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Shovelware thread?

This time:
>Someone posts a game
>(if possible) Someone else has to play/emulate it and write what they think about it.

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So come on and SLAM
If you wanna JAM

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why would anyone want to play shovelware

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Shovewalre or not, I'd still totally play a Space Jam game. That's awesome.

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I preferred the sequel

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Do not reply to the post above. Report and ignore.

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Oh get the fuck over yourself. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's good and can't be considered shovelware. Take your circlejerking to tumblr.

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I need to finish this game. Last I played, I had just saved Hoops from the 'beetus.

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shovelware is
>Software that is hastily made, without proper testing, and 'shoveled' down consumers throats in order to make some quick cash
>hastily made
released only 1 year after sonic 1
>without proper testing
see super sonic
>'shoveled' down consumers throats
yep, fits sonic 2 to a tee

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>end of year 2011
>bored at /v/
>some anon taking request of games for him to play and stream
>suggest Congo: The Movie: The Lost city of Zinj for Saturn
>guy acually look up the iso and emulator and streams the game
>the game is actually pretty bad but he keeps playing and reaches evel 4 ot 5 (about the same I reached when I played this as a kid I think)
>its just the 2 of us on the stream channel with the occassional anon that joins and leaves immediately
>that feel when

So yeah, try Congo: The Movie: The Lost City of Zing if you want a shit game

You want a shittier game? Rise of the robots 2: Resurrection.

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How about this POS

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This fucking game, mang. A game about Aerosmith? Where you shoot CDs and stick it to the man? What could go wrong?

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I remember buying this game for $0.99 and feeling ripped off.

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still not as bad as this shit.

what do you do when your first party titles ARE the shovelware?

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It was a game based on one of my favorite cartoons! What could possibly go wrong?

Well, everything. You have to guide some stupid old lady to the end of the level, for starters. That alone sounds like a terrible premise.

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Those make my video games are still better than Revolution X. At least there are no other games like them. Fucking around in them is awesome when you are drunk or high too.

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arcade is great but the console ports are garbage.

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>What could pawssibly go wrong?

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I remember reading how the developers of Bubsy 3D thought they were doing a pretty good job because there weren't many 3D platformers to compare to, but then they saw Mario 64 at E3 and shat megaton bricks.

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This piece of shit. I only remember because my older brothers kicked my ass for renting it.

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Hey, you. What you gonna do?

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Even without Mario 64, this game was the wrong foot forward into 3D platforming

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I remember renting this as a kid, and I think I must have had some Stockholm Syndrome or some shit, because for most of my life I had the impression that it was a fun game.

I played it recently and it's total ass. I don't know what I was thinking.

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Man, the shit I used to rent when I was younger. Guess I picked up this one because I liked Cheetos, and those animated Chester Cheetah commercials.

I used to subscribe some kind of Cheetos Club mail newsletter when I was a kid, back in '95 or so, and they were actually giving out Kirby's Avalanche copies for free! It was awesome.

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Those Toei and Bandai games were absolutely terrible. The cover on this one is wrong, btw, it depicts part 1 instead of 2.

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I have that on the Playstation, it's actually not that bad.

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>Kenshiro fighting against Toki

B-but they love each other. ;_;

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Does the awesome Space Jam theme play in this game?

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They did fight in the anime, for some reason I don't know. But do people even need an excuse to beat the crap outta each other?

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Sadly, no.

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They have a short confrontation before Toki challenges Raoh. But it was really short, an excuse to Toki paralyzes Ken and fight against Raoh without interruptions. The cover could be more "authentic" if it was Ken vs Souther, Jagi or even Raoh.

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Pretty sure this game is part 2 only, though. None of those covers would make sense.

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Outside of the Konami one, those Simpsons games were all crap. People just like 'em outta nostalgia.

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pretty great title though

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I actually like that game. You can atatatatatatata guys so hard they fly off the screen.

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Come on, 'Bart Simpson vs The World' for NES is a lot of fun and, at times, pretty god damn difficult.

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I could only beat the first level as a kid. I'd spend most the time prank calling Moe's

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That actually sounds exactly like an episode from the show.

A Terrible Thunder Lizards game would have been boss though.

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But Space Jam is a great game.

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Maybe if you have down's syndrome and don't know any better...

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Do you do anything else than shitpost?

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Why haven't you filtered his stupid tripfagging ass yet?

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You enjoy that shitty simpsons game, you enjoy the fuck out of it.

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I will now

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I actually had this game as a kid. Lord, was it awful.

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I'm being filtered for being honest about Bart vs. the Space Mutants' shittiness? Ohh so offensive shitposting tripfag!!

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No, you are being filtered for being the shittiest tripfag ever.

You're the reason people hate them.

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But I'm right though. You're just literally butthurt that I said the Simpsons game was shitty...

>> No.1039351

I'm not that guy. It is shit, in fact, I'm the one who posted the cover.

You're still an idiot, though, a terrible poster. Filter time.

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Reminder that you should stop replying to him and report and ignore his posts.

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Report me for...? Calling a game shitty?

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You guys know I could just as easily take the trip off and shit all over you? how idiotic

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Why do you even need a trip?

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Read this. By not doing this you are giving him what he wants.

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