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This game is based

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What game?

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gross, are those albanians?

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Based on Al-Lah, the moon god.

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Actually, not entirely true. ALLAH is actually (((YVHY))) with a different mask. Pre Islamic Arabia was still more civilized than pre Colonial Australia, and most of Sub-Saharan Africa. While most tribes in Arabia were either fully or semi-Nomadic, they did have sacred sites and in the case of the Levantine Arabs there were some literal kingdoms that predate Islam. Petra , among other places are known areas of sacred temples or remnants of such places. Serbia>Croatia>>>Bosnia

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Petra's chief god was Dhu-Shara (Lord of Seir, Edom), who was called "Allah" (and "Qos Allahi") in inscriptions there.

Allah in Islam is "one of" (Quranic Arabic: ahad, never tawhid "solitary/only one"), unifying all the local gods into one (including the North Arabian god Dhu Shara and the South Arabian gods Almaqah, 'Amm, and Sin (there's even a chapter in the Quran meaning "O Sin", Ya Sin)).

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Also a South Arabian god called Rahman, which was incorporated (made "one of", ahad) in the Quran to convince worshippers of Rahman to join the united religion.