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Why wasn't Rakugakids released in North America?

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It was too Japanese. Wasn't until 6th gen when releases like this became common overseas

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If 64 can't do 2D without 3D polygons then why does this look so good

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why does europe always get artsy covers?

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>then why does this look so good
It doesn't look good. Check out Saturn X-Men Vs Street Fighter for good 2d.

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90's western kids would call this kind of game "gay"

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>50HZ only fighting game
God almighty

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Because that was only Capcom's excuse.

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No idea but I kind of want to play this game and some of the JP exclusives on N64

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Because N64 controller was too shit for fighting games.
Which is sad, because this game is great.
They played Parappa though.

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Nintendo fans hate Japanese games. Literally a defining trait of their identity.

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Konami simply wasn't confident with the game, being 2D for the N64 and all that.

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Can confirm, as a Nintendo fan, I hate Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, F-Zero and Earthbound.

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I'm not sure but I think Rakuga Kids might be one of the 2D games with the most amount of animation frames per character I know. I tried comparing it to other games with lots of animation frames like SF III or Garou and I think Rakuga still has more.
Granted, the sprites themselves are very simplistic, but the animation is quite complex.

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my biggest gripe with the game is that everyone has shitty range on their normal attacks.

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>If 64 can't do 2D without 3D polygons
That's the PS1, N64 could do 2D just fine

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>2d gaem on n64
>art style right of a playstation game, looks gay as shit and owning it would get you bullied at school
>just naming it on the playground would designate you as a punching bag for your entire life
There's your answer, you're welcome

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>N64 could do 2D just fine
Then why don't they have good looking 2d games?

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Kids would pick on you for the silliest things. Even at work I was being picked on for jacking off all over myself and then going to work without showering.

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My mom took me to a videogame shop and I was allowed to pick one game. I almost chose this one for the box art alone. Thankfully my intuition told me to not choose this and went with Game & Watch Gallery 4 instead.

The MS Paint graphics really stand out though...

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Because industry wanted 3d, and carts were so pricey, you had to utilize 3d or ultimately it was a waste to have it on n64, a console for 3d games.
You were better off releasing that shit on playstation or even saturn

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why does this game only have 8 characters? lmao

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Well for one they insisted on having a shitty blurring filter

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where are the high level tournaments

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Best of their games were made in the West, like Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox 1-2 and Metroid Prime.

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Repent zoomer.

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Whata the difference between that and something like ogre battle

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>why does Europe almost generic, bootleg-like covers

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He's right though. PSX' 2D games are unironically all 3D polygons.

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Nintendo was and will always be the most Japanese company, like it or not.

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Dumb as a stump, huh?

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fuck this game, play rakugaki showtime!
i've been playing it every weekend with my friend group via duckstation netplay and it's becoming my favorite arena fighter...

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You tell me.

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>youtube thumbnail

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Nah you are.

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Like an amped up SMRPG, delicious. I don't mind the blur here

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>I don't mind the blur here

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It's unique at least. I bet you play with max sharpness and no shaders

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I don't play emulation full stop. I hope one day you realise you've been going about this all wrong.

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>or ultimately it was a waste to have it on n64
A shame that mindset existed because everyone would have bought X-men vs SF or Metal Slug on N64 instead we got a fuckload of awful looking games. They should have known their limits.

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Get over yourself.

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They wouldn't be wrong

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>You tell me.
So one actually came out in the west with an english translation while the other got stuck in japan even to this day.

Note that Princess crown isn't even that great of a game and people are better off to play its 'sequels' on ps2 and wii instead

Real reason was that 2d was not interesting to do on n64 due to the cartspace being expensive. Cheaper to do on psx.

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The gameplay of princess crown isn't recreated by the later vanillware games. N64s lack of 2D deprived a generation of a vision for the future of the classic side of the medium and likely contributed to the death of 2D games in the following generation. All those kids that grew up with nothing but super nintendo, avoided arcades because no tendo, had no idea of the advances in 2D which is why /v/ adores pixel art from the era they never saw.

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Nah, people were done with 2d at that point (after being flooded by it on genesis and snes) and were ready to try out new stuff with the transition to 3d. Same for psx and even saturn to some extend (The psx was also advertised as a 3d machine)
Reviewers were giving shit to games like astal for not innovating enough, dispite looking pretty.

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>people were done with 2d at that point
They weren't, that was purely a marketing perspective. 2D games sold well and remained a cornerstone of gaming. That's why it continues on today after its revival midway through the 7th generation.

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They (the majority) were.
Myself and friends included. None of us even bough 2d games that period.
Why buy nicer looking genesis games when you can also get stuff like tomb raider
(In hindsight we did miss out on SotN which was a shame)

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>They (the majority) were.
>Myself and friends included. None of us even bough 2d games that period.
You and your no friends are not the majority.
>(In hindsight we did miss out on SotN which was a shame)
A game which sold so well it got a greatest hits reissue.

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Cope harder and look at the top sold games

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Look at the thread you're in, pleading for a 2D game to have been released on a 3D focused console.


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Exactly, nobody cared about 2d (on the n64)

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They wanted it, badly, and still do to this day. Anything else is a cope.

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It's honestly pretty bizarre how weebs pretend they're an oppressed class when most games from the 80s and 90s were Japanese.

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Symphony of the night on psx sold poorly when it initially came out, and although it picked up later it still sold far less than 1 million.

If what you say is true it should've been a beat seller from the start.

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There were a few, just not as many as Saturn or PS1

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>I-it didn't sell a million in pre-orders!
This is cope.

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>The PlayStation and Saturn versions sold 225,862 units in Japan,[94] while the PlayStation version sold 477,304 units in the United States,[95] for a total of 703,166 units sold in the United States and Japan.[94][95]

Yeah, absolute monster hit, didn't even make it to the top 100

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One of the better 2d games on the system, too bad they stuck with that cgi prerendered garbage look instead of handdrawn assets

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Not him, but that was still moderately successful for a game like that which stuck with mostly 2d assets especially when at the time 2D was heavily frowned upon in favor for 3D. I don't remember many people owning it, but I heard a lot of great things about it, especially when people weren't happy with Castlevania 64

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But thats is the point, it was a brilliant game with only a moderate sales success.

The claims here that 2d was still in full force and that everyone was still craving for it is not backed by history

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Purely fabricated by faggot magazines. Journalists were always ass kissers of big corpos.

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Anime was never popular, still isn't

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I love Mischief Makers but that game looks like monkey butt.

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I played this game to death at as a teen and I have to disagree with you. Notice the background in the final battle.

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The art style and music was aweful. Didn't buy it when it was on the discount shelf. Emulated it a decade later, the presentation is so bad I couldn't continue. If you can tolerate the style it is somewhat reminiscent of Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Snow Bros.

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>Reviewers were giving shit to games like astal
These people were wrong and most likely not even gamers.
>None of bought 2d games
Everyone I knew who owned a playstation and n64 still loved X-Men vs Street Fighter.

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Its a mix of 2d and 3d right? Just a pity the artstyle is poor prerendered cgi.

Yoshi's story is full 2d and looks nice, but plays like shit.

2d on n64 is just a no go

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Its not a bad platformer and while I also shit on its graphics it had its moments. Music was definitely not bad.


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While not as big as croc (few games are!) that's excellent sales for a time when breaking even would mean moving 20,000 units. Your metric is flawed as is your entire premise. Clearly people had no problem with 2D, only paid actors and coping sour grapers.

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Yoshi never felt better on the N64. Flutter kicking could carry you so freaking far.

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Parappa had a miniscule bit of "cool factor" due to it being a game about rapping

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>plays like shit
Yoshi controls great what the hell

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>Pack-in Video
>ASCII Corporation
>Human Entertainment
>Hacker International
>hell even Konami now with their pachinko obsession

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Just more proof that tight controls alone cannot carry a bad game.

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It's an all right game, you just played it wrong. Cope.

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>So one actually came out in the west with an english translation while the other got stuck in japan even to this day.
Why does this matter?
>Real reason was that 2d was not interesting to do on n64 due to the cartspace being expensive
Carts have their advantages as we saw with the 32x out performing saurn and PSX with certain games. I feel it has more to do with nintendo being out of touch and moving further and further away from their NES roots.

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>It's an all right game
64 tendies have so little games they have to champion yoshis story.

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why is this thread turning into another shitty consolewar thread

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It's better than Klonoa

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>Then why don't they have good looking 2d games?
They do, but
>shitty anti-aliasing that made everything look like it was smeared with vaseline
>especially in western games like Midway's offerings or Turok
>Japs were kind of the only ones still bothering with 2d games on consoles at the time
>N64 was 3rd place in Japan that generation and really only bought by children that wanted the next Mario or Zelda game
>and most of the third-party games were from western publishers like Midway or Acclaim

N64 is one of the few retro consoles that look better in emulation than on original hardware

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Comix Zone looks better than both your examples.

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How much of it is emulation that makes 64 text look smeared, sloppy and cut-off, with seams around the visible bordering?Why is this such an issue whereas with 4th gen it wasn't?

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Some pretty great tracks in the OST