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Sorry for making your game extremely easier

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It’s fine, I have self control and simply do not use you

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Tendies will do anything to stop you from realising their games aren't very good.

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>pushed down right on the d-pad
I'm sorry but you didnt beated

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>ground pound
>melee attack
even as a little kid I was pissed they did this and made my fire flower look bad

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I forgive you, I enjoy using you even if it makes the game easier. Fly and falling slowly is fun.

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>fly and falling slow ia fun
It is. A pity all the level design is not.

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The elephant in the room is that this game is laughably easy even without the cape powerup. You guys are playing the video game equivalent of Dora the Explorer.

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sir do not redeem the feather

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Sorry for making your game extremely based.

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>guys! guys? please stop liking the popular game!
cute little console warrior from /v/, are you lost?

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no problem bro, totally understood

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>extremely easier
I fucking hate esls
It is "considerably easier" or "extremely easy"

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Complaining about a game giving you OP abilities is straight up cuck behavior.

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It's easier to play the levels normally than it is to use the cape as a parachute to fly all the way to the end. You can easily fuck up and land somewhere you don't want to.
No one will ever show footage of themselves doing it, because they definitely didn't and can't. Plus it's not fun, and gay to even want to do.

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based delusional anon trying to teach on 4chan

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I think I will prefer to use it OPs way since it makes you extremely pisseder.

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it's like you've never played the game

just one easy example: forest secret area. it's much faster and easier to just fly over the level instead of playing the autoscroller. and you are rewarded 3 1up mushrooms for flying over it. it's intentionally broken.