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This game KICKS ASS

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Yeah, it's great. I recently played DF2 for the first time and it's good too, though inferior in most ways. The only thing about DF2 that outright sucks is the ogre caves that force you to win by constantly running out the clock, rationing MP, and chipping away enemy health with ranged troops. That shit is a fucking slog.

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Honestly, it sure fucking does. If I'm not mistaken this is the one time Working Designs made localization changes that did not massively ruin the experience. Taunts before battle are one and done rather than a ridiculous back and forth and supposedly there are some Saturday Night Live jokes. I think they also changed something with how some of the tactics work but I don't remember at this point. I imagine playing it hard core and forcibly saving no matter the results is the most fun way to play these days.

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I still have to try this one. According to SEGA Lord X it's the best game on Saturn, not sure how much I agree with that but it does look interesting.

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It got a spiritual successor for the n-gage.

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>doubting the lord of sega

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what does the N stand for?

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you bought an ngage...didnt you

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n-gage some hoes lmao gottem

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thanks OP, forgot burn this one