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In another thread an Anon said he got Peter Gabriel's Xplora1 and Eve working on a modern computer and I didn't get it at all. Are there any websites like Zomb that just has these old games ready to download and play? I've gotten old games to run on VM's in the past but I don't have the patience right now.

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Not that I know of, but I can walk you through it if you want help.

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Yeah, if you don't mind, please.

I downloaded Xplora1 from myabandonware. Apparently it's for Windows3.x.

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Alright, get yourself 86box for your platform, and the roms needed to run 86box.
86box ROMs:
Install and then put the ROMs in 86box's ROMs directory. Next up, you'll need good disk copies of DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.x.
DOS 6.22:
Windows 3.1:
Unarchive both DOS and Windows, then boot up 86box and go into Tools - Settings. Under Machine tab, pick Machine Type Socket 4, Machine i430LX Intel Premiere/PCI, CPU Type Pentium Overdrive, CPU Speed 133MHz, and 8MB's RAM. Then click on the Display tab and change video to [ISA16] S3 86c928 Metheus Premier 928. Click on the Configure button and set to 4MBs of VRAM if not already set. Go to input and make sure you have a Mouse, preferably a PS/2 mouse. Under Sound tab, pick the SoundBlaster 2.0 ISA card. Default settings for the SoundBlaster should be fine. Next, go to the Storage Controllers tab and make sure both HDD and FDD controllers are set to Internal Controller. Go to Hard Disks, click on new, then click on the Specify button. Make sure to change the drop-down filetype to VHD(variable Hard Disk) so it takes up as little space as possible, then set the drive to be about 300-2000MBs, or however much space you think you'll need. Make sure Bus is set to IDE, and Channel is set to 0:0. Then click on the Floppies and CD-ROM Drives tab. Set a 3.5 inch 1.44MB floppy drive with Turbo Timings on, and a ATAPI 72x CD-ROM drive on Channel 0:1. Then mount Disk 1 of the DOS disks, and hard reboot the machine.

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I literally google Xplora1 dosbox and the first link has an installer so you can just play the game. It's like none of you know google exists, holy shit.

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Jam on DEL or whatever button takes you into the BIOS setup. Make sure it has the Floppy disk and HDD seen properly, and adjust the boot order so A: is the first drive looked at. Save and exit. Next up, you install DOS 6.22 after formatting C:. Once it's done and you are looking at the DOS prompt, type in memmaker. Choose to do a Custom setup. Say yes to everything except "Keep previous EMS exclusions" or whatever that one line is, and let it run. Once done, you need to install drivers.
Easy method is to get all your drivers together in one folder, then mount that folder as a CD in 86box. First you need DOS CD-ROM drivers. You need EMS386 loaded or the installer will not work, which is why we did memmaker first.
Use this disk to install the CD-ROM drivers. For a mouse driver, I really recommend CTMouse.
Then you need to install Windows 3.1. Mount the first disk, navigate to it(A:)and type in setup or install(I forget which one). Follow instructions to install Windows 3.1 on the VM. Once finished, go back to DOS instead of booting Windows. Now install SoundBlaster 2.0 drivers.
You don't need all the bells and whistles, but you do need to install it after Windows. Once it's done installing the drivers for SoundBlaster for DOS and the Windows stuff, run memmaker again, exact same way you did the first time.

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Last step is to boot up Windows and install the videocard drivers.
You'll want to pick out 640x480 256 Color mode on the S3 drivers. Now mount the game's CD-ROM image, and go into file explorer. There should be two folders on the CD-ROM with needed drivers. One is VfW, one is QT. Go into VfW and install Video for Windows, and then into QT and install Quicktime for Windows. After that, install the game and play. If something is off or doesn't work, try hard resetting the VM.

Don't worry, it's a lot simpler setting up a Win98SE VM for Eve.

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whoa this seems to work, the game boots fine. thanks.

Man, thank you for taking the time to type this all out.

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For Eve, you need a Win98SE machine. 86box, Socket 370, i440BX AmazePC AM-8X133, I'm running a VIA Cyrix III at 400MHz but you do you, 32MB of RAM, AGP S3 Virge/GX2 Diamond Stealth 3D 4000, Standard PS/2 Mouse, ISA16 Sound Blaster 16 PnP, IDE HDD big enough on 0:0 with Win98SE, 3.5 inch 1.44MB, and 72x ATAPI CD-ROM on 0:1.
Instead of installing DOS, you need Win98SE boot disk and install disk.
Win98SE install disk and serial codes - https://winworldpc.com/product/windows-98/98-second-edition
Win98SE boot disk - https://winworldpc.com/product/microsoft-windows-boot-disk/98-se
Mount boot disk on A:, mount install CD. Start machine, go into BIOS, set to boot off of A:. Follow instructions until you are inside of Windows 98SE. Hard-reboot the machine and go back into BIOS, and tell the BIOS you have a Plug n Play compatible OS. Save and exit. Once Windows 98SE is done installing drivers, install Intel's motherboard chipset driver for the i444BX.
Intel drivers - https://archive.org/details/440bxchipsetwin98xp
Then install the videocard drivers.
S3 Virge/GX2 driver - https://archive.org/details/s3-virge-dx-gx-gx2-win9x-driver
Then mount the game and run the installer. It will prompt you to install QuickTime for Windows, do so. Play.

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Thoughts on the new tracks he's releasing every full moon?
Panopticom was really great.

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Appreciate y'all working so hard, but there is an easier way.

Choose the Mac OS 7.6 button. You have to scroll down to it.
When the OS launches and you see a Mac desktop, hit the CD-ROM button at the bottom of the browser window.
Load an ISO from a URL
Eve is here: https://archive.org/details/Peter_Gabriel_EVE_The_Music_and_Art_Adventure_Peter_Gabriel_1996
This mostly only works with Archive.org ISOs.

Windows should pop open, double click the installer, install it, then open Macintosh Hard Drive, where it will be in the Eve folder. Run the app in there.

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Protip, you can take the VMs from websites like Zomb or The Collection Chamber and use them to play other games. I think you need to alter a config file or something so it doesn't autoquit. In a DOSbox emulator, it's the typical config file, I forgot with Windows 95/98 emus.
The Macintosh Garden has pre-installed hard drive files too, though you still need the OS ROMs IIRC.

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Sadly, Infinimac can only load isos from Archive.org right now. But it is all in-browser, at least.

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Great lyrics.