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Dear /vr/,
(I was going to post this on /v/ but I've been told that you guys have more class than them, but anyway...)

I'm a 14 year old girl who's dream is to start a gaming channel (retro and new games) on youtube and eventually become a programmer and have my own video game / software company.

Pic Related, It's some of my collection. (And you can sort of see my reflection on the TV.)

I have 13 consoles (so far), 1000+ games on emulators/Steam, All I need is the proper recording software and I'll be good to go.

I'm not going to "face cam" like Pewdiefag or anything like that. In fact, I'm not necessarily planning on showing my face at all. I also want to do reviews. But, all that aside, I have two questions...

1. What should my youtube name be? (Please, suggest anything, even if it's fucking retarded.)

2. What's one game that you love that you don't see enough youtubers play?

I actually have a list of games that I'm planning on playing first...

>A Boy and His Blob (NES)
>Bosconian (Arcade)
>Comic Zone (Genesis)
>Warcraft III (PC)
>Quake (PC)
>Tony Hawks Underground 2 (GameCube)
>Pokemon Gold (GB Color)
>Duck Tales (NES)
>Zelda OOT/MM (N64)
>Parappa the Rapper (PS1)
>Crash Mother Fucking Banicoot (PS1)
>Various Odyssey 2 games (Odyssey 2)
>Various Namco Arcade games. (Arcade)

But then I'll play what ever the fuck you want.
I'm looking forward to everything, thanks guys.

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>I'm a 14 year old girl
cool story bro

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So you weren't even alive when most of these games came out and are 4 years too young to be posting on 4chan.

Get the fuck out.

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you're asking all the wrong questions, your channel name should mean something to you, and you should review the games that you like (or dislike) the most.

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(Should I have left that out?)

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I admire your enthusiasm and want to see you do your thing.
However, yes, come back in 4 years.
Don't give up.

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Thanks man, but I have a lot of games and I honesty want to get some suggestions. I'm not sure what people want to watch me play.

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Considering it was a lie, yes.

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Believe what you want, man.

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Why bother telling us that you're a girl? Just go start a stream of you playing WoW and wait for some paki prince to donate $10000 to you because it's obvious that you're an attention whore.

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Just trying to follow my dreams...

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I'm not your man, guy.

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i'm not your guy, bro.

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He's not your guy, buddy.

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I'm not your bro, dude.

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It doesn't matter if she was alive or not when they came out, she can still play and enjoy/form her own opinions on anything she fucking wants.

I do admit it was pointless to tell us your age and gender though OP, unless you were looking for attention.

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>not attention whore

Choose two.

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I'll take "female" and "not attention whore"

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Timestamp, pics, etc.

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Sorry, I just thought.... I don't know what the fuck I was thinking.

But if I wanted attention I would have posted this on Reddit or some shit. I don't know 4chan that well

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>inb4 b&

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you sure goddamned dont know 4chan well.
let me introduce you,
tits or GTFO

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>This thread

The greatest of b8

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That was actually pretty good...

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>I'm a 14 year old girl

Well you already got yourself a follower.

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Run far from this terrible place. No one plays games here; They just bitch about them. Aside from that play what you want, and do it for no one's enjoyment but your own.

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Well, if OP is telling the truth, I'll be honest, the channel name SHOULD mean something to you, so, go on your own for that one.

Now, I would vote for Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizens for the SNES

Its my #1 Game of all time, and not enough love goes out to it.

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>No one plays games here; they just bitch about them
...I've heard...

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I know that game! When I get around to playing it, I promise I'll post it on /vr/. Thanks.

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>Aside from that play what you want, and do it for no one's enjoyment but your own.

This is the best advice anyone can give you, OP. Do it because YOU want to, play the games YOU like. Even if nobody watches it, at least you're having fun doing it.

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Dreamcast threads instantly turn into shitposting and get deleted immediately and this abortion of a thread stays up?

Fuck /vr/.

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Thank you! (The rest of the internet was wrong, 4chan is pretty awesome. )

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its still thinking

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This isn't /v/ fucktard.

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I'm sorry, man. If it makes you feel better, I fucking love the Dreamcast...

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Good luck surviving in a fan base that has already existed for years with plenty of now popular contenders for retro gaming. Scum here like Jon Tron and Pewdiepie are the newcomers and you'll end up fitting in with them whether you like it or not.

And the 14 year old girl thing? Just being a girl will give you more attention then your love of games will when the 99 other reviewers are 20 year old males. Sorry kid but the wagon has left, and you'll end up being dust.

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Why did i laugh.

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I think I'll be different, because unlike Jontron, I'll actually use fucking channel and not let it get raped by Egoraptor.

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