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An EarthBound thread for normal people:
>No cringe
>No Mother 4
>No homosex

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>gay EarthBound Thread
>No homosex
I'm confused

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Earthbound has done as much for the LGBTQ+ community as anime in general. It is a powerful work of homoerotic art that subverts bigoted norms and empowers homosexuals worldwide. Thank you Nintendo, thank you Shigesato Itoi.

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>not liking Nigga Ness

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I recently played the Mother games, and I get why many anons like them. The gameplay can be rough and to be fair the series altough good its overrated. But the setting, music, style & characters carry this series hard in a good sense.
Now im sad because I dont know of any other games similar to this amazing series, besides OMORI, Lisa and Undertale.
Any other "EarthBound-like" games I should try? It doesnt even need to be retro or the same gameplay or even genre.

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Contact on the Nintendo DS

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Robotrek has a similar goofy vibe, but the translation is a little flat and sometimes hard to comprehend. There's apparently a fan translation here: https://github.com/brianblakely/slapstick-english-translation, but I haven't used it.

Live-A-Live has a mecha chapter that is a little reminiscent of Earthbound. There's also Growth or Devolution, which is supposed to be like Earthbound but serious, and The Adventures of Hourai High, which is a goofy high school RPG. I hear it sucks though.

Of course there are the Mario RPGs too. Those are great.

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>Gay EarthBound thread
Imagine the smell

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isn't this that game with a literal gay character

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Only one minor character, and barely hinted at. Only Tumblreritas and Twitter-brained tards cares about Tony sexuality.

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as someone who played it around when it came out, I still to this day cant understand how the fuck the fandoms weird take on the themes and styles of this game ever came to be. I love it because its just a goofy, Americana Dragon Quest game made by the japanese, but it seems like no one even likes that angle of it and view it as some weird, deep emotional undertones thing that was ground zero for indie rpgs plots.

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G.O.D., MakaMaka and its sequel, Adventure in the Otaku Galaxy, Far East of Eden series and Metal Max sort of has a similar tone.

For modern stuff, Citizens of Earth is by far the closest thing I have played to a true Earthbound clone in tone, though it does go a bit too heavy into the humorous themes.

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Either naïvely asking a bit too much or employing reverse psychology.

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Mother is neither cringe or gay by default. Some SJWs making cringe gay art of it doesnt make the games like that.

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Earthbound has a canonically gay character.

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If gay representation doesn't make a game gay, what does?

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You playing it.

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If Mario RPG remake is a success I guarantee we will see an Earthbound remake, mark my words

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this game is gay and that's pretty cool

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Yeah, you're right. I can't argue with that.

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*japan only

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Yume Nikki has an area that's based of the NES game, and is generally very surreal and weird, like some parts of Earthbound. I haven't played it yet, but Eastward gives me some Earthbound vibes, too, at least visually. It's weird that people act like there's this abundance of "quirky Earthbound-inspired indie RPGs", when in reality, there's like, maybe five of any actual note.

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Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance?

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I wanna have cringe Mother 4 homosex with the cast of Mother 2.

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Kojima pls

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I have played Eastward to completion and it feels waaaaay more inspired by Mother 3.

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gay pedophile coming through again

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lock your doors!

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Kino concept but I personally could barely stand the battle system. Also hearing Megalovania really surprised me, especially considering the game's release date.

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>Mother is neither cringe or gay by default
Huh, my bad I guess.
Have a bump as an apology.

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Wow, that's seriously impressive.

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>Earthbound remake
I want this too; But I think Mother 1 deserves it more, even if only due to MOTHER being more older.
If not, at least there is hope with Mother Encore.

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>Using Jeff specific items, besides Rockets
>Fail, fail, fail, fail
>No effect on the enemy
It was just me, or do the artifacts have a high rate of failure?

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Just you.

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Have you not heard of the Heavy Bazooka?
It is literally the only AoE attack in the game.
PK Fire does not count.

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Since we are approaching October, you guys should really try the romhack called Hallow's End by H.S. if you haven't (not to be confused with Toby Fox's halloween hack). It's a good bit harder than vanilla Earthbound without relying too much on bullshit.

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>the translation is sometimes hard to comprehend
I only played the Japanese version but i can tell you that the story is so fucking nonsensical that it tested my patience towards the end.

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Seconding this.

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MaternalBound redux is a decent romhack with a lot of ease of use improvements.

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shin megami tensei
maybe even unironically persona 2 just for the story aspect (gameplay too annoying without turbo button)

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4.0 - cartoony but clean, recognizable, and consistent
4.0 - many tracks clearly lifted from real life songs but they're still good arrangements, lacks the iconic feel of specific tracks from other AAA titles
4.0 - what's there to say, it's a JRPG and it controls like a JRPG? GUI navigation isn't uselessly clunky like some games, but there's nothing revolutionary here
2.5 - when you remove the aesthetics, there's no actual substance to the gameplay. It's among the most generic of generic JRPGs in terms of mechanics
1.5 - the only thing standing between you and beating the game is your own attention span

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>GUI navigation isn't uselessly clunky like some games
Except item management.

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How? It is the simplest list of items ever. Use, five to another party member, drop, or info.

God damn you are retarded.

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I'm not letting you transfer your dragon dildo into my inventory, you disgusting faggot.

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Dragon Dildo
"Anon added the Dragon Dildo to Anon's stuff"

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Stench of unwashed low functioning autistic men, half are crossdressers, all are prison gay

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No it doesn’t unless you’re talking about the sexual predator maypsie trannies that are played off as a joke

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Everything I’ve ever seen about it looks like shit, feel bad for zoomers who use these shitty fan “remaster” hacks instead of just playing the real game

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This. Why is EarthBound, above all other games, something that people feel the need to autistically edit over and over again?

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I'll be on a 4 hour train ride tomorrow (actually 4 different trains but it takes like 4 hours) and I've loaded Mother 3 on my vita.
Never played it before in my life and I'm actually excited about going to play it.

Anything I should know in advance? What am I in for?

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Game is 8 Chapters long.
4 hours is around the time it takes to reach Chapter 3.

Anyway, the game gets a lot easier when you know how to effectively use each character's special abilities (this icon in the fight menu). I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but there's a lot of times, especially in the early game, where a boss will be really fucking difficult if you don't know how to use them.

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Far East of Eden
Metal Max
Bumpy Trot

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By far the best game in the series

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Well I also have to take the train back at some point and I'll stay in another country for some days. So it sounds like the perfect game for that situation.

You also made it sound like I only play it on my trip and I won't be able to play it after anymore at all so oh no it's too long for a 4 hour trip or what did you mean by that???

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Not much besides
>When money is available, you get money from killing enemies, nut the money doesnt appear on your inventory. you have to go to a savepoint to withdraw money.
>When you die, you loose half the money, so remember to deposit money when not needed (or restart the game).
>Some early bosses have a high difficult spike, so you will need to grind a little when you find them.