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This is like playing an episode of the show.

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I can understand the feeling.

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how is this compared to virtual stupidity?

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This has better visuals that look more like the show, as opposed to VS where everyone's Guybrush'd.
This is also shorter and with less obtuse puzzles. More fun to play through without banging your head about what to do next. You can kinda compare that style by the devs' previous work.
VS = ICOM (Shadowgate, Deja Vu, etc)
DoU = Illusions (Scooby Doo Genesis, Blazing Dragons, etc)
DoU is funnier as it was written later in the show's run (I think it was actually off the air when this came out), but ultimately this comes down to preference.
Most would probably consider VS the better game but as a fan of the show, I'm having a better time with this.

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My cousin had the Genesis game. I can barely remember anything about it, or the show itself

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Ignore the guy below. Virtual stupidity is much better as a point and click game.

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Didn't say it was better, retard. Lrn2read

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Which version of VS do you think is better?

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As in PC vs PS1?
The answer is ScummVM. PS1 version has load times and japanese dialogue during minigames.