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Hey guys! My mom says you can sleepover! What games did you guys bring?

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check it

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Beat 'Em And Eat 'Em! We can even play it for real after your parents go to bed!

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EarthBound! Sorry, it's one player. You guys can go sit on the floor and wait for my Uncle to come home.

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i had no friends growing up my mom would sometimes play games with me though

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Mario Party 2&3
Pokemon Stadium

N64 was the multiplayer machine

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probably a football (soccer) or a racing game. now i dont bother much with both genre.

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What's that thing on the rug?

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He doesn't know.

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Use your eyes. >>10307721

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Who knows what the AI meant to place there

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my peanus weanus of course

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Isn't it the custom to watch horror movie during sleepover? My friend brought I Spit on Your Grave VHS once, my balls grew hair the next day.

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What an absolutely horrible thread with a revolting image. Those hyper reference-filled overly contrasted bedroom mockup images are better than this AI slop. Go fuck yourself op

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AI shit.

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ai slop

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iss pro evlution 2
tekken 3
gran turismo
F1 97
Rally Championship
Moto Racer 2
metal slug x

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Swiss Army Dildo

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Actually is ゲ (ge).

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Shouldn't the horizontal bar be protruding a bit further to turn gu into ge?

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Nope, that's a ku.
The 3D font directly continues into the lower stroke.

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They're similar as fuck to be honest.
グ (gu)
ク (Ku)
グ (gu) ゲ (ge)

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What console do you have?

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that's a rookie mistake. shi and tsu are worse.

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Top Gear 2 and Super Mario Kart

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You all have to study katakana harder.

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nobody with a sane mind waste his time with kata. you print a tab with them and use it when you need it. you never use them anyway.

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Banana peel. Don't slip!

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Super Smash Bros
>picks kirby
>sucks you in and jumps off the map

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The demon couldn't quite decide, come on, let's play!

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this is like saying you know english but only the vowels

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It's literally your ABCs but I guess you don't know yours either.

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>t. Contrainian faggot that hates fun and would rather argue about shaders for the hundredth time

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>heh, I consider myself somewhat of a lazy genius, y'know?

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Tekken 3

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Imagine the innocent first gay sex during a sleepover in that room

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>fun is 90s advertising specifically designed for you to get you to cry to your parents to buy random shit

nobody had rooms like this and if they did they were the world's richest asshole that barely understood half of why he was so blessed even to this day

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i wouldve sworn i knew you if not for the metal slug. even now i dont know how to unlock "blind" referee in ISS 2"

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AI mystery meat

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>wooooah cool anon is that the magazord
>yeah, it is anon kun
>let’s play with it anon
>mommy and daddy say I can’t touch it
>because it’s valuable and I need to learn how to take care of valuable things
>what?? I’m 5 the most valuable thing I own is an old buffalo nickel I found under in the laundromat
>what’s a laundromat anonkun
Literal conversation I had as a poor trailer trash child.

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>Starfox64 multiplayer
No body played that

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Do you own an Amiga500? I bring Stunt Car Racer!

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i did and despite me never playing it before the kid threw a bitchfit every time i killed him and then later we got into an argument about which game to play and i kept trying to pick "Lylat Wars" because i had no idea it was actually the Starfox we played earlier and swore we didnt play it because i didnt recognise the name

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ai meth pipe