectathons. MGS2 vs MGS3 very different yet still linear stealth games (and better than open world MGS5). Ocarina vs Majora, super different even though they're in the same engine with re-used assets (and both better than empty lifeless BotW). You think evolution = changing genres because you lack creativity.

>> No.10415591 [DELETED] 
File: 571 KB, 1920x1080, YOU&#039;RE A PINK HANDHELD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where's the gimmick? You just called something a gimmick and then when on a wild tangent about sequels without actually stating what makes any of it a gimmick, kek
>janny temporarily banned me for saying the Miyoo Mini plus in pink

>> No.10415592

It wasn’t even that bad – lack of decent games was my biggest issue with it.

>> No.10415602

Any dbz games?

>> No.10415604

>being wrong about stuff

>> No.10415639

Why are there so many deleted posts?

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Same here bro, we must endure...

>> No.10415710

what game do you recommend after fft on psx?

>> No.10415754

Somebody just said "JELOS is working on it and I know who is working with them on that, so I think it's likely there will be progress."

>> No.10415785
File: 553 KB, 1800x2578, nix5qtohoi0c1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You jelly?

>> No.10415796

I checked their discord and they have talked about working on it.

>> No.10415797

I eat a 3 day vacation every time I post about my Anbernic handheld.

>> No.10415820

How many years until we can get Odin 2 specs but under $100?
Like 5 years?

>> No.10415824

2 more weeks

>> No.10415839

for me it's the nabernic rg353ps. fair price, decent quality, and emulates up to dreamcast. I'm honestly very happy with it

>> No.10415996

RP2S. Anything RK3566 based will let you down on some arcade, like how my RGB30 can't play Spider-Man The Videogame (Sega System 32) fullspeed.

Oh, that d-pad looks miserable.

>> No.10416040 [DELETED] 



>> No.10416050 [SPOILER] 

If you're looking for more tactics

Front Mission 3 or Vandal Hearts

>> No.10416056

Does it have any dbz games

>> No.10416063 [DELETED] 

Powkiddy is getting increasingly demanding, hopefully the continued development of Garlic OS will put companies like that out of business.

>> No.10416071
File: 550 KB, 3000x2000, F-_M13DWUAAbTPQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next Analogue Pocket FOMO event on the 17th.

>> No.10416073
File: 829 KB, 1182x1220, Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 10.21.42 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is getting out of hand

>> No.10416083

>on sale nov 17, 8am PST
>sold out nov 17, 8:00:05am PST

>> No.10416084

hooley dooley

>> No.10416086

The transparent versions looked sexy AF but this batch is just plain ugly

>> No.10416092

I like the orange and red

>> No.10416093

Why would you want to do that on your game boy when you can just have your computer do it automatically? I'd rather just swap out and SD card than have my bleep bloop toy doing that when I'm playing Frogger.

>> No.10416110

FYI the transparent colors sold out in the order of:
Purple, Black, Clear, Blue, Green, Orange, Red (like 10 minutes of availability on the last one)

>> No.10416118

The plastic looks terrible on these models, jesus. On par or even worse than modern chinkhelds.

>> No.10416209 [DELETED] 

Trannies will waste their welfare on anything

>> No.10416285

>$250 plus tip

>> No.10416326


>> No.10416335

Inferior to the transparent versions.

>> No.10416381

Should i get the anbernic arc? Seems nice for sega sovl

>> No.10416407


Sega Genesis/Mega Drive + CD:

Turn based: After Armageddon, Aisle Lord, Arslan Senki, Beggar Prince, Cosmic Fantasy CD, Dark Wizard, Langrisser 1&2, Legend Wukong, Lunar 1&2 [unworked patch], Phantasy Star 2&4, Pier Solar, Shining Force 1/2/CD, Shining in the Darkness [Antigrinding patch], Vixen 357

Narrative: Illusion City, Rise of the Dragon, Snatcher, Space Adventure Cobra

Side Action: Alien Soldier, Spiderman Kingpin, Annet Futatabi, Alisia Dragoon, Blades of vengeance, Castlevania Bloodlines, Cave Story, Comix Zone, Contra Hard Corps, Cyborg 009 CD, Dahna, Demolition Man CD, Earthworm Jim 1 CD & 2, El Viento, Exile, Ex Mutants, Gargoyles Ultimate, Gunstar Heroes, Mega Man Wily Wars [Weapon Master] & Sequel Wars, Mega Turrican, Midnight Resistance, Popful Mail [unworked], Pulseman, Ranger X, Rent A Hero, Rocket Knight 1&2, Shinobi 2/3, Shadow Dancer, Pirates of Dark Water, Splatterhouse 2&3, Streets of Rage 2 & 3 DX, Strider, Terminator CD, Twinkle Tale, Valis 1&3, Wolfchild CD, Monster World 3&4, XMen 2, Ys III

Platform: Animaniacs, Ecco 1 CD & 2 CD, Flashback, Out of This World, Generations Lost, Flink [speed hack], Highseas Havoc, Taruruuto, Marvel Land, Mickey Mania CD, Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion, Pantufa, Pitfall CD, Prince of Persia 1 CD & 2 (Remastered), Quackshot, Ristar, Socket, Sonic (Classic Heroes, 3 Complete, Mega Mix CD, S-Factor, Mobius Evolution), Lost Vikings, Tinhead, Tiny Toons

Shmup: Keio Squadron, Gaiares, Gynoug, Lords Thunder, MUSHA, Robo Aleste, Panorama Cotton, Thunder Force 2/3/4, Trouble Shooter 1&2, Zero Wing

Top Down: Arcus 1/2/3/Odyssey, Beyond Oasis, Crusader Centy, Landstalker [Mijet controls hack], Light Crusader, Skeleton Krew, Techno Clash, The Chaos Engine, Shadow Run, Tougiou King Colossus, Traysia, True Lies, Xenocrisis, Mega Bomberman

Other: Columns, Marble Madness, Mean Bean, Rock N Roll Racing

>> No.10416417

Well after playing Pokemon Fire Red and now playing Ultra Violet I'm not sure if I hated the fact that you can only use TMs once as a kid but I certainly do now.

>> No.10416421 [DELETED] 

Bruh. Dbz sux. Anyone can be brought back by stupid dragon balls

The universe is tiny; Somehow every soldier under freiza is a different race, but there's few habitable worlds in ANY universe.

Kami was god, then retconned so king kai was god, who was 1upped by Supreme kai who becomes useless immediately. Next gods of destruction and angels, which are a dumb concept. Then the one true god is a retarded child. Don't think they won't introduce another tier of gods above him the second they feel like it.

Transformations are just rainbow colored power level boosts, and the way they're achieved is dumb. SSJ1 feels earned and built up, everything after is a lazy asspull. Half of the saiyins go super by inducing a mild tantrum. So we're to believe that no other saiyin, in either universe, ever threw a poopy pants tantrum before, ever? Really?

Power levels make no sense, early in Z they have the ability to destroy planets. Now they're 1 billion times stronger than that? And any character that needs a power boost gets one by doing a little training, so now every character is stronger than gods, because this shit show has more rubber banding than Mario Kart.

Time nonsense. Tournament of power was supposed to be 40 minutes. They have hours of talking. Are they all talking sped up like chipmunks?

Teleportation makes it so there's no exploration, no adventure. They just teleport from one wasteland to the next.

Flying makes it so there's really no fight choreography. No interaction with the environment. They just repeat scribble punches over and over until it's time for a power up.

Shits gay nigga

>> No.10416516
File: 185 KB, 1779x813, 1679397428884835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

meanwhile the cheaper standard versions
imagine falling for this shit lmao

>> No.10416547

May this fail like the Coleco Chameleon.

>> No.10416605

But don't you want to spend an extra $30 on a white one that has a BLACK bezel?

>> No.10416628
File: 510 KB, 526x704, IMG_9776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guts, be real with me: is perfect integer scaling a meme? Russ talks about it every video, but I’ve been comparing it on and off for an hour now in Pokemon Crystal, and I don’t see shit. I paid for the whole damn screen, so I should be using the whole damn screen, not playing a near-perfect aspect ratio match with quadruple-black bars

>> No.10416649

based. Can't wait for them to announce translucent ones for $300 and keep making changs and zhengs mad.

>> No.10416687

If you don't care then you don't care.
It becomes more noticeable the more detailed the graphics are.

>> No.10416695

I was wondering if there was a patch for that which can be installed over big romhacks. Not actually bothered to look for it though.
I'm playing Dark Violet.

>> No.10416721

It is more noticeable on text assets, a sharp bilinear filter will help a ton.

>> No.10416734

I'm surprised this isn't at least option in every romhack that offers qol features considering that a lot of Pokemon depend on MT to have a good moveset.

>> No.10416749

I think people wanna spend an extra $30 just to get hold of a unit at this point. The color is basically irrelevant

>> No.10416773

that's exactly what analogue wants too

>> No.10416780

Probably. If they're using the same molds I imagine it costs them next to nothing to change colors. I wonder if any company buys up their own units and then scalps them online under the pretense of being someone else, so they get like quadruple the profit margins.

>> No.10416816 [DELETED] 


>> No.10416817 [DELETED] 

Holy shit lose your virginity please.

>> No.10416820 [DELETED] 

This guy is really really mad about something.

>> No.10416962

ZSNES isn't worth using in this day and age, but you'd have pretty shit taste to not like it's SOVLful UI.

>> No.10417084
File: 781 KB, 4032x3024, IMG_2031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10417089

still need help with this

>> No.10417107

thank you bro

>> No.10417108
File: 32 KB, 600x600, 99175a15-4e79-4546-b3e0-62884e69a6f3-1_94af3d4e-3ddc-42a4-9532-0b21f663dfc4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it worth getting a ps vita? What can it emulate?

>> No.10417125

That's just a price hike with extra steps. If people will pay that much from scalpers, they would pay that much from the manufacturer.

>> No.10417131

Yes but it's better for PR if people they charge a lower price and it's those damn scalpers that are charging the high prices

>> No.10417138
File: 3.40 MB, 1280x720, VID_20231112_185444-[00.00.000-00.14.235].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Waiting for my smart pro and it's driving me nuts. Already have a model s.

>> No.10417183

Native PSP, native PS1, all the sprite consoles
That said a 16:9 chinkheld will do the same and more, probably for cheaper too

I just got the regular smart assuming I didn't get scammed by the aliexpress shop

>> No.10417185

U Green?

>> No.10417192

>schizo with shit taste forgot which thread he's posting in

>> No.10417197 [DELETED] 

Jesus all you pathetic manchildren do is fight over stupid virgin shit that doesn't matter. Just play games.

>> No.10417205 [DELETED] 

The saddest part is half of it isn't even visible because mods keep having to nuke half the thread.

>> No.10417257
File: 73 KB, 1024x595, 1665856655097524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>switch audio card options to use headphones
>can't remember which options make the speaker work
>documentation non-existent
>brute force options while launching games
>battery dies
Janky emu software makes me feel fucking retarded. However, I've used a lot of software and emulators are almost unique in their willingness to give you convoluted options as rope to hang yourself.

>> No.10417341

Nope. RP3+ is better for all things emulation, except vita games themselves, of which very few are exclusives worth playing unless you like gay ass visual novels.

>> No.10417345 [DELETED] 

The mod is the one doing most of the shit posting. He lives in this thread.

>> No.10417475
File: 1.73 MB, 640x360, 918.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10417491

>Perfect round shape with dual sticks
>That chip
So close. But they'll get it right next time

>gay ass visual novels.
Which the retroid is perfect for thanks to using the amazing iphone 6 screens. The 4's design will take after the rounded design of the rk2023 btw.

>> No.10417501

I got a miyoo mini plus in the mail yesterday
It's pretty fucking good, I reckon.

Will replace a 351P that I never bonded with.

>> No.10417516
File: 723 KB, 1125x1242, IMG_9749.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Those tiny ass face buttons.
Looks great aside from that. Maybe prople will acutally csre abiut gkd again as long as this isnt overpriced.

>> No.10417518

>too large to use as a keychain, the entire purpose of buying an rg nano over literally anything else

>> No.10417524

Isn't that the $200 one?

>> No.10417551

He didnt reveal a price yet. Just the fact that it'll run android, sega style dpad, and have the ktr-1's chip.

>> No.10417559

The games that don't depend much on dual screen are pretty nice on rg35xx. I'm impressed

>> No.10417579

>as long as this isnt overpriced.
We all know it will be

>> No.10417605

ds games*

>> No.10417661

tell me straight, how are we on PS2 emulation. every system ive looked at seems to run worse than even a potato desktop and i dont want to get anything specifically to play PS2 games with compat list lower than the actual amount of games i might want to play

>> No.10417686

>the actual amount of games i might want to play
which ps2 games do you want to play? there's some $200 chinkhelds that can handle ps2 emulation at some "decent" degree on some titles

>> No.10417694
File: 1.78 MB, 874x1159, Screenshot 2023-01-01 143407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are we still fighting????

>> No.10417707

The answer is basically "it depends". Something like the Odin Lite can run some PS2 games at 1.5x even on the 4GB model with OpenGL. But more demanding games like Gran Turismo 4 will struggle to run them at full speed even at native res.
I think devices like the Ayaneo Pocket Air and the AYN Odin 2 can run them properly at least, so we are getting there. But that won't probably be coming to budget Android devices for a while now.

>> No.10417712

I love bashing pedos

>> No.10417714
File: 1.44 MB, 1080x824, dmg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10417781

anything that might be on "/v/'s Recommeded" so i know ill be fine with stuff like Capcom vs SNK or Disgaea but i might run into trouble with stuff like Shinobido and Urban Reign.

problem is even owning a 3DS, "decent" phone and VITA that still doesnt eliminate the possibility of me finding some obscure jank PS2 game and it being unplayable on whatever i might risk purchasing, rendering it a waste of time and money. 2023 and were looking at several hundo just to play games from 2002 on a screen bigger than 7 inches

>> No.10417785
File: 2.61 MB, 1080x1449, mcwill.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even if you were obsessed with the games
(which im not, i just wanted a limited konami shell)
the love++ girls are of age retard
Libra\ Leo (not pictured) \ Aries <3

>> No.10417787

>I love bashing Pedos
Verily, indeed. But what's the damn point in making such things an utter obsession like its a personality trait? Hate is not "evil" nor a vice in and of itself, but if it is left to consume someone right into their ego, bad things will happen, such as fits of incoherent rage. Same can be said with love, but in different ways, of course. Either way, How is>>10417694
a pedo anyway?

>> No.10417808

>the love++ girls are of age retard
so how old are you then?

>> No.10417809

Maybe the rk3588 chips in the Orange Pi NEO-ARM ($215)or Gameforce Ace($178) might help a bit. There are apparently more new alternatives coming stronger than the original Odin.

>> No.10417848
File: 742 KB, 800x450, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How come I barely see anyone talking about Orange Pi's x86 handheld that is supposed to be coming out alongside the RK3588 ARM one? It actually seems like it's going to be the Steam Deck Mini everyone wants with two trackpads and all.

>> No.10417956
File: 350 KB, 640x480, 1669429124877863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very pleased with the Retroid Pocket 2S's performance so far.

>> No.10417972

I honestly don't know where to track leaks of these x86 handhelds. Seems promising so far, especially since it'll probably cost less than the Ayaneo KUN

>> No.10417978

why are u lying

>> No.10417982

You have chosen death.

>> No.10418015

pocket open fpga filters please....

>> No.10418037

day 6 of 11/11 sales. still havn't bought anything. no i will not consume.

>> No.10418042

what games should i add? i got:
dark spire
dragon quest 4 5 and 9
etrian odyssey 3
infinite space
mario and luigi partners in time
pokemon white
sands of destruction

>> No.10418043

stay strong and sensible

>> No.10418048

>DS on a single screen
Fuck off already

>> No.10418050

not long to go, i've been checking aliexpress like 5 times a day.

>> No.10418064
File: 2.72 MB, 3213x5712, IMG_0444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He doesnt have a DS for DS games.
3DS would be acceptable too but DS looks blurry on that.

>> No.10418069

outside of pokeshit and marioshit ds and 3ds is trash

>> No.10418073

Yeah thats why both console versions sold 100s of millions...

>> No.10418078

i do but the ds launcher takes so long to run. its retarded. also my chinkheld does ds @ 2x res

>> No.10418081
File: 194 KB, 1080x1350, ormynameisnt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not dating a little cutie much younger than you
why even live

>> No.10418083
File: 146 KB, 879x665, p0li-PC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>outside of the top grossing IP of all time its ass
uh ok

>> No.10418084

actually yes that is true

>> No.10418101

Rune Factory 3

>> No.10418109

pokemon is legit trash thoughever. hasn’t been good for a decade. its just help up by turbo autists who’s only personality trait is pokemon and consooom

>> No.10418114

Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver and Black and White (2 too) are the peak of Pokemon.

>> No.10418120


gen V was the last true era
it was all downhill from xy getting progressively worse with each release
now we are at the point where GF knows they can just shit out anything (brilliant diamond, scarlet runs at 11fps in the beginning of the game)

people will still lap it it up and buy it,
noses pressed deep into the shit

its a shame
i think they really poured their heart into gen V and it getting panned by fans\reviewers (at first) was the straw that broke the camels back

GF never actually tried again
they use consultants\contractors to do most of the work now

once gamefreak finally kills bank and breaks the connection to the old games it will be over

>> No.10418124

I mean everyone was shitting all over Scarlet and Violet even the fans so hopefully they might try and pick it up.
Nintendo don't like the negative criticism. But even then I am sure we won't get a game to rival gen 5.
My only gripe with gen 5 is it brought in shiny locking which is fucking retarded.

>> No.10418134

Why don't you retards use google for like 6 seconds
Holy shit

>> No.10418137

Then get the other console ans shut up about it loser

>> No.10418139

He's right anon

>> No.10418149

yep. well honestly i liked it even up to xy and oras. everything after was bad. scarlet violet was so horrendous it even started making sword and shield look good

>> No.10418162

pokemon unbound is the peak of pokemon

>> No.10418203

Its good but it's a romhack so it doesn't count.

I play the game on a GBA cartridge I ordered off etsy.

>> No.10418206

i’m playing a fusion hack of emerald. it’s pretty fun but abra+vulpix fusion not getting ANY attacks and i trained him up to 16 is criminal.

>> No.10418219

Considering the dead silence on all but a few brands, it's pretty obvious this thread is either shilled to hell or basically an Anbernic/Miyoo fan club.

>> No.10418220

Honestly I just play Pokemon Perfect Emerald.
A few changes here and there but nothing really different. Main one is just that you can catch all pokemon.

>> No.10418221

Pokemon was never good and always a gimped RPG. Normies and children just have shit tastes and like cute anime monsters.

>> No.10418231

Why don't you talk about the brands you want to then? Nobody is stopping you anon. The only posts that get deleted are when people argue over retarded shit. Be the change you want to see!

>> No.10418256

I do, and when I do I'm lucky if there's a single (you).

>> No.10418259

>never good
>crystal version exists
ok underage

>> No.10418268

>They said pokemon, not dragon's quest. Still buck broken people dont like dragon's quest?

Other handhelds have been brought up before. Some of these companies are just to secretive about it for some reason. The gamekiddy team's new rgb30 style handheld sounds cool, but the faggot keeps covering up the thing with his hand and reveals important info only when people ask him

>> No.10418343

>1:1 display
No thanks

>> No.10418352 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 124 KB, 700x933, 1693161071924306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pokemon is for underage people and redditors. I beat yellow , couldn't justify a GBC so i waited for the GBA tried emerald and was disappointed.

At least dragon's quest has Toriyama doing the art.

>> No.10418401

>gen 3

everyone was at the time brother
worst gen, worst designs, worst region
killed all transfers and teams from all old games
nearly killed the entire franchise
nintendo made the executive decision to resell the kanto games again
GF did NOT want to make those games
so they are the most cut\dry boring gba games ever made
truly felt like a soulless\heartless slog
even as a huge fan in the 2000s and a literal child
i couldn't force myself to enjoy those games no matter how hard i tried

diamond and pearl obv didnt help things kek
my youngest sister got into pokemon as an 11 yr old during the HG\SS era
we still have all our gear and ds to this day

>> No.10418453

Cartoons aren't real.

>> No.10418470

There is no next time, trimui doesn't upgrade their models.

>> No.10418472

But it is also more expensive that second hand vita. How good is it at emulating 5th gen stuff?

>> No.10418553

>conszoomer thumbs tapped this post

>> No.10418658

Zero Escape 1: 9P9H9D
Advanced Wars 3 DS
Advanced Wars 4 DoR
Battle Network 5 DS
Castlevania D o S (enhanced versions on cdromance that remove touch screen shit)
Castlevania Ecclesia
Castlevania PoR
Culdcept DS
Etrian Odyssey 3
FF4 3D
FF Tactics A2
Mega Man ZX
MM ZX 2 Advent
NewER Super Mario Bros DS
Radiant Historia
Scurge Hive
SMT Strange Journey
SMT Devil Survivor
SMT Devil Survivor 2
Super Mario 64 DS
Zelda Spirit Tracks dpad hack

>> No.10418669

>Reeeestickler bum got raped while touching this post

>> No.10418674

>gogamegeek not stocked yet

>> No.10418693

based thank you anon!

>> No.10418759

Imagine still seething over ZSNES.

>> No.10418872 [DELETED] 
File: 1.92 MB, 640x360, 1671241386274675.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no JK gf

>> No.10418878
File: 247 KB, 1024x738, tired.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2 years ago
>bought a PS Vita and a 3DS
>aight, pretty decent price
>feel like buying another of each
>browse local sellers
>everything is 50-100% more expensive

>> No.10418886

on this week of anon notices runaway inflation!
what prices will he notice next!?

>> No.10418891 [DELETED] 
File: 1.74 MB, 1080x1086, mynameis---andihateeverysingleoneofyou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

date someone else
there are millions of people on earth anon

>> No.10418901 [DELETED] 

I wish I could date anyone

>> No.10418909 [DELETED] 
File: 101 KB, 1280x720, Don&#039;t ban me janny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10418932

The Bread half of "bread and circuses" stayed pretty much the same

>> No.10418946
File: 69 KB, 929x473, Yoshi&#039;s Island GBA on DS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The GBA version of Yoshi's Island is a fine way to play the game. It never had especially large sprites so screen crunch isn't an issue on the GBA version, and if you're using GBARunner2 on the DS then you can even draw to the entire screen. There's also a patch to restore the SNES colours. On top of it, the GBA version has extra levels. Anon was asking for the cheapest way to play YI on the go, and if he has 20 bucks to spare then clearly his answer is a DS or PSP.

>> No.10418950

>for the price of a decent DS or PSP you might as well get an R36S
Furthermore, this claim is insanity. A decent DS + R4 is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than an R36S.

>> No.10418952

As is a decent PSP. PSP's are hardly in bad condition anyway, at least where I live.
So that's all.

>> No.10418961

vitas don’t seem that far off, at least for the standard release great condition but not with all the box+manuals ones. i just got a backup earlier this month for $160, which feels about where it was in 2021 when my original crapped out and i needed a replacement. but yeah 3ds is and has been full retarded for a while though. always thankful i bought the nintendo refurbished 2ds xl for $90 while they had them.

>> No.10418965 [DELETED] 
File: 1.91 MB, 4284x5712, Friendship with ended with powkiddy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trimui bros ... we are going home.

>> No.10418976
File: 1.91 MB, 4284x5712, friendship ended with powkiddy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trimui bros ... we are going home.

>> No.10419020


>> No.10419023


>> No.10419135

Aparrently this is a list of games on DS you can safely play with one screen.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Aliens: Infestation

Asphalt: Urban GT

Assassin's Creed II: Discovery

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (using No Touchscreen patch)

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Contra 4

Dragon Quest 4/5/6/9

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime! *

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 1/2

Etrian Odyssey 1/2/3

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance 2

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Infinite Space

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

Kirby: Super Star Ultra

Kirby: Squeak Squad

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (using D-Pad Patch)

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (using D-Pad Patch)

Lunar Knights

MegaMan series

Mario Kart DS

New Super Mario Bros.


Mega Man ZX

Metal Slug 7

Phantasy Star 0

Phoenix Wright series

Pokemon: Black/White

Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Pokemon: HeartGold/SoulSilver

Radiant Historia

Rune Factory 3

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Suikoden Tierkreis

Super Mario 64 DS *

Tetris DS *

Trace Memory

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

>> No.10419138

PSP even on stock seems more than workable. Tested Tenchu, Tekken, and Tactics Ogre while I was watching and everything was at 30+ and 2x resolution.

>> No.10419142

Infinite space seems like a it shouldn't be on the list as you need to use the touchscreen for battles.

>> No.10419154

Tekken 6 was only at like 70% fps even with 1x resolution. Some of the higher end games struggle, but he did mention that he doesn't have control over the cpu speed like the reviewers did, and it's probably not running at full blast. We'll see how far custom firmware will push it.

>> No.10419165

Do we know how moddable it's gonna be? I think it was taki that mentioned swapping the triggers with bigger ones, and I've seen some people talk about replacing the analog sticks

>> No.10419170

>Ps portal has a snapdragon 662
>Worse chip than the t618 chinahelds

>> No.10419173

It was designed to be the most low effort product possible

>> No.10419175

You don't need much to play a video.

>> No.10419181

It's a streaming device, not a game-running device

>> No.10419190

What game do I need to put on my Miyoo Mini+ right this second or I'm a faggot retard for having not played?

>> No.10419201

The mainline Pokemon games need the touchscreen in battles to select moves and items. Would probably only work if you had a dedicated button to swap screens instantly, but that sounds tedious. You could probably get away with one screen on the Mystery Dungeon spin offs, though you'd miss out on some of the cutscenes that use both screens.

>> No.10419206

Holding L2 or R2 swaps displays instantly.
You can set it as a hold or a toggle.

>> No.10419210

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

>> No.10419220

Nice, that makes it somewhat more tolerable then.

>> No.10419250

What's the point?
The ps1 version is trash.

>> No.10419262

What's the difference between the ps1 and pc versions?

>> No.10419264

It's not a handheld

>> No.10419267

Gamera 2000, Bloody Roar 2, Ehrgeiz, Tekken 3, Crash 3, Policenauts, Metal Gear VR missions, Tron Bonne, Castlevania Chronicles/Symphony, Goemon Akogingu, Mega Man 8, X4, X5 [Improvement Project], X6 [Tweaks Project], Oddworld Oddysee/Exodus, Breath of Fire 3&4, Lunar 1&2 [UnWorked patches], Star Ocean 2, Tales of Phantasia, Suikoden 1&2, Valkyrie Profile, FF Tactics Lion War, Front Mission 3, CTR, Rollcage, Res Evil 2&3, Silent Hill, Chaos Break, TRAG, Devil Dice, Frogger 2 Swampy, Mr Domino, Kyuutenkai, Kurushi Final.

>> No.10419271

Ps1 has load times every you open the menu and bad shit like that

>> No.10419272

>What's the point?
Having fun.

>> No.10419274

Depending on how bad it is I could tolerate it in exchange for playing the game on a handheld.

>> No.10419282

Also, some games can be patched to avoid the touch screen (Dawn of Sorrow).

>> No.10419285


>> No.10419286

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive + CD:

Turn based: Langrisser 1&2, Phantasy Star 4, Pier Solar, Shining Force 2&CD,

Narrative: Illusion City, Rise of the Dragon, Snatcher, Space Adventure Cobra

Side scroll: Castlevania Bloodlines, Cave Story, Mega Man Wily Wars [Weapon Master hack] & the Sequel Wars, Mega Turrican, Popful Mail [unworked hack], Rocket Knight 1&2, Shinobi 3, Ys III, Ecco 2 CD, Flashback, Out of This World, Generations Lost, Mickey Mania CD, Ristar, Sonic Classic Heroes, 3 Complete, Mega Mix CD,

Shmup: Keio Squadron, Gaiares, Gynoug, Lords Thunder, MUSHA, Robo Aleste, Panorama Cotton, Thunder Force 2/3/4, Trouble Shooter 1&2, Zero Wing

Top Down: Beyond Oasis, Crusader of Centy, Shadow Run, Xenocrisis, Mega Bomberman

Other: Columns 1, Marble Madness, dr robotic Mean Bean

>> No.10419291

It was a serious question you sensitive cunt. What's this device for? What niche? What gimmick?


>> No.10419295

All of the ds castlevanias have hacks

>> No.10419298

Nice screen and trim's first big device. That's pretty much it sadly.

>> No.10419307



Side scroll: Mario World, Sparkster, Yoshi's Island [No Crying patch], Actraiser 1&2, Axelay, Black Thorne, Castlevania 4, Goemon 2-4, Majuu Ou, Mega Man 7 [Refit hack], MM7 [EP hack], MM X1 [Capsule hack], MM X2, MM X3 [Zero Project], Metroid Redux,

Top Down: super Bomberman 2-5, Gunman's Proof, Illusion of Gaia, Secret of Mana [Turbo hack], Soul Blazer, Terranigma, Sieken Densetsu 3 [Sin of Mana hack], Zelda lttp

RPG: Chrono Trigger, FF6 (Divergent Paths, Brave New World, Tsushiy Edition), Live a Live, Lufia 2,

>> No.10419319


Castlevania Aria [Alter hack] & Circle [Card Up hack], Mario Land 1 DX & 2 DX, Mega Man Zero 1-4, Metroid Zero & Fusion [Special hack], Sonic Advance, Wario Land 1 DX/2/3, Donkey Kong GB, Mr Driller 2, Tetris DX, Rocket Slime, Zelda Awakening [Redux]/Ages/Seasons/Minish, Battle Network 2/3/5/6, Mario Luigi Superstar, Oriental Blue, Pokemon Gaia/Unbound, Advance Wars 1&2, Fire Emblem Stones, FF Tactics Advance,

>> No.10419338

My Arc actually shipped yesterday, so I'll post impressions in a couple days. All the jewtubers have been pretty glowing about it so far, at least. A lot of them are pretty sussy on the subjective side of things for me, but I trust the phawx in particular on d-pads, and he absolutely loved it.

>> No.10419342

>Oriental Blue

>> No.10419345

>tell me straight, how are we on PS2 emulation.
the android ps2 emulator guy abandoned the project

>> No.10419363

He literally just copy-pasted 90% of the code from PCSX2 and finished optimizations at the 1.4-3060 build, it wasn't going to get any better anyways. We just need better chips at this point. Hopefully the RK3588 will replace the RK3566 next year, but the need for active cooing iirc probably means we won't be seeing it in sub-midsized devices.

>> No.10419369

Someone needs to do a full test of all the popular saturn games, and find out which ones work.
Albert Odyssey Gaiden Eldean
Assault Suit Leynos 2
Bulk slash
Burning Rangers
Dead or alive 1
Deep Fear
Dark Savior
DBZ Shinbutouden
Dragon Force 1&2
Earthworm Jim 2
Elevator action returns
Fighters Megamix
Galactic Attack
Grandia 1
Golden Axe Duel
Gungriffin 1: The Eurasian Conflict & Gungriffin 2
Kyuukyoku Tiger ii
Last Bronx
Magic Knight Rayearth
Mass Destruction
Mega Man 8
Metal Black
Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 1 Senritsu no Blue, 2 Ao o Uketsugu Mono, 3 Sabakareshi Mono
Ogre Battle 1 saturn
Panzer Dragoon 1/2/Saga
Policenauts DX
Prikura Daisakusen
Princess Crown
Princess Kurara
Radiant Silvergun
Saturn Bomberman
Saturn Bomberman Fight!
Sega Rally Championship
Sega Touring Car Championship
Shadow of the Tusk
Shining Force 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, Holy Ark
Shinobi Legions
Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru
Sonic 3D Blast
Street Racer
The Legend of Oasis
Vandal Hearts
Virtua Fighter Kids
Virtua Fighter Remix
Virtual-On: Cyber Troopers
Wing Arms
Winter Heat
Yumimi Mix

>> No.10419374
File: 420 KB, 361x508, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

handhelds are advancing at a ridiculous rate, for now I'm comfy with my RG405M and dont really need more, but if one day a console of this size can play 100% gamecube and ps2 I will snag it day zero

>> No.10419446

left stick and d-pad are in the wrong position to be a deck mini

>> No.10419570

Etrian odyssey games seem an odd pick given how prevalent of a mechanic they make mapping on the touchscreen, though I guess they could still be playable without

>> No.10419593

anyone else preordering the steam deck OLED?
must consoooooom

>> No.10419606

The dpad position is what kills it for me like >>10419446 said, and I also don't like the touchpads being that far down. Also that still looks pretty big, isn't it a 7" screen? A true Deck mini should have a 6" or even 5.5" screen imo. I'd also put d-pad & buttons on top, left stick & right trackpad on bottom with very small offset (more like a RP2S/RP3 or X28 ratio offset than a Loki one), and nix the left trackpad/right stick entirely to further save on size.
I think it's more that handheld PCs are generally $800+ in a thread where $100 is the hard cap for 70% of posters and $150 for 95%.
jewtube channel NITTRX is usually the source of pretty much every handheld PC leak, and usually has the first hands-on footage too.
Battery life and screen sound fantastic but I'm waiting on a Deck Mini to "upgrade". If I didn't already have a Deck I'd probably get it tho.

>> No.10419619
File: 2.94 MB, 720x900, vn general soundpost experience[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Ffbe1ys.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fps on t618 absolutely craters if rumble is being used
what did Flycast mean by this? cunt is lucky redream is made by a kike faggot who paywalls resolution scaling because otherwise I would've moved on to that over all the fucking visual glitches in Flycast alone.

>> No.10419625

>jewtube channel NITTRX
His AI voice always makes me laugh. Better than an indian voice that can barely speak english I guess.

>> No.10419631
File: 864 KB, 4032x2268, 20231116_115456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What's this device for?
Trimui smart pro
>What niche?
>What gimmick?
Good screen, good ergonomics, good build quality. Performance comparable to rk3566 (RGB30/RG ARC S), linux machine. 4 CFW confirmed so far.


>> No.10419634

>4 CFW confirmed
Which ones? I only know of minui and jelos

>> No.10419658

Tomato and well, the forth is not really a cfw, but moonlight client by the dev who ported it to miyoo mini plus.

>> No.10419724


>> No.10419732

shan't be watching.

>> No.10419759

Doesn't jelos come with moonlight support?

>> No.10419761

I've seen it on portmaster, I assume that's how you get it.

>> No.10419765

No idea, but the user said
>XK:had a little bit of time with it today, it's a nice device. not liking the L2/R2 situation but the rest is great. nice snappy UI, lovely screen. gonna port moonlight & some other stuff i think, looking forward to working on it

>> No.10419774
File: 8 KB, 252x334, 1700159104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's listed separately from ports. But not really important, it has it.
I guess it's nice that someone's dedicated to working on it, I imagine jelos are spread more thin so it might take a while before we get the fully featured os on it. Maybe they'll end up merging his implementation of it into jelos.

>> No.10419803

probably going to be me when i take it out of the packaging desu

>> No.10419825
File: 23 KB, 395x214, 1700160463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10419826

>sugoi! *clap clap*

>> No.10419870

What is everyone's personal favorite handheld under $100? I played gameboy advanced and then DS as a kid and I'd like to play Earthbound at some point. Not sure what I'd want to play these days but having a handheld sounds comfy

>> No.10419897

Probably going to be the RG Arc for me, but atm probably either the RK2023 or RGB30. Vita 2K if those can actually be found for less than $100, no idea what they go for these days.

>> No.10419901

I think a miyoo mini or equivalent can play all of that, which is in the $50-$60 range

>> No.10419947

Probably a hacked Switch.

>> No.10419948

Get a dsi/2ds/n3dsxl. The n3dsxl plays SNES cia injections great and near perfect ds/GBA. But a dsixl/2ds is also great, you can play SNES in a different emulator just not injections, but it does GBA and ds. It also emulates genesis/sms/gg/Atari/gb/gbc a d a few others. A dsixl is like 55 dollars and a 2ds is not much more.

>> No.10419953


>> No.10419958
File: 160 KB, 1160x653, 1695080926652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The r36s can be bought like under 40 thanks to the sale if you're in americaland. There's also the upcoming miyoo flip if you like gba sp type clamshells, but the hinge

>> No.10419970

where is the r36s under 40? can only find $50~
so dsixl is the most versatile? also what are injections, sorry i'm noob

>> No.10419985

DSixl is awful for emulation, don't listen to him.

>> No.10420053

Retroid pocket 2s
4GB version is on sale for 99 too unless that ended already

>> No.10420061

The BOYHOM store with the sale coupon. I have no idea how to use it, but it does handle snes and gba nicely. (1000 sold)

>> No.10420147

Should I format my RP2S SD card to NTFS or exFAT?

>> No.10420154

exFAT. It probably supports NTFS too but there's a chance it might not.

>> No.10420165

Depends on the system in question.

>> No.10420174

Some devices may impose special restrictions. I have read you need to use fat32.

>> No.10420310

>"don't log into your main Google account on Retroid bro make a burner account bro"
>try to make a burner account
>can't finish setting it up without giving them a phone number
I fucking hate the modern internet.

>> No.10420342

Depends on the app and such as to if it requires a phone number or not.

>> No.10420358

I told you about Aurora Store, retard.

>> No.10420373

what app would even need google play services?

>> No.10420374
File: 758 KB, 1132x868, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't use google play at all on my rp2s. Having it phone home all the time is a battery killer

>> No.10420375

I wondered what the fuck you were talking about for a few seconds before I remembered these things run android

>> No.10420376

A lot of native games for no real reason.

>> No.10420394
File: 1.17 MB, 2057x2229, 797C22C2-41C0-4B34-8AD7-0FA18ABFDD2F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are we playing, RG280V chads? When did you realize that any chink handheld more powerful than this was a total meme?

>> No.10420402

Dsi can't emulate SNES well. A 2ds is actually cheaper than dsixl and it runs SNES way better, you'll also be able to reun GBA injections. An injection is a stand alone emulator and game on your home screen as a button, instead of going into an emulator

>> No.10420403

d-pad in wrong location thoever.

>> No.10420405

Showe a decent 2DS for the $20 that I paid for my mint dsi xl.

>> No.10420410

When did you buy it? Cause I'm seeing 40$ 2ds's and 50$ dollar dsi xls. That's just what eBay looks like rn

>> No.10420421

There's like 12 n3dsxl that are japanese ending in a day or so, I'd watch those maybe grab one for a 100$ and some change.

>> No.10420435

Free or paid games? I never seen a paid game that needed play services before. Trust me, disable play services. That shit DRAINS the battery.

>> No.10420462

Uhh. Is the arc getting cfw or not?

>> No.10420465

No. I'll check if the 353p version of JELOS and ArkOS run on it anyways tho when I get mine.

>> No.10420471

Both. I'm well aware of how detrimental it is, just answering the question.

>> No.10420473

SNES emulation on DS isn't that good. Best way to emulate on those is still a dstwo flash cart

>> No.10420475

wait nvm, forgot ArkOS doesn't have a 353p image. I can still try the 353m image tho since that works on the 353p.

>> No.10420476

A lot of CFW developers hate Anbernic now for refusing to release source code and making their job harder.

>> No.10420509

Normally when a game bitches about play services, I just swipe it away and it'll work. Have you considered taking the 4pda pill?

>> No.10420516

>Cfw on the arc is dead
>Still no gammaos port for the x28
>Gamekiddy guy being retarded
This is not a good month for chinkhelds

>> No.10420526

>This is not a good month for chinkhelds
Nah, Trimuichads and R36chads are eating good

>> No.10420537

I'm talking about the store, not the service. Some of the recommended emulators have to be downloaded from the play store.

>> No.10420556

ordered an oled deck

>> No.10420593

bruh, you can get the apk and retroarch from their respective website

>> No.10420607

Android isnt ios, you can download any app on google and install it

>> No.10420613
File: 2.22 MB, 1440x1920, P4090900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Just a bit of Fire Emblem

>> No.10420615

I thought some of the 3D systems' best emulators and/or latest builds were locked behind the play store? Was I bullshitted?

>> No.10420624

Even if they are, there's piracy dude
You'll have anything paid online, just watch out for the sketchy russian sites that try to bundle installers

>> No.10420686

I think that might have been the case for Drastic and Redream, but it wouldn't be surprising if there ways to circumvent that due to the open nature of Android. Plus AetherSX2's Playstore build is forever fucked because the dev had a fit, and you could just as easily sideload Dolphin's MMJR1/MMJR2 variants for better performance on weaker devices.

>> No.10420724


>> No.10420737
File: 99 KB, 1024x1365, 1666899837__img_20221027_141545__original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no but this is

>> No.10420746
File: 261 KB, 750x500, funkey-s-keychain-game-console-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10420852

Breath of Fire 1 gba version on my new RG35XX, I have a steam deck and pc for emulation and current games but really wanted a gameboy for nostalgia gaming.
Money well spent for sure.
Anyone got jrpg recs that may have flown under the radar? I’m familiar with vs recommended games but I’m sure that doesn’t cover everything out there.

>> No.10420853

Astro Boy Omega Factor for the GBA

>> No.10420858

He's just a good old boy, and what's the opposite of a good old boy?

>> No.10420873
File: 1.90 MB, 2116x819, Wario Shadow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New bad boy

>> No.10420908
File: 50 KB, 897x947, confused shibe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I've more or less given up on the idea of a "perfect" handheld. The closest thing in my mind is something akin to a RP3+, but with the ability to play PC/indie games ala Odin 2 or something, but there are too many random things (button placement, overall size, etc.) that keep me from pulling the trigger.

What seems more realistic to me is to look for something that can handle streaming my own PC games via Moonlight, or whatever other preferred program, and trying that out instead. Personally, I the RP3+ purple is my favorite looking handheld no contest, but I don't like the price.

That all said, I was wondering how well Moonlight/whatever works on the Trimui Smart Pro and the Anbernic Arcs. It sounds silly, sure, but I like their form factor, D-pads look good, love the six button layout for the Arc, don't care whether or not I have a joystick (mostly), etc.

Are either of those two fit for running Moonlight?

>> No.10420914

>Trimui Smart Pro
R2/L2 suck according to everyone that owns it
>Anbernic Arcs.
Might be decent

>> No.10420915

We'll see when people make custom firmware that supports it. The fact that devs are trying to implement it in the first place makes me think they're probably capable of it, I doubt they'd overestimate the capabilities of a device for something like this.

>> No.10420926

How far are we from light based processors mitigating the energy intensive need for cooling?
Also railguns, effective ones..

>> No.10420931
File: 468 KB, 832x1050, powkiddy rgb10 exploded in my hands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy Powkiddy railgun
>it melts in your hands

>> No.10420998
File: 787 KB, 947x753, 150359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They can't keep getting away with it

>> No.10421034

I know this is a long shot but does anyone know how to enable mono audio from atari800.cfg? Currently when emulating the 5200 I only get left audio, I suspect it's from the 5200.rom because the 2600 and 7800 work fine.

>> No.10421059

I'm sad more retro games didn't get stereoscopic versions on 3DS. The ones that did look great.

>> No.10421143

I use a modded DSi for DS games now

>> No.10421242

Based same. Setup HiyaCFW on it so I can use the DS forwarders and original launcher.

>> No.10421357

When downloading the latest retroarch nightly for a Retroid or other Android system what's the difference between the 64/32 versions and the one that just says "RetroArch.apk"? Which one is best for the RP2S?

>> No.10421359
File: 264 KB, 864x1160, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

final fantasy tactics. the final boss ass alone makes it kino.
>picrel my draw after fighting her.

>> No.10421360

And while I'm at it what's the best GB/GBC core? The wiki only seems to recommend standalones but I've heard retroarch is best for the 2D systems.

>> No.10421370

After a week with the r36s, i'm not convinced about the controls. The triggers are too damn clicky and loud, very annoying to use.
Is there a vertislop with better build quality, about the same power and that boots linux? I don't mind paying premium

>> No.10421375

One of the anbernigs if you want vertislop with analog.
The R36S are awful, what were they thinking with no membrane

>> No.10421379

But anbernig boots android innit?

>> No.10421382

Some of them have linux or both linux/android

>> No.10421420

is there anything as powerful as a retroid pocket3+ that boots linux so it's just plug and play?
i thought the 405m does but i was wrong. maybe one of the Powkiddys?

>> No.10421440

T618 chips usually dont have linux cfw, sorta stuck with android regardless of brand.
The RK* chips do but you won't get GC/PS2 generally

>> No.10421456

GarlicOS is coming to 405m.
Linux based OS.
2.0 Alpha just got released. Sadly like I guessed If you switch to it you can only go up to PS1.

>> No.10421478

>This guy never used Meka to play Dragons Trap
I still use meka and zsnes. I will always use Meka and Zsnes.

>> No.10421503

I just want the rg351v in the exact same form factor (minus the stick) and I want a fuckload more processing power to help iron out any lags and frame drops. Thats it. Thats my perfect handheld. I'm not asking for much.

>> No.10421562

how are the miyoo mini plus buttons compared to r36s? i have a r35s as my first chinkheld and it was great but the lack of wifi and button stiffness has made it feel less than ideal. i was thinking of getting r36s since it has more space and longer than r35s but it doesn’t have wifi which miyoo mini does. i can get miyoo mini for 40 and r36s for like 50.

>> No.10421584

>Laughs in RK3588

>> No.10421586

thanks friends
i almost just bought a RP2S because of the sale but i think i'll just hold out for a month or three and see if something cooler comes out. i have a Miyoo and that's enough to keep me occupied

>> No.10421587

when are RK3588 devices coming anyway?
this Orange Pi prototype looked cool.

>> No.10421590

I don't know, but I look forward to playing all those PC indie games on it. Could emulate most if not all I need probably.

>> No.10421596
File: 307 KB, 894x894, 71m2p9mRcdL._AC_UF894,1000_QL80_FM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TJD T80 and Gameforce Ace are going to be the first ones out since they're already taking pre-orders and wait lists

>> No.10421663

the good news about the chinkhelds is they're blown wide open so just download some apks from anywhere for whatever

>> No.10421668

What's the easiest to use cfw/frontend for RG351 devices? I've been using amberelec but there seems to be no way of disabling all the fucking built-in hotkeys, even when I go into retroarch. I don't want any hotkeys mapped other than returning to the menu. Fuck all these button combos that save states and screenshots and shit.

>> No.10421679
File: 11 KB, 184x184, 1615306216333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think the 3ds/2ds/ds/dsi family is a very good emulation device in general. Pretty much only due to their screens being low resolution.

A person coming into the handheld space could take that advice and start with a 2ds if they were using their old handheld they dug out of their closet, but if they're coming back into handhelds and don't have a device, they'll probably expect something a little better than the 2ds in terms of screen quality.

I think to answer the user's question, a RGB30 would be best, it's $85, plays everything up to and including PS1, and it's screen has a pixel density close to a modern smart phone so it will look nice.

The other systems emulation on 3DS/DS as a nice bonus. The DSi/DSi XL usefulness lies in them being the best way to play DS games at native resolution.

>> No.10421680
File: 355 KB, 2464x1648, 1646101311324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fell for the Retroid meme
>android just a constantly-frustrating and unpleasant environment to set up and emulate in
>stacked shoulder buttons don't feel nearly as good as expected, PSX still unplayable
>constantly have to switch to using touch screen because controls won't just let me navigate the menus
>out 100 bucks to boot
I should've gotten a 353. Stacked shoulder buttons on systems this small are a meme. I might as well just get something nice for 2D games and then save PSX shit for when I get a Steamdeck or something.

>> No.10421706
File: 83 KB, 500x500, 1700209203673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sounds mostly like you don't know how to use the thing you bought, you can research more or just return it I guess. As for the shoulder buttons I've never had problems with my rp2s, are you trying to use 4 fingers or just 2? PSX is one of my favorites to emulate on a small handheld and I can't imagine finding it "unplayable"

>> No.10421720

>constantly have to switch to using touch screen because controls won't just let me navigate the menus
Huh? How? Are you ignoring frontends, the android buttons and using standalone emulators exclusively?

>> No.10421740

There's more to learn, sure, but that's not going to make my experience with the Android UI and environment less unpleasant. I just don't like it. I guess I'm too much of a boomer.

>are you trying to use 4 fingers or just 2
Depends on the game. But trying to use all 4 while keeping hold of the device and reaching the sticks is just horrid.

>Huh? How?
Beats me. 80% of the time it works but then there are times where I simply can't move my cursor/selection to a part of the UI I want access to.

>Are you ignoring frontends
What frontends does android have? All I know of is Daijisho but I've heard it sucks. I haven't set up Retroarch yet but I've used standalones for systems that are recommended to use standalones for in android and I do not like them.

>the android buttons
Do they do something beyond just home and back?

>> No.10421745

Definitely don't use all 4 on a small handheld. Even on the switch/switch lite using 4 fingers on the shoulder buttons isn't feasible. Also at least try setting up daijisho if you haven't already, it makes the frontend feel more like a linux handheld at least. Idk where you heard it sucks but I love it.

>> No.10421752

Nip smart pro review

>> No.10421760

This surprised me too. The handheld does a much better work at being compatible with psp (some of these 3D titles were tested at 2x internal resolution) than the rp3+ does with ps2/gc. Also, the emulator used was the one released on may. And looking at the stock files, they don't come with the bios file. It is also questionable that stock uses optimized binaries like minUI does, which compiles the binaries on docker to emulate the architecture. So there is definitely more room for improvement.

>> No.10421761

i thought nips are deathly allergic to piracy and would seize themselves dead if they see a ROM file.

>> No.10421764

He's the nip equivalent of osama binladen

>> No.10421770

>Beats me. 80% of the time it works but then there are times where I simply can't move my cursor/selection to a part of the UI I want access to.
This only has been a problem for me with the power menu, otherwise it rarely happens and when it does it's for one and done settings rather than stuff I'm frequently switching. Enable virtual mouse toggling on handheld settings and use MiXplorer for file management.

>What frontends does android have? All I know of is Daijisho but I've heard it sucks.
It does in some ways, but Daijisho is absolutely the best.

>I haven't set up Retroarch yet
You should. It's hard when you haven't gotten used to it coming from a Linux chinkheld where it's mostly preconfigured and you can take notes, but it's well worth it. One thing you can do is look up what ArkOS and JELOS use as emulators for each system on their wikis.
>but I've used standalones for systems that are recommended to use standalones for in android and I do not like them.
I've used Dolphin and Mupen, they're not great in button navigation and it took me a second to learn them, but they do support it.

>Do they do something beyond just home and back?
Home and back save a lot of touching, the third button can be bound but I haven't found an useful case for it yet.

>> No.10421775

god dammit I actually want an RGB30

>> No.10421780

Just wrap your sd card in thermal resistant tape

>> No.10421784

>Definitely don't use all 4 on a small handheld
My favorite games more or less demand it so I'm really better off not playing PSX.

>Also at least try setting up daijisho if you haven't already, it makes the frontend feel more like a linux handheld at least. Idk where you heard it sucks but I love it.
I guess I'll give it a try tomorrow.

>> No.10421817

seems legit

>> No.10421820

Works on my machine. I mean, as long as you understand the QA odds and you get it for $60 from Ali.

>> No.10421882
File: 8 KB, 300x225, 124315161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a definitive list of the best cores for each system for Retroarch in android?

>> No.10421891


>> No.10421896

I specifically asked for Retroarch because this wiki doesn't recommend any of the GB/GBC cores and I don't want to use a standalone.

>> No.10421905

Ah. If you ask me, go for the mgba core, because is the most active gba emulator right now, and it can do gbc just fine.

>> No.10421908

But they do, see "libretro core".




>> No.10421956

Really? I'll check that out.

The only recommended android emulators listed there are GBCC and GBC.emu, both standalone.

Anon those are for Linux devices.

>> No.10421983

Neither is strictly better than the other. I own both and while I use my RG35XX more, I still think the Miyoo Mini+ has a better dpad and the wifi features are better than the limited hdmi output that stretches everything full-screen.

>> No.10421989

Libretro cores are (generally) multiplatform.

>> No.10422087

Where can I get the latest bios pack?

>> No.10422113

Idk, I've never actually emulated games I've just been pretending to fit in with you guys..

>> No.10422153

Gambatte works fine for me. Apparently Mesen-S has full SGB support though

>> No.10422278

RG35XX is a little larger so it fits your hands more correctly. you don't actually want to grind it out in an rpg for hours on a handheld that's too small.

>> No.10422302

le classic internet troll

>> No.10422502

Are bioses changing?

>> No.10422505

>I now have to press select because dumbass dev can't program having slot one on the theme
Don't those ds forwarders have a chance of bricking your console?
Use the 3ds theme in twilight menu and there is slot 1 button on top. Also, you can just make Unlaunch default to slot-1 or make it activate slot-1 when holding a button of your choosing with power on

>> No.10422635

The only Pocket colors to sell out after 45 minutes are the heckin cool Indigo (Just like my Gameboy color!!1) and Silver versions.

>> No.10422656
File: 1.94 MB, 2047x2730, 17000249088736660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

odin2 arrived

>> No.10422662

Congrats, I'm still waiting for mine to be shipped that supposedly is going to be the next week but we'll see. AYN is doing a great job with all the odin 2 process so far

>> No.10422673

Post your onions face when.

>> No.10422692

>Odin 2 actually in people's hands before the year ends
What a world of difference compared to the previous 2 AYN launches

>> No.10422714

I have both, RG is more comfy and has better hardware

>> No.10422725

Red, Green, and Blue pockets all sold out since >>10422635

>> No.10422734
File: 95 KB, 1100x1100, iwanttobelieve.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i w a n t t o b e l i 3 v e

>> No.10422763

Ordered my OLED deck.
Expecting it to be kino.

>> No.10422772

the fact that there are 9000 different retro handhelds to choose from makes my brain hurt
I miss the days when the only option was modding a PSP

>> No.10422793

Yellow Sold out

Orange and Pink remain.

>> No.10422821

I want to buy a cheap Jap N3DS and mod it to change the system language with CTRTransfer
Seems I lose online functionality by doing this, meaning no system updates or game updates
can I grab update cias for the games from anywhere?

>> No.10422827

Believe in what?

>> No.10422829

I don't know from where, but you can find updates cias, sometimes the game cias themselves can be found with the latest updates included.

>> No.10422854

>I want to buy a cheap Jap N3DS
... why?
i play everything in japanese (if possible) and never had in issue with my yurop 3ds

>> No.10422893

The fact that the wiki explicitly divides the sections between PC and mobile makes it seem clear they're not compatible.

>> No.10422919

The saves are compatible, the division is because sometimes the libretro version is recommended over the standalone version in mobile.
For example, MelonDS is good on pc, but Drastic/Desume is recommended over MelonDS for mobile.

>> No.10423058

So does Daijisho let you control the emulators and settings in any way or do you have to go in and configure EVERYTHING in every emulator first?

>> No.10423090

What's the definitive vertislop (ps2 gc)?

>> No.10423151

>do you have to go in and configure EVERYTHING in every emulator first?
correct, you set up everything firsthand and then just point to the respective rom folder and emulator

>> No.10423162

>definitive vertislop
>ps2 gc
That form factor and those systems are a no no my nigga, closest thing would be the RG405V but it has the same power as the RP3+

>> No.10423186

im tempted to buy the pink one kek

>> No.10423197

just get an odin 2 if you're going to spend close to 300 dollars anyways

>> No.10423208

At that cost you could try your chances with a refurbished 64gb steam deck

>> No.10423214

steam deck is too yuge and it makes my boyfriends pinkies fall asleep while using it

>> No.10423215

software emulation is gay

>> No.10423228

yeah, the anon I replied to wants a pink handheld so I doubt they're against gayness

>> No.10423231


>> No.10423234

>hardware emulation at 250 USD is better because...it just is OK

>> No.10423239
File: 170 KB, 720x532, 1622065384741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes it has link cable port for gbc and gba

>> No.10423267

Oh, so it's an overpriced piece of shit with no point at all.
A pathetic "pick me" device


>> No.10423270

so it's less efficient than just connecting wirelessly like you can with software emulation, and you have to be right next to them?

>> No.10423273

That's not under $100 you dumb fuck
Nah. Underpowered device with shit resolution and bad emulation. Outdated.
That has way less apps. Missing tons of shit.
Overpriced and under powered

>> No.10423274

Of all the legitimate criticism you could give that thing that's not one of them

>> No.10423275

He doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. Apk hunting is more work.

>> No.10423276

The design of the 405v is ugly. The 353v looks much better, is there really anything like it?

>> No.10423278

>Screen recorder on the trimui smart pro.

>> No.10423284

I like the buttons.

>> No.10423285

Neat. How did they port the apps? Was it a custom job or can it just run linux programs like normal?

>> No.10423287

>psx unplayable
You some kind of fucking retard?
You can play 100% of ps1 with Duckstation. You're incompetent, and probably brown

>> No.10423290

I dont give a dam about the dragons trap gf, I want its booty.

>> No.10423310

No idea, but he is also streaming here https://www.twitch.tv/y0xk
> (there are some performance issues to figure out )

>> No.10423340

The handheld is 10$ cheaper than the RGB30, except that it runs the same games, it has a bigger screen and better ergonomics, and better build quality. If anything the price is the best thing it has.

>> No.10423359

Can be $20 cheaper if you use a coupon code

>> No.10423365

They're way cheaper.

>> No.10423374
File: 125 KB, 1920x1080, eb93f12b2c1b7a4365fc6cc3dfd4a425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm keeping an eye on Ayaneo Pocket DMG

>> No.10423375

>That has way less apps. Missing tons of shit.
No, it isn't. It's literally just open sores play store client with a guest account and spoofing options. Fuck, why is everyone I spoonfeed retarded.

>> No.10423384

miyoo mini plus but GBA shaped when

>> No.10423410

when u order?
Still waiting for mine

>> No.10423418

that could be cool, as long as it has wifi and RTC

>> No.10423420

Cant wait for 300 dollar rk3566 and 1 year delay

>> No.10423427

16:9 but can't do psp well.
It should only be $50.

>> No.10423431

I literally have it and can't find a bunch of shit on it

It also won't update a bunch of apps without uninstalling them every time

>> No.10423432

It only struggles with the top few psp titles form testing done so far

>> No.10423438

Struggles with fucking dreamcast.
No reason to get this device. Either go down to a miyoo mini or upgrade to a retroid so you're not half assing consoles

>> No.10423440

Wut? I haven't seen any footage of it struggling with dreamcast

>> No.10423462

>It should only be $50.
Its close to 60 with coupons, perfect price for it

>> No.10423493

Switch the device to something that has a lot of of support like a pixel or a galaxy in the spoof section.

>> No.10423535

do any reviewers tell how much an analog could stick out? like "24 mm" for the casing but another 10 mm for the analog beyond that

>> No.10423554

A few do sometimes but I haven't seen any do it for every single review. I'd say Retrogamecorps does it the most often

>> No.10423642

Is it common for these ambernic devices to be shit? Recently order a rg351p, literally swallowed my microSD. Had to break the slot to get it out.

>> No.10423681

$200 for a nearly sealed n3ds? It's been opened just to hack it with luma, comes with case and charger

>> No.10423684

Don't worry, my Retroid Pocket 2S also ate my SD card even though I put it in correctly.

>> No.10423689

Man, I want to replay all the megaman zero saga but I want to play it on the soon to be release MM Flip
>inb4 why don't you buy a GBA SP
Too expensive and also I'll need the flashcart

>> No.10423717

At some point between this post and now the Orange sold out

Pink Analogue pocket still available.

>> No.10423734 [DELETED] 

Who cares? The most plebbit shit in this thread

>> No.10423776

Was his name actually Yawiga Kanawi?

>> No.10423780

Starting to think I’m retarded for not getting a gba+flashcart instead

>> No.10423781

I ordered myself an Indigo one, definitely the best of the bunch.
My second choices would've been blue, green, yellow. Last one particularly because of my childhood Game Boy Camera was yellow.
They honestly all look nice, pink too, but pink's not for me.

The demand for these wasn't as strong as the translucent ones.

>> No.10423786

Now watch as those niggers release a neon or retro style the next month

>> No.10423802

Something that specifically imitates the DMG with markings would really drive demand.

>> No.10423849

I thought Analogue was an American company so I was thinking why Nintendo haven't sued them, but apparently they are based in Hong Kong.

>> No.10423868

What would they sue for?

>> No.10423923

New smart pro review
Seems like several people have had issues with the joysticks behaving oddly

>> No.10423954

Should I download cores straight through retroarch itself or grab nightlies and shit for all of thme? How up to date are the versions directly downloaded through retro?

>> No.10423961

>racist retard lacks reading comprehension
Many such cases!

>> No.10424082
File: 120 KB, 1069x1072, IMG_3064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

RP2S user here. Are there any N64 emulators that handle sleep mode well? I’m trying to play Pokemon Puzzle League, and I’ve tried both Mupen64plus (both core and standalone), and the Parallel 64 core for Retroarch, and both of them get stuck on a black screen after putting the device to sleep even once.

>> No.10424369
File: 100 KB, 656x810, SmartSelect_20231117-190130_Lite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The (pink) Pockets were in stock FOR AT LEAST 4 hours after preorders opened this morning, which is more than enough time to have placed your order. Today is payday for most of you, so you have NO RIGHT to complain about scalpers.

Don't be mad. You had your chance.

>> No.10424385

So if i read right, the RP3+ should be good enough to emulate everything up to n64/ps. But my question is how is the device when streaming from pc with moonlight or steamlink.

>> No.10424392
File: 78 KB, 1110x784, 231115224017-02-biden-xi-meet-111523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The future looks promising now that we're back in bed with China.

Literally my favorite form factor on a handheld, next to the 351mp which is king in performance and price. My only gripe with the 280v is the shoulder button placement, but I'm on the go so I need something compact and not so flashy that I'll get jumped.

>> No.10424409

What's the device below the GBC?

>> No.10424458
File: 865 KB, 450x402, 1493951967986.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anons help, I'm retarded and somehow screwed something up in my RG351MP.
>have amberelec installed
>going through retroarch to try and fix some bullshit hotkeys
>save and return to game
>somehow turned off the ability to close games with start+select
>go back into retroarch menu
>no longer recognizing any inputs
I don't know what to do. I can't navigate the retroarch menu at all. There's no touchscreen. I can't quit out of my current game. Trying to power the system down just puts it into sleep mode. How the fuck do I fix this? I have no idea what I fucked up. I never turned off the hotkey for quitting games, and the hotkey for entering Retroarch still works, it just stopped letting me navigate the UI.

>> No.10424471

Just do a factory reset and you're good. Great choice on handheld. I have the mint green MP, myself.

What are you playing on it?

>> No.10424473


>> No.10424478

I've had it for a couple years and have played all kinds of shit. I just recently started feeling more comfortable in Retroarch and wanted to tweak some things but I fucked it up.
My first attempt to hard-shutdown the device failed but I think I got it now. Thinking this might be a good time to switch from AmberElec to something newer.

>> No.10424498

I remember screwing up my Retroarch software when switching video cards I think. Same, my inputs just wouldn't read. If worse comes to worst and you have to reset the device, you can always upload your data to a computer like I had to do with those 40+ hour jrpg saves.

I love the sturdiness and weight of the 351MP. And it's my go-to performance-wise.

>> No.10424508

Do you use AmberElec or Arkos? The reason I got stuck dealing with all of this to begin with was AmberElec not giving me a way to unmap shit like the screenshot and savestate hotkeys. Is there any way to turn those off? Y button on the Anbernic would unbind most of the hotkeys but there were a few specific ones that it refused to work on. On other devices I'm able to erase them completely and leave only the hotkey for entering Retroarch itself.

>> No.10424520

>Seems like several people have had issues with the joysticks behaving oddly
Can they be replaced with the switch ones?
It could also be a software issue, this is getting MinUI and more

>> No.10424523

I just use what it came with, since it has never let me down. I don't see why Retroarch wouldn't let you unmap screenshot. I never use it and can save state from the quick menu, so I removed those hotkeys in a hurry except pausing with Start+Select. I'm not sure, so I'm powering mine up to see if I'm remembering it wrong.

Hey /vr/, can anyone else answer this?

>> No.10424531

sorry I bought the odin 2 for only a little more because I'm not bad with money or hypnotized by apple-style product pictures

>> No.10424545

Fair points. I ordered the original seconds after it went up and still had to wait almost a year.

Looks like they've improved production with the success of those early ones.

>> No.10424552

I can unmap things on other devices using Retroarch just fine, it's only this specific case. Amber must have some way of "forcing" certain things to be impossible to unmap.

>> No.10424632
File: 1.08 MB, 3064x2282, 20230615_164605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The current price for these, $50, is great if you only use it for Gameboy + color, game gear, neo geo pocket + color, and pico-8. Simple 8 bit sprites and gigantic Gameboy text look fine on this little screen.

>> No.10424639

>The current price for these, $50, is great
It is not, the RG Nano is a meme

>> No.10424650

Let's see, powers up to basic RA by default. Settings->input->hotkeys->menu toggle gamepad combo, which i toggled to 'none'. Had to save, of course, and was able to switch back just. Anyway, I'm using EmuELEC. You must've tweaked something else in your RA.

>> No.10424670
File: 176 KB, 396x310, Screenshots_2023-11-17-14-47-36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No it's not, i just told you what makes it great. Less than the price of 1 new game, but you can play Gameboy and game Gear in the most truly pocketable way. Small size is a non issue for Tetris and pokemon.

>> No.10424683

Okay, so, is 64 GB good enough for the Miyoo Mini+, or go with 128 GB just to be on the safe side?

>> No.10424698

What do you plan to play on it? 64 is plenty of storage for the cartridge based consoles, but if you want it more for PS1 and/or Sega CD you're gonna want the 128gb.

>> No.10424718

>What do you plan to play on it?
I'm thinking of dumping the entire GB, GBA, SNES, NEO GEO, Capcom arcade stuff, and Sega MD library on the SD card and slowly add PS1 ROMs, but ultimately I do plan on playing mostly JRPGs, RE1-3, Silent Hill games for the PS1.

>> No.10424724

PS1 ISOs/Cue*, or whatever they're called.

>> No.10424737

You might want to step up then. Mine has 30 PS1 games on it (not sure how many it came with but I deleted a bunch to make room for the PS1 games I did want) nd probably 50-75 more games I've added across nes/snes/gb/gbc/gba/md on top of the ones it comes with, and the 64gb card is all but full. Definitely nowhere near complete libraries for those.

>> No.10424742

If you plan to get a lot of ps1 games, just get 128gb
its not that much more expensive anyways

>> No.10424802

Okay, I honestly never bought an micro SD card before and I've heard the included SD card in the MM+ is crap, so should I go for a Samsung, Sandisk or Kingston?

>> No.10424845

Samsung or sandisk, doesn't really matter the model or if it's A1/A2

>> No.10424850
File: 336 KB, 614x524, IMG_1281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that crooked D-pad

>> No.10424889

I already own a real Game Boy. Don't need a knockoff.

>> No.10424959

Use the Convert iso to cso tool for all disk games. Google it. It will save massive amounts of space.

>> No.10424962

You can wiggle any capacitive dpad clockwise and counter clockwise. Pretty normal.

>> No.10424980

Any non clamshell devices with analog that say they're 19mm or thinner? Maybe 15?

>> No.10425025

Kek, this fat fuck has torn down the handheld. I think he got frustrated because his left stick was busted and the rest was reviewed in a negative tone.
As for the software issue, I don't know if it was fixed but has been addressed in the latest update http://trimui.com/page.php?id=10
>1. Joystick calibration zero center drift issue.
I'll checkout what discordtrannies are saying.

>> No.10425104

Why don't you people just buy a Steam Deck and get it over with? There's a ton of them for cheap on eBay now because FOMO retards are shelling out $600 for a new screen with burn in.

>> No.10425106

x86 battery life is awful

>> No.10425119

i wouldn't buy a steam deck even if a bunch of this chinkshit didn't exist
someone giving a steam deck for free though? sure i don't mind, but i still wouldn't group it with 3ds/gbc/etc, nor does the switch match that criteria for me

>> No.10425130

On old games you easily get 5 hours

>> No.10425138

i ordered one :)

>> No.10425141

My DS will play GBA for longer

>> No.10425150

>fat fuck
what makes you say this? hes shown himself in videos and he's not fat lol
oh you're an npc nevermind
odin 2 gets 25 hours of screen on time for gbc games

>> No.10425160

RP3+ can go up to gamecube. Can't answer the other question though.

>> No.10425170

lol indeed, you fucking retard. Do you think Valve has access to some magic OLED technology that doesn't burn in?

>> No.10425173

>need to stay on a still image for at least 7000 hours to start seeing signs of burn-in
yeah i don't think it's a problem bro

>> No.10425174

>Here is the rebel intellectual defending gender theory.

>> No.10425176

yeah see how you disregard what people say and turn it into an argument about gender? npc.

>> No.10425178

Cool magic made up number. I'd also bet money you don't understand what CUMULATIVE burn in is.

>> No.10425182

it's been empirically tested how long it takes to achieve burn in on this screen but keep seething

>> No.10425189

how would they test it for 7000 hours (291 days) when it just came out this month

>> No.10425193

Like I said, it was AmberElec's doing, not mine. Amber somehow has certain binds locked so that you can only change them, not remove them. It's really not worth bothering with at this point, though. I'll probably stop being lazy and switch to Arkos.

>> No.10425196

lol what. Never heard of that. What's wrong with chd?

>> No.10425202

it uses the same panel as the switch oled

>> No.10425210

Source? Also Switch OLED was destroyed after 3000 hours, not 7000, and you get very slight but still noticeable burn in after a few hundred hours. I'm not a retard, I don't accept any level of burn in and therefore do not buy OLED handhelds.

>> No.10425243

OLED looks great for video but I just dont like the smearing effect you get sometimes when black colors have lighter colors moving on top of them/past them, like when rotating the camera in a dark area in a game or when scrolling through menus with black backgrounds. It's not something I'd like for gaming let alone something I'd pay a premium for. It is a great way for them to make money off people who get mesmerized by bright colors though. The same people who leave their screens on max brightness on every device
>same panel as the switch oled
720p slop for 600 dollars kek

>> No.10425261

>options are BAD
what are you even doing here then?

>> No.10425269

Oh, that's what I meant. Cso is for psp

>> No.10425297

I've had my oled phone for 4 years, with the 3 nav buttons on the button the whole time. Not even a hint of burn in.

>> No.10425325


>> No.10425329

Thanks for proving that OLED does burn in

>> No.10425330

after 18000 hours :)

>> No.10425336

You can stop lying now. It looks almost the same in his 3000 hour video. And the fact of the matter is that burn in doesn't have to be super bad to be a problem. If you play your favourite game for 300 hours, the chances are you will notice that a very faint but still visible outline of its UI is permanently burned into your screen.

>> No.10425337

Is there chinkshit with OLED?

>> No.10425346

Two anbernics have OLED.

>> No.10425351

you mean the one after 3600 hours where you can barely see any burn-in at all?
>It looks almost the same in his 3000 hour video.
i think it's you who should stop lying lol

>> No.10425353
File: 122 KB, 1608x899, 1675992890686436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you can barely see any burn-in at all

>> No.10425361

literally invisible if you're not on a white screen

>> No.10425363

would you play megaman zero 1-4 on miyoo mini plus?

>> No.10425364
File: 95 KB, 679x376, 1698542964766794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10425369

It's clear there's a big difference between the 3600 hour and 18000 hour videos.
Also keep in mind this guy looked at the exact same image for thousands of hours.
>but cumulative burn-in!
That just means it'll take even longer to see a visible effect because you're not straining the same subpixels as was done in this experiment.

>> No.10425384

Game UIs are placed in roughly the same spaces, near the edges of the screen, there's a good chance there will be some pixels which are lit up across games
I guarantee you will have some faint spots of burn in after a thousand hours of use, and it's enough to notice them once, you will always see them and it will be fucking annoying

>> No.10425386

even if you're schizophrenic enough to think that burn in is an issue unless you make it one, the place that it doesn't matter in the slightest is a handheld that will be used for short intermittent periods with minimal permanent static elements

>> No.10425418

calling everyone schizo if they disagree with you doesn't make you right, almost all games have permanent static hud elements. everyone knows oled screens are better for watching movies and shit because games have huds that burn in

>> No.10425467
File: 3.41 MB, 640x640, received_106051-VideoToMp4 (1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You owe this little buddy an apology

>> No.10425470

Yeah sure. Set XY to mirror LR

>> No.10425479
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Why would you get this over the trimui smart, which has a bigger screen and more comfortable controls

>> No.10425492

Not feeling it

>> No.10425498

Looks like it doesn't have a micro sd slot

>> No.10425504

It does.

>> No.10425506

horizlop? vertislop? obviously diagslop is needed and it will reign above all

>> No.10425532

I do have a steam deck, it's fucking massive. It's way easier to throw my miyoo mini + in my work bag and pop it out when it's slow than the deck.

>> No.10425540
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bump limit reached, new thread:


>> No.10425649

Jesus Christ.

>> No.10425858

Tbe switch is a different resolution though.

>> No.10426172
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Yeah I’m sure it’ll get shipped out soon enough. It’s well worth the wait I think. It feels amazing in hand. I’m currently working on setting it up still.
I was a bit worried about renders vs reality with the transparent models so I decided to play it safe and boring with black. But I like it.
Yeah I’m extremely surprised AYN managed to pull it off especially with their track record.
I ordered August 22nd and my unit number was mid 4000s. They did a crap ton of my model all at once this week and it arrived in ~2 days.

>> No.10426205
File: 1.48 MB, 2730x2047, 169933623411940148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Size vs Switch OLED

>> No.10426289

Powkidds RK2023, Miyoo Mini +, Miyoo Mini Flip, Ayn Loki, Anbernic RG 505, Powkiddy X28, and KTR-1.
How many of them can Run Wolf3D, Doom, Quake, Quake 2 Unreal Gold, and Half-Life 1?

>> No.10426330
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I can wait till December..

>> No.10427198
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