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Is it worth getting an xbox for this? Just beat tenchu 1 and I really enjoyed it except for the shitty draw distance.

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Only Tenchu 1 and Wrath of Heaven are worth playing.

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NTA but isn't Return From Darkness just an expanded version of Wrath of Heaven? Sort of like Genma Onimusha is just an expanded version of the original?

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Bullshit tenchu 2 is based. It doesn't have any gay ass demons and has good immersion, that fucking training level is bad though.

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They're the same game pretty much yeah.
Tenchu 2 is hot garbage.

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No. It’s western trash.
It’s worth getting an Xbox for NGB however

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The only one that's really trash is the PSP game that has a draw distance even worse than the PS1 games.

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If you're playing on PPSSPP you can turn off the fog, the draw distance is still kinda shit, though, but it's an improvement.

GE Debugger step frame settings fog 1 60000

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but which psp game?

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The PSP exclusive game Time of the Assassins released only in Japan and Europe.

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I'm a Tenchufag.

2 isn't as bad as posers say, and you shouldn't skip it. The ranking system has been botched, and it has no soundtrack, two baffling decisions, but it's good otherwise.

Return from Darkness's extra content isn't enough to make up for the lack of extra shoulder buttons. Picking up bodies was also tacked on to answer to criticisms, the game isn't built around it and it makes no difference.

Other than the original 3 games, Fatal Shadows which is a sequel to 3 is pretty good and also worth playing, you can ignore every other Tenchu game.