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Can we discuss this awesome GBC game?
>that serious toned story
>that good music
>bosses had a backstory like in MGS4
>those extra missions and vr training
>an MG that looks cool

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B-but muh canon
Said by every MGS fanboy every

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MGS4 had the shittiest back stories.

apping Faggot was from the war-torn country of /vr/. Her town was invaded by soldiers when she was a small child. They captured her and made her dumped herself and her family while fapping. Then they spaghettied her and left her for dead. Out of nowhere a Faggot came in and killed the soldiers by dying them. After the soldiers, it killed some pregnant women. She tried to stop it but the Faggot was unstoppable. The thing was, though... there was no Faggot. She was consumed by her fapping. Fighting you cleansed her soul and OP, Snake.

I hope Babel comes 3ds VC.

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But I am massive fanboy. I even like Raiden from MGS2 since 2002. And that's maybe the reason why I think GB is cannon too in a obscure way.
You are actually playing as Raiden the whole game

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Raiden and MGS2's whole story is the highlight of the series plot-wise.

Too bad people don't try to understand it (partially Kojima's fault, he has a lot of shitty writing that crowds out the good).

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Ghost babel is a brilliant game. Everthing a 2D metal gear should be, and then some. I think even mainline metal gear games could learn a thing or two from it.

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My favourite portable game ever, except for that conveyer-belt part.

Have a gif, OP.

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>Can we discuss this awesome GBC game?

No you may not. The mods have been very specific on this

>Ghost Babel Threads are forbidden. Any thread should be reported, and the OP taken out back and shot.

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>>that good music

Much of it was music from the MSX MG1 and MG2.

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MG2 already had a fantastic soundtrack. I also like the crunchier sound of the GBC, but to each his own.


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Never got into it but god damn the graphics are nice

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Just got it in the mail yesterday. Pretty fucking rad.

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I really enjoyed this game, and I'd replay it right now if I didn't have to deal with the cardboard box conveyer nonsense.

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Ha..I almost forgot about that..

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Has anyone actually played the multiplayer in Ghost Babel?

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Come again?

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What's this switch on your GBC?

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Prob to turn his backlight on and off.
I'm wondering what the thing near it is.

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probably the best MGS with MGS 1 and 3.

The rest sucks.

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Link cable nigga. There's VS multiplayer. I take it no one here has played it.

Pic related. Sorry best image I could find.

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I just don't want to buy another copy of the game at its current price if the multiplayer is dicks. But the price does just keep creeping up. I guess I should bite the bullet and try it out myself.

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It's expensive now? I remember buying it in a bargin bin for $10 back in 2001.

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I got it for $2 at a thrift store a month ago.

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$25 to or so on Amazon. More than I like to pay for Gameboy games. I've never seen it local and if I did it'd be priced at amazon/ebay prices because all the stores in my area are dick.

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amazon is the fucking worst when it comes to retro video games.

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You can't really make a blanket statement like that. I've gotten some killer deals on amazon. Picked up a workong JVC X'eye for $80 off amazon. I always check against ebay and amazon and generally amazon has the better deals on the shit I pick up.

For MGS on the GBC the prices on either are about the same. About $20 - $25.

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OP here. Never played MG2, IDK if it's possible to emulate - and I'll be very honest with you... I *never* saw Subsistence available for purchase that wasn't in used state which I hear has those games.

I didn't ask in a permissive way. I asked in a "I want to discuss stuff about this game" way.
Unless you're the guy that's been using this gimmick. You need to stop that. =(

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Wow, lucky you.

Yeah, I'd feel shaky about spending more than $20 on a Game Boy game. I've only done that for Oracle of Seasons and it still kind of bugs me. At least I'm getting use of my Game Boy Player, though.

What? Did I do something wrong?

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The mods also have a "no autism" rule for /vr/, here, let me redirect you to the right place


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>Did I do something wrong?
No. I liked it.

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Subsistence has been re released a billion times. There's the PS2 Essential Collection, The HD Collection on ps3 and 360 and that other collection that just came out on ps3 that basically has every cannon Metal Gear game for $50 and should still be on shelves brand new.

Or you could emulate the MSX version.

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Yeah spending more than $20 for a Gameboy game that I already own...probably not going to happen. I do really want to try that multiplayer though.

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maybe not in europe. idk. MGS3 original version is still available.

Anyways. PS2 games are slowly evaporating from the shelves. it's mostly shovelware, occasional good games, and LOTS of FF10, 12, MGS2, 3 and GTAs, FIFAs, NFS, Black, Sonics and Tomb Raiders selling all for 10€.

Previous console deaths always had mixed 30% good games with 70% shovelware.

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Do you not have a ps3/360 or Vita? MGS HD collection is on all 3 systems and has Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 as a part of MGS3 HD. Also the MGS Legacy Collection on ps3 has it.

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No, I don't have any of those systems either.

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I honestly like Rex the best. But I love how GANDER's railguns are just decoys for it's real ability.

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So how canon is Ghost Babel? Snake's mission there is mentioned in MGS4, but people say it's non-canon.

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I didn't know anyone smart enough to pick up that game when it came out.
>frowny face.

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Well shit brother. Emulate the MSX version. There are emulators and english roms.

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the campaign, special missions and vr practice are VR training Raiden is going through, it's implied by a message that appears ONLY once in the game that calls you Jack after finishing the all the special missions

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I'd say the special missions and VR missions are definitely Raiden's training, but it's dubious if the campaign itself is. It doesn't have the flourishes the VR missions have that imply it being a simulation .

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This is only one of 5 Metal Gear games on Nintendo consoles. Damn it, why did Nintendo have to reduce themselves to dust in the home market? I wanted more Metal Gear.

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Metal Gear
Snakes Revenge
MGS Ghost Babel
Twin Snakes.

What's the 5th Metal Gear on a Nintendo console?

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where can i find the english rom?
share the link brother.

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>IDK if it's possible to emulate


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Shit, no idea why I blanked on that one.

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>MG1 and Snakes Revenge
those are so non-canon they shouldnt even be associated with Metal Gear, ESPECIALLY Snakes Revenge.

Kojima didnt touch the Nintendo port, and he didnt know about SR until after it had already been out in US. MG was supposed to be stand alone, and when he heard of SR, he made MG2: Solid Snake for the original/sole purpose of people not thinking Snakes Revenge as a canon sequel.

on the otherhand I prefer Twin Snakes. sure its a bit over the top at times, but overall, it surpasses MGS1 in every way. anyone who hates it is a nostalgiafag/sony elitist, and this is coming from a guy who has been sony true my whole life.

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That image is so correct it soothes me.

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I'd love to play this but the game crashes at this one elevator scene about 40 mins in on every emu I have tried. Has anyone players it through 100% emu?

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I have played it with VBA and now with VBA-M. Never crashed. So try another rom file since that's likely the problem. I got mine from romnation or coolrom.

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Thank you, made it myself.

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