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>game mocks you for using codes
instead of the energy put into your mocking ending, you could have ironed out the gameplay

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I like the crunchy shootin sound effect

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One copy of the first print of this game was a winner for a contest. All you had to do was beat the whole thing without cheating. Nobody ever claimed the prize and the ROM for the winning cart is undumped since nobody knows which one it is. You would have to play through the entire game without cheating on every cartridge you come across until you see the illusive screen. Or just use a cartridge dumper and look for a different checksum.

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Is that real? Seems like an awful lot of effort for one contest that no one would realistically ever find

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Someone actually did win it.

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it's real, but >>10257009 is a fucking moron and got a lot of details wrong
first of all prizes absolutely were claimed:
also there were 100 winning copies

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you could just not suck

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_________________________________g i t g u d_________________________________

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you could suck my balls

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>crunchy shootin sound effect
Agreed. OST is also pritty gud. Vectorman was a big deal when I was a kid but nowadays I find it overall "meh".

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the gameplay is great
learn to use your double jump rocket boots as an attack
its stringer than your game and adds a skill element

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don't threaten me with a good time

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I forgot about this, you can also shoot downwards to stay in the air for longer. I like things like that, adds a lot to the game.

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postal 2 dude calls you sissy

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Vectorman has the best double jump in the history of vidja for two reasons. 1. It makes sense that Vectorman being a Orbot(iirc that's what they are) has jet boots. Many games give the character a double jump for no in game reason. They just have it. 2. It hurts enemies. Make a jump and uh-oh an enemy is below you this might hurt. Nope. Jet boot double jump bows them away. What a baller move.

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it's because its a boost from fire

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kek I love Postal

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>learn to use your double jump rocket boots as an attack
I find this more doable on the sequel. The first game makes it too precise for it to be viable.

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Which goes to prove how up their own asshole most game devs are where it's just easier to recode the whole fucking thing than "get good". It was never good. It was intentionally bad, so you have to be intentionally worse.

Any psycho kids undoubtedly made more psycho by shitty video games, before you shoot up a school, make sure you list names in detail of the game devs who groomed you. You know they did, that way they go to prison at least.

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did you respond to wrong guy

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It's a good time. Uniquely chill vibe for a run n gun, good soundtrack, weird gimmick stages thrown in for variety, and some of the best visuals on the console.

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Just get good you whiny faggot

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>you could have ironed out the gameplay
How so? Plays pretty fine to me.

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>difficult games are bad
Watch walkthroughs instead

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nice b8 anon, Vectorman is unironically top 3 run n guns of the 4th gen

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That is pretty damn cool. Good on that 12 year old gamer to win. His parents must have been super happy with that.

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and tighten up the graphics in level 3

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Vectorman suffers from being too zoomed in, you have to constantly fire ahead of you in any direction lest some enemy smack you around by running into you taking away your balls

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i liked it as a kid. Vectorman 2 tho... even I knew was bad