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Which starters are your pick? For me its always been
I'm thinking treecko for my next gen3 game though it always seemed kind of odd man out in the gen since the other two get weird dual type evolutions and it just remains a mono grass

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Gen 1
Gen 2
Gen 3

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for me it's usually bulbasaur, cyndaquil, and mudkip

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Squirtle (or Bulbasaur), Totodile (or Cyndaquil) and Mudkip

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Bulbasaur is surprisingly good especially for the early parts of the game, but also later. I really like Moemon

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Sleep Powder is absolutely busted in Gen 1, Bulbasaur always

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Always Cyndaquil
Always Mudkip
I replayed first gen a few times, but Squirtle is my most trusted nigga

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damn, now i have to replay pokemon again.

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>just want vanilla game with anime sprites
>modder decides to add a bunch of bullshit features to their mod
>can't get updated sprites without additions unless modding myself

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Iirc Moemon Leaf Green and early versions of Fire Red do this, but later on they started adding a lot more features like double battles and more Moemon to make it more like the modern games I guess.

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i dont want to evolve my moeweedle and my moecaterpie, they're too cute as loli

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along with mega evolutions and new areas

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How anybody could go from Gen 1 to Gen 2 and beyond with such horrible change in character design is beyond me.

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Idk, I think Totodile has gotta be the coolest of the whole lot. Chicorita is obviously also the worst though.

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Gen 2 mostly blends with Gen 1
Gen 3 goes nükemon all the way, I could never into it because I can't stand it. Might try to transfer a fire red party to it sometime

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>Gen 1
>Gen 2
>Gen 3

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the perfect answer doesn't...

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Bulbasaur totodile then treecko

gen 2 grass type looks weird

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Imagine not getting a flaming honey badger

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I like Treecko a lot, but not its evos. Chikorita on the other hand isn't that cool, but I think Meganium is cool as fuck.
Totodile and Cyndaquil are nice, although Cyndaquil's line feels like it's missing something extra. They're pretty much on par with the gen 1 starters which are all equally appealing imo.
I think the first one I picked was Squirtle, but it was mainly because so many people were picking Charmander and I had the blue cartridge.

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I play crystal clear so any of the original 251 can be made a starter <];^)

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Sounds dumb.

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>Gen 2 mostly blends with Gen 1
>Gen 3 goes nükemon all the way
Gen 2 was the cutesy shillmon gen, Gen 3 was a return to form. Hear it from the man himself:

>"I see. Most Pokemon in Gold & Silver were of the cute variety, but this time…”
>Sugimori: “Indeed, there were a lot of kiddy designs, and some fans were starting to say Pokemon had become too babyish, so one theme for Ruby & Sapphire was returning to the coolness of monsters.
>“In your previous interview at the time of Gold & Silver (February 2000 issue), you said when you were designing Pokemon, you had to consider merchandising, and that created some constraints.”
>Sugimori: “Rather than constraints, I’d say we were careful about a lot of things. Like we’d say ‘if we don’t make a Pokemon this way, they’ll be difficult to animate in the TV show.’ We didn’t really think about those kinds of things this time, which might be bad for the anime staff and independent artists.”

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Bulbasaur and Ivysaur remain 2 of the most well designed starter pokemon of all time

Mudkip or Treecko

The only thing that feels lame about picking a water starter is that I don't like having type overlap on my team and there are so many water types in each game that picking a water starter makes it feel like I'm missing out on a lot of variety - especially in gen 1 and 3

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What water types do you like from Gen 3? I have the opposite problem. I like to pick Treecko but I don't particularly like any of the other available water types besides Mudkip.

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Ludicolo (although this means no treecko too), Gyarados, Sharpedo, Crawdaunt, Milotic (too annoying to get though), Starmie, Walrein, Lanturn, Kingdra
I will say though, looking at the Hoenn dex, Cacturne, Breloom, and Ludicolo are three of my favorite grass types and are all gen 3 mons to boot, which is very nice.

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Have no real preference.

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This is a /v/ tourist thread for people who want to talk about new Pokemon games.

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Everyone here has been talking about old pokemon games.

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faggot taste

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What are you picks then, hun?

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bet he picks his nose

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When I was a kid, I said Bulbasaur = Bulbous Whore

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>You're playing Poke Your Mom? Looool

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>Gen 1
any of them, although I prefer Bulbasaur and Squirtle
>Gen 2
>Gen 3
any of them but Treecko

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The water starters are nice too cause they make sense on land and don't magically levitate. But yeah fire types are rarer and a lot of them aren't as good and/or cool as the starter.

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I always wanted Arcanine or Ninetales depending on game, so fire starters were a no go for me.

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Holy. Fucking. Based.

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Kind of a hassle to train, no? Flareon was one of my favorite mons and it just wasn't fun to use.

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my policy is an all-out offensive with water-type pokemon

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give it bodyslam
it wrecks everyone

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Honestly until X/Y I have trouble picking because I like them all. Then X/Y was so shitty I refuse to buy new Pokemon games.

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Dont you guys have an entire board to talk about your damn pokeymen

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>Dont you guys have an entire board to talk about your damn pokeymen
Why would someone talk about pokeyboys on /vp/ instead of talking about them on an unrelated board?
It's like when you see people posting pictures of CP (cheese pizza) on boards other than /ck/.

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Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic.
You'll never guess my favorite legendary bird. It was Articuno, I told you you'd never guess it.

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They are most definitely not on par with gen 1 starters. Blastoise and Charizard are more badass than anything in gen 2 while nothing in gen 1 is as lame as chikorita

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I find the gen 2 games overall to be more badass than gen 1 and found gen 3 to be the most childish by far.

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Meganium is cooler than Charizard.

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I like all of them though. If I had to choose the weakest of this lineup I'd probably say Chikorita was most boring or lame. Design wise though Torchic becomes the most disappointing by its final evolution. It loses most of its chicken/rooster appearance in favor of becoming too Digimon like.

Also imo Charizard and Sceptile should have been part dragon types. I don't care what anyone says on that. Just adjust type resistances or some shit so that fire/water/grass does neutral damage to a dragon instead. Those mons looked the most dragon like yet aren't its absurd to me. The dragon types always caused so much awe with the kids back then from what I remember. Having a starter that can become one would have been so damn cool.

My adjusted types:
>venasaur grass/ground (too much poison types this gen)
>charizard fire/dragon
>blastoise water/rock (shouldn't be left out of having a dual type)
>sceptile grass/dragon

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>Also imo Charizard and Sceptile should have been part dragon types. I don't care what anyone says on that.
Both of their mega evolutions are.

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Charuzard obviously looks like a dragon but I disagree with Sceptile personally, I am not a big fan of the "all dinos or lizards can be dragons" thing they tend to do now (or even...bats, birds, turtles, etc), which seems to be the logic of why Charizard wasn't a dragon, "he's a flying lizard ; )" even though he clearly looks like a dragon, but Sceptile to me doesn't give dragon vibes, just lizard vibes

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>Both of their mega evolutions are.
Hmm interesting. Goes to show it may have been the right thing to do all along. They were always pseudo dragons anyways even back then. Clearly they just didn't go through with it because of game balance reasons I suppose.
Well Meganium and Feraligator could also be seen as such considering what you said but I wouldn't give them that type combination. Charizard was for obvious reasons but Sceptile would have been nice to have another type combo to keep him similar with his two starter mates. It always reminded me of a flightless dragon anyways. The whole evolution family looked that way to me and still reminds me of dragons. Though I do agree not every lizard monster should be dragon as you said.

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>bulbasaur for venesaurs razor leaf, leech seed, toxic combo
>cyndaquil because the whole line is sleek in a cute but still formidable way
>Mudkip because marsh stomp kicks fucking ass

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I like turtles.
Thought he was the coolest looking and wanted fire.
For the memes.
Monkeys are cool.
I wanted to name him P-Chan and he looked better to me
Cute and I wanted to choose Grass since I usually don't
Love cats, simple as
See Chimchar
See Litten

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Looking over, I'm surprised I only chose Water twice. Water is my favorite type of the three.

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Not retro, but since you posted it I gotta say I liked the water types across the board aside from the grass owl, and the grass cat.

I don't even really like water as a type, so it's strange but it just so happens the water is always the design I like more aside from those two. Generally, I like fire as an element but none of the fire designs have been my favorite in any generation.

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Crazy how many from gen 3 onwards look retarded when fully evolved

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Too many anthros and emulated clothing designs. You want to paint a perfect picture of old Pokemon vs. modern Pokemon, look at a comparison between Ninetales and Delphox, based on the same myth but totally different design philosophies.

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>look at a comparison between Ninetales and Delphox, based on the same myth but totally different design philosophies
This just proves how lazy they've become. Two takes on the exact same concept.

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>how lazy they've become.
multiple gen 1 evolutions are just groups of basic pokemon

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A mimic, an environmental problem, and a magnet are more inventive than literally repeating the exact same concept but shitter.

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Well, technically there are three Kitsune based Pokemon lines counting Zoroark. Though Ninetales and Delphox have more similarities both being fire foxes specifically.

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gen 1 and 2 reuse tons of ideas, are you crazy?

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The designs seemed to really fall off for the starters after the fourth gen.

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i'm not gonna lie, i hate the concept of "pikachu clones", apparently every generation needs an electric mouse, and that is dumb to me and also doesn't make sense because its not like any will ever replace or rival pikachus popularity. i would prefer if they made more in the tradition of marril, just make new cute mouses of different types, but they just keep making electric type mouses

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I expect them to do that with the mascot of the series. Ninetales isn't a mascot. You don't need to make three fucking kitsune.

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Gen 2 doesn't even have many new mon. A lot of them are baby mons and the new ones it does have are unique but under utilized in move pool and/or stats. Then there's evolutions of gen 1 mons, but it's still a great generation. Gen 3 settles into the penguin approach with nice additives.

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yeah but why not just put pikachu in every game, may as well. nobody is gonna favor the new ones over him

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>yeah but why not just put pikachu in every game, may as well
They do, you fucking retard.

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Totodile or maybe cyndaquil
torchic or mudkip

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then why make pikachu clones, how many electric mouse pokemon do you need in a single game, it's stupid

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the last gen duck thing has the gayest evolution of all times

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It's too bad cuz the babies are cute. The fire pig, fox, cat, grass cat and owl, the duck and frog. I do like the grass gorilla adult form and the armored chipmunk thing.

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Correct choices. Good taste.

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Any gen 1 starters are good. I go bulba or charmander
Gen 2 i usually go totodile
Gen 3 I usually go mudkip
Gen 4 are all good but I like turtwig. first stages are lame though
Gen 5 the only correct option is to box they all suck
Gen 6 the only correct option is to box they all suck
Gen 7 the only correct option is to box they all suck
Gen 8 the only correct option is to box they all suck. fire croc is okay

the starters in the not retro games are genuinely bad looking and there are usually much better mons to use in regular games. i always end up boxing my starter

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Is there a scientific reason starters are always those three types?

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>Totodile but I pretty much like gen 2 starters evenly
Last run I picked Chikorita and went for a funny strat: leech seed/poison/toxic and would use potions/def raising moves. This work better on umbreon or that rock turtle pokemon

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>there are so many water types in each game that picking a water starter makes it feel like I'm missing out on a lot of variety
yeah. water starters are my favorite but theres a lot of pokemons i would like to pick and use (vaporeon, starmie, lapras, tentacruel, gyarados…)

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Fans would get upset if you changed them because of balance reasons, even though the games have never been perfectly balanced.

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>charmander/bulbasaur 50/50 split
>chikorita every time by far
>all gen 3 starters suck so just catch a new team or whatever
anyone who disagrees with me is a big dumb idiot
>pic unrelated

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is a fat fuck

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Only originally....

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He's supposed to be, he's a camp gay dancing latino

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Charmander, Chikorita, Mudkip
You know, the most adorably fuckable

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literally all of them

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i feel sorry for your mother!

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I may not have guessed it, but I did have a 50/50 chance because nobody like moltres justinrpg does not count

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I thank God He had mercy on me and never gave me over to this sin

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Gen 2 started the fuzzy mon pattern. In gen 1 there was Ratata but that wasn’t really such a memorable line, being a buck toothed rat (still cute in gen 2), but sentret really started the cute fuzzy mon approach. Then gen 3 gave us zigzag on and the lustrous Linoone with pin missile. Then the adorable bidoofus, so cute and cuddly little bucktoothed beaver boi. What’s your favorite fuzzymon?

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Used to be a squirtlechad but I never keep my starters in gen 1 anymore because I played them so much with all of them I'm sick of them.
Gen 2 I'm split between Totodile and Cyndaquil.
In gen 3 I like all of them but I tend to favor Treecko because Torchic and Mudkip are OP to the point of being boring. Kind of like gen 1 drop starters a lot in gen 3 too.

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I want a game where each starter is a bug because I like bugs and I think more people need to like bugs if they're forced to use bugs they might like bugs

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whatever the fire starter is

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so i guess u liek mudkips

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now: bulbasaur

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are the gen 1 starters even really that cool, it's mostly just the final stages of squirt and charm that are cool

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You're the fire starter
Twisted fire starter

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>sees this post
>oh really, haven't played sv at all so let's see
>shit even the captcha's gay

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look at this fucking thing rofl

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used to pick fire starters as kid
now I prefer grass

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Chikorita is the only correct choice in gen 2. If you don't pick Chikorita you're a turbo faggot. I don't make the rules.

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>a bean with legs

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i honestly always found ratata to be very cute. its angry eyes and smooth purple ways were cute.

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Uhh, meh. Some gens sucked hard like gen 6 and gen 8. I actually like torterra and empoleon, they are pretty solid designs and mon. Don't like the fire monkey or the fire chicken. Chikorita line just really suck as pokemon but I guess they look alright. Fuck septile, marshstomp is cool.

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Blaziken is so fucking ugly

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Water is almost always the best choice. Kid me loved squirtle then of course gen4 fagged up the water starter so I chose turtwig.

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I like the penguin, I don't think it is very faggy aside from first stage being really cute. It's got giant steel edges on its flippers which is badass, and generally I'd say penguins are a bit more badass than turtles. They're not the most intimidating bird of prey, but they are still more fierce than a turtle or tortoise, unless it were a snapping turtle.

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Imagine looking at Empoleon and thinking THAT'S the faggy water starter, holy shit. Whatever you do do not ever look up Gen 7 8 or 9's water starters, you'll die.