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Power-ups, Weapons, Upgrades, Etc.

What are the Best, What are the Worst, What are the Superball Mario

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Best power up is ssf 2010. If you have the skill you can wreck house with full power up, but it’s hard to keep maxed out. Perfect balance of skill/power. Once you get good you fucking feel like it.

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Love Superball Mario

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>watermelon seeds in yoshi's island
>what if a mario game had a submachine gun

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The gentleman's choice

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The Heart of Darkness.

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>Don't mind me, I'll just go ahead and render every other gun pointless

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invincibility along with an awesome tune

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>ssf 2010
Are you talking about the one on NES?

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swimming was a joy with the frog suit

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Yes that’s the only super street fighter 2010

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>that one hidden level where every monkey is chewing on watermelons

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Best powerup will always be Hammer Bros Suit from Mario 3

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oh but turning into this guy and smashing down walls in Zombies Ate My Neighbours was great too

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OP I need you to look me in the eyes and tell me this image isn't AI

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Not OP, but it isn't.

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That shit gave you the POWER.
>In the chainsaw maze
>just fucking their shit up
>then you run out of juice
>fat chainsaw faggots get up and start runnin your

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It’s got six fucking fingers, Willis.

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>Is this thing AI???

Nigga that’s official artwork,

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No he doesn't; it's just the official art of Mario using the Superball.
Also AIshit is pure cancer and spells the beginning of the end of whatever's left of the usable internet. Thanks Jews, very cool.

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fucking loved this powerup, still my favorite in all mario

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I chuckled

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what's that from? looks so familiar
I wanna say Super Ghouls n Ghosts

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holy water from castlevania probably

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>render every other gun pointless
You called?

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Is this Bowser's "Metal Blade" moment considering he was quite the hammer-chucker in the first game?

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If you have the hammer, you win. Simple as.

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>landing a hammer throw or the up+Y burning hammer swing