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Post obscure and strange /vr/ sims

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Mostly middling, but I still like it. Free Enterprise.

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Are you a bad enough guy to run a nuclear reactor?

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I wonder to what degree this was inspired by "Chernobyl" on the C64.

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BookStory, a Japanese bookstore simulator by KairoSoft

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Dyna Brothers on the Mega Drive.
It's like populous but with dinosaurs.

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Of course in Germany even porn games must be simulations of real jobs.

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Playboy's official Sims 2 ripoff and Hugh Hefner simulator

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I dunno if I'd all it strange but I used to play this nuclear power plant simulator called Scram on my father's Atari 800 when I was a kid
Usually I just shut off all the cooling and watched the meltdown effects
>Captcha: DAMND

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If you can decipher moon runes, there's「ザ・コンビニ」or simply "The Convenience Store". It's a long running series of buissness management sim about running a convenience store chain. It was never published outside Japan so it's quite obscure here.



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Noice, also a little obscure one to add is azito 1-3. Like a mad scientist sim where you have to build your underground base and develop Godzilla monsters and shit. Super kinochio

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Same bro...same.