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Let's remember all the good times we had on the internet back in the good old days

Music related

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Also related

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Oddly enough, I didn't care too too much about looking up information on games when I had access to the webternets in the nineties. I was aaaaall about アニメ, nyukka. It was weird. I do remember when a rich friend printed out a MASSIVE walkthrough of the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 7, which he had imported. It was fucking AMAZING. Couldn't read shit, though.

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NexusTK was my 90s life

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>tfw first downloading a console emulator to a PC

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>First time on the internet
>Discovering a whole new technology
>all those games you can download
>"remember your old Genesis ? Well, now, you can play all the games you wanted on it on your pc!"
>" and the games are only 500 ko"

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My cousin downloaded a Sega Genesis emulator once to play NHL '94. I had no idea what an emulator was then nor would I know how it worked until about 2004 I want to say

My cousin later said that the emulator and game fucked up his computer

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Why does this website feel like she made it herself.

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I was fucking amazed that n64 games could run on a PC for some reason, even though I had played PC games that were more graphix

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>My cousin later said that the emulator and game fucked up his computer
Your cousin is a liar and a rapist.

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>You're the [an error occurred while processing this directive] visitor!
I'm delighted.

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Looking at the earliest signature of the guestbook, this seems recently made.

Was the Web 1.0 look deliberate? If so, that's pretty fucking clever.

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>discover limewire when I was a little kid
>All that cp

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>tfw collecting MIDIs

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A veritable rabbit hole of weirdness straight from 1.0. How far down can you go?

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I watched my friend play Crash Bandicoot on the PC with an emulator. Of course, being an emulator, the memory card was virtual.

We were stumped when we took the game back to my house and played it on the actual hardware (without a memory card) as to why we couldn't save here but we could on the PC.

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>tfw they use retardo man instead of mega man for their banner

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i just realized something. how come most n64 games save on their own without a card but PS1 games, which have way more space on them, don't? Is it simply because the memory cards are cartridgy and loading the save data off of the disc would make the load times longer?

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Flash memory was expensive back then, and you can't store data on a CD like you can on the battery of a game cartridge.

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The PS1 uses CD-ROM (Read-only Memory). Rewritable discs didn't exist yet when the PS1 came into existence. It would also be a bad idea to have disc-based saving because of wearing down the game-disc itself through the constant writing.

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Man I haven't been to this site in so long. It was fun digging through all of the shitty midis to find those rare jewels that actually sounded halfway decent.

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This is probably the dumbest thing I've read on /vr/, ever. I hope this is one of those epic troller guys

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what are you stupid or dumb?
you couldnt save on a cd rom.
being that cd rom is an acronym for compact disk read only memory.
gotta know this stuff kid

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>still have a floppy disk labeled "MIDI FILES"
>was amazed that I could fit like 15 songs on a floppy when a CD was so much bigger and only held 10

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Do you go out of your way to be a douchebag on /vr/? Seriously, I've been on here since its inception, and every single time I see you post, you're being rude to someone. Do you think you're clever or that people are laughing at your posts? They're not. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but then again, more anons here are probably just simply smart enough to filter you.

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Holy shit.
I remember this.

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>mfw the midi I submitted to that site is still the only song that they have from that game

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Might be one of those sights where it has 100 signature limit, so adding a new one might delete the older ones.

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>this seems recently made

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>mfw I thought that said trayvonmartin.com

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For some reason I have a softspot for stuff like this, so I really like it.

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Just because someone collects retro games doesn't mean they have to have a regular understanding of how the technologies actually work. I answer all people who are not obviously trolling (I've been asked this same question in person before) with a polite response. There is nothing wrong with civility and helpfulness on boards other than /b/, /v/, and /pol/. If you could kindly park your judgment outside of this area, it would be much obliged.

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I've never been sure if the OP's image is actually 4chan. I was here pretty early on and I never remember it looking like that - was that perhaps directly after moot started it/linked in on SA?

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Or you could just eat shit.. yeah we'll go with that

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No, 4chan never looked like that as far as I know, hell, most of the boards listed didn't exist at inception, not to mention there were lots of name and tripfags

Probably something faked, but still way cool

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/sp/ IIRC, initially early in the sites existence, but was removed because moot thought sports were better for /b/. And then Super Bowl XLII happened, causing a site-wide shitstorm (from what I can gather) and /sp/ was recreated.

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I too, collected MIDI songs. Then I discovered... tracked music.

I had a SHITLOAD of XM, IT, MOD, and S3M files on floppies, with Screamtracker to play them.

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My god I haven't been to this site since I discovered .mp3s. So fucking legit. Can't believe it's still kicking around

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Went back onto the guest book again.

First thing I found was kind of sad but cute.

>hey veronica! i am a big fan of pokemon.i live in the uk and watch the show everyday. your voice is brilliant!!!do you do any other voices other than delia&diglett? you have a great singing voice too, i heard the mistletoe song. i'd like the cd but i haven't seen it anywhere.i think that there is definatly something between ash and misty, but i bet that you are sick of hearing that.at the moment, ash is 4 episodes away from getting his 4th johto badge, is there any truth in the rumor that ash & misty confess their feelings when its time for the 6th badge, i'd love to know. can you email me sometime, when you have the time as i understand that you are a busy woman.but id love to hear from you.

Oh shit guys, Ash and Misty confess their feelings by his 6th badge, and Ash finds Mew under a nearby truck. (not the same mew from the first film)

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I sometimes visit gopher.su when I feel like doing some 90s Internet. But admin is 4channer so it's not entirely authentic.

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>mfw another trackermusic liker

Have my babbies.

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( famitracker.com )
just check it out

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"So THAT'S what Uncle Greg and I were doing in the basement."

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... are you genuinely retarded, or are you just being dumb for shits and giggles?

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and then installing Wingroove, good times

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you replied to the wrong guy. He was laughing at

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Naturally, it's fake. I made it years ago when seeing the thread I duplicated there. Alas, I did not save the HTML document for it. The "Welcome to 4cha" bit was a scrolling marquee that said "Welcome to 4chan!".

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Its Sevenleafs evil alter ego

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>only 15 songs
What kind of floppies were you using? 30 songs easily fit on a 1.5MB

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Probably one of those standard density, single-sided abominations.

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well you gotta learn this stuff somehow so theres no need to shame the kid, with any luck he'll remember what the initialisation ROM means

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Wingroove made those Tenchi Muyo midis sound so AWESOME

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Can you fuck off back to /v/ please?

On topic:
>The first time I knew what an emulator did
>The first time I emulated ps2
>The first time I bought an onehole
>The first time I discovered 4chan from CEF
>The first time I upgraded from dial-up

Oh, and this website.

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>The first time I made my own scripts for maplestory through cheatengine
>The first time I cracked a program with ollyDBG (Thank you sunbeam, you beautiful motherfucker)
>Back when gamespot was still cool
>fucking newgrounds
>game magazines

Oh, was this supposed to be an old internet thread?

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Game informer still has magazines I think. Don't know who else.

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Whoa, dudes, check out these sweet cheats I found on the web!

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>Can you fuck off back to /v/ please?

Or you could try not being a retard and learning what ROM stands for. Protip, disc-based games are ROM too.

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>beat the game 10 times in a row on the hardest setting while only using kick
>Thanks to my Josh school for this one
Never gets old

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I'm not even that guy and the only thing I was referring to was your useless point that has a number rating on it and a useless picture. We don't need that shit here.

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post*, sorry it's late.

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>vgmusic MIDIs

I felt like an absolute idiot when my friend introduced me to .nsf files. Before that I believed that the vgmusic MIDIs were the actual sounds from the games, even though I knew they never sounded the same.

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Anyone remember this?
>inb4 furfag

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>discovers MIDI

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I remember coming online in 1999 at 11 years old, and desperately looking for the SMB1 theme. I kept finding MIDIs, hoping they would be a recording of the 8-bit tune, and being disappointed every time. Shortly after, I learned about .WAVs, and then MP3s came in to play the following year.

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I didn't even know what furries were when I discovered that

Man, I've really become a degenerate

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>mfw played TF2 with the guy who owned that site for years and never knew

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>occasionally visiting VGmusic since '99
>lovin' it
>always wanted to have a MIDI of mine up there
>fast-forward to 2012
>submit a few MIDIs and feel really proud
>fast-forward to right now
>they still haven't uploaded them to the main pages

From what I can see, they built up a HUGE backlog of submissions that they will never clear, and they gave up.

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what was the name of that flash game that was a boxing game and you fought a kangaroo? I think the main character's name was wally or something

>> No.1050932

Game endings!

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does anyone remember vgmix? I can't remember if it's too new or not.

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> they built up a HUGE backlog of submissions that they will never clear, and they gave up.


5,145 MIDIs going back to 2009-01-09. They gave up a long time ago because there was so much.

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How can it take so long to upload a midi? Come on

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I think it was Lenny Loosejocks.

>> No.1050968

There's a review process. They mostly check and see if it's made using a game-to-MIDI conversion process (which is technically legally-murky) like NSF-to-MIDI. But then, they have to listen to it and make sure it doesn't suck and isn't a duplicate.

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Tenchi Muyo helped me in discovering a lot of my firsts on the internet back in middle school. My first mp3 which lead to napster in its heyday. My first emulator, the ZSNES and my first rom. Good times.

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God dammit now I want to watch it again.

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funny thing is, apparently according to a poll, most of the users don't identify as furry

It's a pretty comfy game though

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>tfw i didn't start using the internet until 2009
>tfw i missed out on the golden age of the internet

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you're pretty new anon
but I won't judge you

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anyone ever go to this website?

http://www.1337.net/ some good UT strats in there lololol

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Any reason why it took you this long?

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anyone remember these bastards?

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>downloading midis from old games
>opening them in fl studio
>using realistic-sounding instruments to hear what they would sound like
old fun

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>AOL now makes most of it's money tricking people into thinking they are the only provider of 'the internet'

A business based on ignorance boggles the mind.

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well the apple®Ⓡ™℠ doesn't fall far from the tree

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Don't die

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I wonder if the "Ate My Balls" webring is still active.

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Who here remembers MSTings?


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I'm not sure if this is good or bad

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Fuck yeah, I made the best dream, with a talking dragon statue using their little scripting language. Shit was cash, but nobody ever came to visit :(

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When I first got the internet pretty much all I ever did was search for Neon Genesis Evangelion websites

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Usenet taught me how to grow shrooms when I was in 7th grade. Also I remember the first time I played online multiplayer was for rainbow six. Took me a but to figure out what was going on but after about 2 matches I was pretty good. Also the first time I encountered teabagging.

>> No.1053789

i lern abuot tbaging from ur mum lol xD

>> No.1053801

>get synthfont
>get awesome soundfonts

>> No.1053804

still my favorite midi from there

>> No.1053805

>There is nothing wrong with civility and helpfulness on boards other than /b/, /v/, and /pol/.
You forgot /a/.
polite sage for off-topic post

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>check /b/
>mfw judging by the comments to the missing images, there's pizza everywhere

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Don't reply to him. That's just giving him the attention he wants. Report and ignore his posts

>> No.1053813

I remember visiting internet cafes with my friends to play Star Craft, Counter Strike, Half Life MP and Team Fortress.
5 Deutschmark per hour.

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Somehow, after reverse searching that image I came across this.


I wonder who made it? It also must be pretty early as well, somewhere in 1999, since there is nothing past the first season, let a long the first 40 episodes or so.

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>tfw all the audically impaired people posting midis to this site

I'm talking to you, King Meteor.

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Yes, of course normal websites still looked like that in 2003.

>> No.1055828


Not only is this site still up, but it looks the same as it did when I visited it almost a decade ago. Fuck.

I used to browse this place almost every day back in my Gamemaker days.

>> No.1055830

I remember trying to figure out thisisnotporn.com with forum friends.

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>eon8 was 7 years ago

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I don't think anyone remembers these, do they?

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