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How do you imagine Ness' personality to be like?

Smash Brothers makes him seem like an autistic deaf-mute.

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Earthbound makes him seem like an autistic deaf mute with homesickness.

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Does Ninten achieve.more personality than Nessticle?

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I’d imagine he’d use his baseball bat to crit redditors in the head. Nes is old school 90’s rad. Not s(o)iboi quality of life neets. He would ride his bike up to your house and through rocks at your window like and when you opened up picrel

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Ness is wholesome, kind, doesn't have a mean thing to say about anyone. Gets mostly B's in school.

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Nothing like op pic. Earthbound + anime is cancer content.

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>tough cool teenager bad
>soulless Lego boy good

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He's not a teenager. Closest would maybe be Poo.

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Didn't they age him up in the American version?

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They gave him a slightly older looking claymodel, but i wouldn't call that a teenager either.

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>Smash Brothers makes him seem like an autistic deaf-mute.
Smash are just reanimated trophies mimicking or parodying the actual characters.
also Sakurai is an auteur.

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How's the Mother Encore remake?
Does it actually suck or did the devs stop being fucking pansies.

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Demo was fun. Why, was there drama with the devs?

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Vacuous and hollow just like all nintendo leads

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Paula cunny...

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Honestly this was any RPG character at the time aside from Final Fantasy, the cop out "he has no personality so you can pretend he's you" bs

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Ness feet

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Its fun in stuff like final fantasy 1 where you can make a whole custom party and take your retarded oc's on adventures across multiple games.

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I always assumed he's a fairly average American boy from the always playing outside era, though likely a bit more well mannered and helpful.

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Apparently they did an AMA on /v/ and turned into a disaster

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Ness is a metaphor for a modern American white male. His striped T-shirt is a reference to Chris-chan, suggesting he has autistic, asocial tendencies. Rejecting the modernity, he quits the society to live a house in the woods with his mother like a true NEET to pursuit a primitive lifestyle. His father is absent, alluding to the modern issue of broken families and lack of male role models. His neighbor Pokey is clearly a metaphor for a race of merchants, who probably wears a small hat too. As Ness is confronted by aliens, he has to go through the modern world to face its creations. Realizing that the Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race, he goes on a crusade to cleanse that society; but Pokey, as a metaphor for the merchants, tries to stop him. Enraged, Ness goes on a baseball bat beating spree, but it saved from his rage by loli tradwive Paula. As he's joined by nerds and Asians, Ness goes back in time to fight aliens and Pokey, who has now infiltrated banks and governments and has become the greatest ally to Giygas. Itoi suggest that the only escape from the evils of today is to go back in time, to the era before 1960s and civil rights, and remove (((them))) with physical violence. In a symbolic gesture, the Marxist evil, portrayed as an absurdist Bauhaus painting, is defeated with Christian prayer, suggesting it's the ultimate force in this world. We finally realize that the Dad on the phone was Jesus himself all along, giving us his guidance, and that only he can "Save" our progress.

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>We finally realize that the Dad on the phone was Jesus himself all along, giving us his guidance
If so, then from where he gets the cash that he sends to ATM everytime enemy is defeated? Are ATMs (cards, money, their placement) also symbolic?

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In a bit

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I remember reading somewhere that he's 13.

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That means Paula is old enough.

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Also post more old Earthbound fanart from the 90's.

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So here's something I noticed.
If you check something that Lloyd can fix in EB Beginnings, Ninten says "Looks like something that sissy Lloyd can fix"
Where if you do the same thing in Earthbound, Ness says "Looks like something that genius Jeff could fix", so I at least think he's a lot nicer and appreciative, compated to Ninten who's more like pic related.
Not like smash bros autism though, just a good kid.

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Compare how people drew Ness in the 90's to how he is drawn now.

Many people depict Ness as being a colored person for some reason and while people use to (correctly) ship him with Paula, he is now often shown to be in a time-travelling gay relationship with Lucas and/or Claus.

The 90's truly were a better time.

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>"he has no personality so you can pretend he's you"
I pretend they're my family.
>god damn it mom you missed again
>you can steal my games but you can't steal their gold, fuck you brother
>why do I always pick the white mage, I feel this is symbolic for something...

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Who is the cutest EarthBound boy?

I vote Ness but Ninten's little scarf thing is cute.

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Why is fanart such a problem for you in the sense that it must be based in canon no matter what?
Big fucking whoop.
>Colored person
Indeed often true in many tumblr and twitter crackships. One thing that I will say as well is why colored is such a general term, for non-Whites. Why can't white be a color in this sense? Eh, Zetgeist

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Ness, you are so cute and I am proud of you.

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Oh no, non-canon pairings (and races). Be glad that the artist kept them both as cute young boys rather than turning them into grotesque racial caricatures in the name of diversity.

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>Many people depict Ness as being a colored person for some reason and while people use to (correctly) ship him with Paula, he is now often shown to be in a time-travelling gay relationship with Lucas and/or Claus.
Sure has nothing to do with Tumblr-era zoomers and SMASH brainwashing, right?

Even then, it's a lot less tame than nearly every American mario fanartist drawing Daisy brown as fuck.

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When will this hikikomori neet artist open a fucking skeb?
Is he really going to keep remaking his twitter account for the EIGHTH time?

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Actually nevermind, i realized the "drama" i was referring to was from another remake, Mother Squared.
You can read the entire thread for cringe and laughs.

Anyways, I'll check out Mother Encore later on. Been looking forward for that game for a while.

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holy kek, discord really attracts a pathetic bunch

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what do you mean? he never shuts the fuck up in smash, he says something every time you so much as look at your controller

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>Mother 2 Squared
Thank god it isnt Encore which im more hyped for. But still hyped for this one to be completed.
Now what is the drama abou-
>Also Dept. Store Spook is changed to Dept. Store Mook because I found out spook was a racial slur when I was playing through The Walking Dead: 400 Days. People will easily give you shit if you don't make necessary changes. We're still keeping everything else the same, though.
To be fair, this is relatively an small thing... but WTF is this shit. I didn't even knew spook was considered "racist" before even once in the past. Even if this change alone isn't enough to put the project into damnation, this shit sucks and no wonder people are mad about changing shit for the approval of just a bunch of twitter trigger-sensible faggots.
I hope the devs changed minds, or at least modders soon make a patch changing the Store name to its rightful name.

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He doesn't speak in complete sentences like Pit or Ike or Peach or anybody. Ness should have become anime-ized like Pit.

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>Being upset over the Department Store Nigger

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The only time I’ve heard spook used as a racial term was back to the future when they tell one of the band members that and to get back in his car before the entire band steps out smoking weed. Other than that, never once heard the term spook as racial and I live in the Deep South.

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>>I found out spook was a racial slur when I was playing through The Walking Dead: 400 Days
So wait, pic related has been calling religion a dirty negro this entire time??

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EarthBound has three black characters: Mr. T, the security guards, and the arms dealer

It has NO black women and that's okay :)

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>tfw no friends

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Why would you want to give a mentally ill person your money?
You'll get scammed

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He's not mentally ill, Muskrat justs hates him also
>never used Skeb

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He's autistic and very very kind... to a point.

After Porky kidnapped Paula he basically gave up on the guy. I don't blame him for the record, but still.

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A better depiction of the golden boy.

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The kid who drew this is probably 40 years old now.

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Are we going to post art? Good, I precisely started saving some Mother art from sites like Newgrounds & Tumblr (not with pleasure tough, yuck)
>Also post more old Earthbound fanart from the 90's.
Will not precisely post 90s art, but dont worry, I will not post LGTB+ crap from Tumblr, I didnt save that crap.

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>when you notice "crows" are a metaphor for a kind of people who steals and behaves erratically
>when you finally understand that Ness goes around with a baseball bat beating up those types, libshit bums and dogs from lousy owners who leave them to roam stray

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Aww I like this one. Poo always gets forgotten and people never draw anything from after Four side that isn't Giygas.

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I will post the rest of the pictures series for you anon.
>Poo always gets forgotten and people never draw anything from after Four side that isn't Giygas.
Indeed. Not my favourite, but Poo is underrated.

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What about Moonside?

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How do you know that Crows in Mother 1, and Mother 2 were ever intended to be a metaphor for black folk? Plus, there's many different kinds of bats used for swinging and hitting, such as the Magicant bat, Casey bat, Plastic bat, iron bat and others.
>libshit bums and dogs who strayed from lousy owners let them roam stray.
sure, believe what you want in your headcanon, but mind you, he also beats up and casts offenseive PSI not just PK rockin/Fight but also Flash, (along with Paula with her Ice and PK Fire powers and Jeff's Intellect and Spy ability later on) Happy Happy New Age Cultists, Starmen, Woodoh tree people and and roaches, along with Zombies and Bodiless spirits. Nearly all of whom are under at least some kind of mental control by Gyiyg.

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As a product of the 90's he would be incredibly disgusted at today's liberal society.

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I want to have innocent preteen first love with Paula.

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No. She belongs exclusively to Ness. Even Jeff realizes this

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Ness is a good boy. I imagine him to be charismatic yet quiet, thoughtful and spend a lot of time in his own head. I would imagine him to be on the more attractive side, clay figure and sprite limitations aside.

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Post versions of Ness that need to sit at the back of the bus.

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Get that abomination off from this thread. Delete it NOW.

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The year is 202X and all is devastation. The Apple of Enlightenment foretold that Ness, a downs syndrome, autistic demi-queer transwoman (aromantic femme-presenting) of colour, will...

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Gigas and the starmen should have won

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Teen Ness exploring the vast world of coffee. Ness would never drink before turning 21.

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Ness is pure of soul and would never be distracted by things like tits and shitters. SMAAAAASH those bad thoughts away!

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Based take.

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But he would do drugs.

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>tfw born too late to smell Ness
What did he smell like, bros?

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>Tits and buttholes
>posts uncovered
And how are they bad, m8? This is reaching levels of "HaNd-HoLdiNg Is DisGuStInG" retardation. Have at it, I never found that meme to be fucking funny to begin with! I'm outta this thread!

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Are other EB boys allowed?

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I imagine him as an immigrant with a heavy Japanese accent based on his voice in Smash Brothers.

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Eagleland is full.

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To me, he looks like the kind of character who would say things like, "Golly gee whiz!"

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>How's the Mother Encore remake?
>check trailer
>niggers everywhere
for fuck's sake

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What the hell are you talking about? From all the 4 trailers, in two of them there were only TWO (2) blacks...one in each of the two trailers. Most of the towns were WASP-majority just like in the original games.
I dont like black people, but neither the trailers or the demo were nigger-saturated.

>> No.10175790

>fiends as metaphors

And the exploding trees, ufo's, insects, mushrooms, and the coffee cup? Who were they supposed to be?

The ones that were actual humans seemed fo be obvious enough. What the Unassuming Local Guy wanted with the party isn't explained. What were his attacks again?

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>Adding black people to the game instead of removing the two or whatever that were in the original

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Anon, you possibly have nigger fatigue, like many do, but dont be paranoid.
I will apologize if somehow when Encore releases and late-game towns are black-populated as Detroit, and there are Drag Queen Kindergarden shows ingame. But dont get paranoid until then.

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paula was built for s e x

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That's a child, anon.

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Die, sick fuck
>Cast PSI Rockin Ω on you

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Black "people" are already invading EarthBound

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why is there no rip of the lumine hall theme online?

>> No.10177193

It's the same theme that plays when Ness and Pokey go find Picky at the beginning of the game. Search under Onett at night or something.

>> No.10177263 [DELETED] 

What's your point?

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>> No.10178425 [DELETED] 

The Apple of Enlightenment predicted that three boys and one girl will remove black people from Eagleland.

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don't get excited about the mother 1 remake either, the cuckery is only going to get worse from here. The artwork in this thread alone can prove that the fans should never touch anything resembling an itoi project

>> No.10179167

>Too paranoid to even hope for a simple fangame
>Calling most art here bad, when its non-pozzed stuff (compared to the horrors that exist on Tumblr or similar)
Meds. NOW.

>> No.10179195

>have to speculate what the characters personalities are

>> No.10179387

Stereotypical kid protagonist seen in most 80s movies. Can-do attitude, all around American boy, tries to do his best to keep his friends in check and part of the team.

>> No.10179517

>the game tells you who you are and what your personality is in advance