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For your interest/enlightenment, how many games every console had

Atari 2600: 471
Intellivision: 130
Colecovision: 154
NES/FC: 1,380
Master System: 360
Gameboy: 1,043
Mega Drive: 869
SNES: 1,780
Saturn: 1,032
PS1: 3,061
N64: 388
Dreamcast: 620
Gameboy Color: 916
Gameboy Advance: 1,537
PS2: 4,218
Gamecube: 651
Xbox: 998

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>Saturn had more games than MD

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Lists always include multimedia stuff that gets released for CD consoles.

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that's not how it works.
here are the true numbers:

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That would include a lot of Japan-only shovelware, FMV crap, etc.

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I wouldn't have guessed the SNES had the biggest library of the cartridge era.

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the SNES has a lot of shovelware, at least 40% of the library. you like all those Mahjong and horse racing sims?

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Does this include Japanese-only games? Some of those systems seem low.

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Yes it's all regions.

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Close but some systems actually have more than that
MD has around 250 more games if we include CD and 32x
PS1 has over 4000 games
And some of the others have slightly more (like 10 or so) games
Good list though, here's some more
PC Engine/Turbografx-16: 305 (+409 with CD)
Sega SG-1000: 80
Game Gear: 365
Virtual Boy: 22
Neo-Geo AES: 118
Neo-Geo CD: 97
PC-FX: 62

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The size of the Dreamcast library always surprises me.

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ZX Spectrum who knows since anyone could make a game for it but if you included only proper commercially released titles it would easily be in the four digit range.

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>N64: 388
>"Were we a good library?"

No. I'm told you were the best.

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Still more fun than Donkey Kong Country 2.

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the Mega Drive has surprisingly little shovelware, maybe the lowest percentage of any major console

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it gets worse on the handhelds. the original Gameboy library is about 60% shovelware while GBC/GBA approach 80%.

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Gonna post your favorite .gif next?

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620 Dreamcast games is always surprising. That's nearly a game every day averaged during it's main run.

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>PS2: 4,218
What counts as a game here?
PS2 has just about every edge case you can possibly think of.
Re-releases of the same game under a different name, literal asset swaps, games with major differences between regions, updated re-releases that add fuck all, updated re-releases with major additions, "games", compilations where each game included was also released separately, compilations where only some of it was released separately...

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This video confirms the 4218 figure but again what counts as a game is anyone's guess.

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>Saturn: 1,032
More than I expected, too bad 75% of that was japan only. (Although it's probably filled with mahjong and other garbage)

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Ya mate, I think that's a hefty share of all consoles. Maybe 80% or so. I don't know if Neo Geo avoided it with its 119 games, but it seems all libraries were full of them to the brim. That's why Nintendo TRIED to axe that problem in the late 80s with the "seal of quality" but failed.

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the seal of quality meant nothing except that Nintendo got paid for the game and it didn't have outright porn in it

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anyway, the only good Mahjong games are on PCE-CD and occasionally Saturn

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I'm surprised that the Dreamcast exists. 4chan is the only place where I've heard about its existence. I'm from Europe, 1991 and I have never seen a Dreamcast in stores, ads or heard of someone mention it irl.

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mahjong, anime games, sports games, non-games, etc.

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And that's due to the actual gameplay either.

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There's only about 60 of those

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>MD has around 250 more games if we include CD and 32x
That should be counted since the NES/Famicom 1,280 figure also includes the 212 FDS games.

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Eh, there are more interesting titles than you'd think. Japan experimented as much with the west in making interesting games in that period, compared to the usual decent but not great platformers and shmups.

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the Sega consoles had more weird and experimental games as they were often low budget bedroom studios making them so not as risk adverse as Capcom.

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Some of these are surprising sure, but Gameboy Color having 916 unique doesn’t even seem realistic. What qualifies as a GBC game? I only remember it being a thing for like 2-3 years before the Advance came out.

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It was getting games through 2003. This video lists 912 though.


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Other anons beat me to it, but Saturn only had 258 games in North America. So slightly less than N64's 296. This is why I say it's closer to N64 than PS1, which had over a thousand games in North America alone.

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Not even close to every single-platform video game has a Wikipedia article.

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for all that barely anything worth playing

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the difference is GBA shovelware almost always playable and at least a little entertaining, while NES and even SNES shovelshit makes me want to die

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every single one of those games has aged poorly.
not a single one can rationally be considered "greatest game ever made".
n64 was just an ugly stepping stone.

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majoras mask
starfox 64
mario party 2
wave race
fzero x
snowboard kids 2
paper mario
animal crossing
sin and punishment
goldeneye and smash, still, believe it or not

I could see anyone one of these rrasonably being someone's favorite from that respective subgenre, have you beaten any of these? Then there's obviously mario and banjo being unmatched in their fields but here comes the part where you shill for trans in time you disingenuous faggot

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>dreamcast having almost twice as many games as the N64 despite being a failure

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Anyway, here's the complete list of all 620 games.

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This channel is a goldmine for finding obscure vidya to play. It’s interesting to scroll through the entire console libraries.

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ZX Spectrum:
World of Spectrum lists 10,790, with lost Eastern European, South American Games, estimates go as high as 15,000

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>My opinion
>(pic related)

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world's least delusional nintendrone

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>Atari 2600: 471

Favorite 2600 fact is that despite the system existing for 12 years, 70% of those games were released in either 1982 or 1983. Only one - Ghostbusters - was made in 1985. The crash was real.

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Japanese shovelware knows no bounds.

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genesis definitely includes more if you include sega cd and 32x

also, genesis gets a ton of homebrew these days

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Atari didn't publish the system specs and after they got leaked it was open season for 2-1/2 years with everyone and their dog trying to make 2600 games until the whole thing imploded in the video game crash.

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too much sports shovelware in post-NES consoles

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The Saturn did have far more games than you supposed, too bad they're all shovelware or inferior PS1 ports.

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Sports games aren't shovelware if you're a fan of sports, so they're valid.

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>Saturn and Dreamcast had 2-3x as many games as N64

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Actual decent stuff too. Demons of Asteborg would have been a console seller if it had come out during the Genesis' lifespan. And the backport of SotN is coming along nicely as well.

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OoT /thread

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>OoT /thread