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Is kh2 gonna fare worse if I skip this one?

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the beginning makes less sense but that’s it really

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the beginning is like 3-5 hours tho forgot the exact length but it is long as fuck

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Playing Kingdom Hearts for the story is like giving rimjobs for the taste

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>be kid who grew up on classic disney that in part defined childhood and then modern disney that was still about magical tales and whatnot
>become older kid who got into anime and japcrap, when it was still somewhat a new mysterious thing to the west
>kingdom hearts comes out, bringing it all full circle on the ps2, a console that felt like the beginning of the future

since i don't know how to emulate ps2 i haven't played KH in years and don't remember how good it actually was but there was something really special about it for me, childhood nostalgia crossed with new infatuations, i don't know if it would have that effect had i not had the exact childhood i did. like today disney is just not what it used to be, and anime/anime style games has just become another normie part of pop culture

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yeah ok thanks for the responses. I'm playing kh2 and just heard riku give his vague anime platitudes about how the door has opened and he's not afraid of the darkness lol. I'll skip chain

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Good points, games don't exist in a vacuum. The environment and circumstances in which they were released heavily influences someone's enjoyment of the game.

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I played KH1 when it came out. Heard about CoM when it was released on GBA and figured it was just some pointless game cashing in on the KH name and had nothing to do with the story (because why would some card battle game for a handheld console hold overall story significance for the series?), so I skipped it. A lot of KH2 made no sense to me as a result, and it wasn't until later that I found out the CoM was integral to understanding what was going on in KH2. Later I played Re:CoM and things made more sense.

The story is cheesy, sure, but if you find the story in KH1 to be even somewhat engaging, I'd suggest playing through Re:CoM or CoM before going into 2. If you plan to continue with the series, keep in mind that every side game has some bearing on the overall plot. I kinda fell out of it after DDD, but one of these days I'll finally get around to playing KH3 and whatever those side games were, 2.8 or whatever.

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I want to turn off the game after Yuffie and Squall explained the Heartless

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what's the matter boy, cant handle a little cringe?

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It's not even cringe it's just gay. It makes ff8 look good. I've never liked Disney movies and my friend assured me that kh is "mainly just a final fantasy" with Disney as an afterthought, but this is nothing like final fantasy; this is final sodomy. Colour me surprised that the Disney shit is the only tolerable part of the story so far. I expected to pull my hair out seeing Donald so the reason I'm not currently doing that is either because they haven't broken into song yet (does that happen?) or it just seems profound compared to the anime writing.

But yeah the music is good but the repetitive button mashing isn't interesting. I think I'll drop it

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>Thinks Riku's character growth is cringe

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>my friend assured me that kh is "mainly just a final fantasy" with Disney as an afterthought,

That is such horseshit, your friend really made a fool of you with that one. The Final Fantasy stuff is mostly just the cameo appearances of guys like Cloud, Cid, Yuffie etc and some item/spell names.

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>It makes ff8 look good.
>I've never liked Disney movies and my friend assured me that kh is "mainly just a final fantasy" with Disney as an afterthought
>this is nothing like final fantasy; this is final sodomy
>anime writing
You got baited hard, but that's unsurprising coming from a 3rd worlder.

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I'm not a third worlder I'm Australi-oh... Yes...

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That's in like the opening island chapter of KH1, what growth lol

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Just don't play the series if you can't even enjoy kh2. It gets way worse after.

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I corrected myself after I said kh1

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Everyone forgets the games are available on pc, thanks epic shits store.

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GBA version is better.

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Autistic boy fights black people with an Oversized housekey. It's meh

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For what it’s worth, it’s actually a fun little game. The story won’t make sense at first either, but that’s not to say the story of CoM is any good. You’re likely better off just reading a summary somewhere.

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Don't even try to make sense of the overall plot/lore in Kingdom Hearts. It's a never ending spiraling rabbit hole of nonsensical fanfiction bullshit.

Also, Chain of Memories is really crap unless you're an autismo for card games and deck building.

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The idea that you can skip this game is a huge huge cope. It's crucial to the story of these games. Just don't play the PS2 version because it's cheap and shitty

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Yes, but for fuck's sake play the GBA version.

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>don't play the console version, play the tiny resolution handheld version!

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It's a full budget game with full effort graphics and audio on gba. The other one is cheaply cobbled together and draws unfavorable comparisons to the first game. And it plays better in 2d

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>full effort graphics and audio
lol, lmao

>in 2d
It's not 2d though, the GBA version uses an isometric perspective.

You still haven't convinced me why the GBA version is superior.

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The enemy AI in the PS2 version is completely broken, it ranges from idle to braindead. The GBA version is much more enjoyable to play. The only upside to the PS2 version is the higher music quality.

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I don't believe you're being sincere and I know you're trolling. I don't care that you're pretending to not understand. I'm just in here dropping hot advice for people who might not have thought to give the original a chance. So enjoy the 3d remake, that's fine have fun

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>you disagree with me
Okay autist.

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Sorry still don't believe you dude. Maybe acting like the gba is unplayable on /vr/ of all places was a little on the nose and you might apply yourself better next time

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>why play the game with fresh assets instead of a copy paste of the first game
Nevermind go fuck yourself retard

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Sorry I guess. It was just a joke

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This game has the best bosses out of the retro kh games

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Osaka Team's first handle on Kingdom Hearts gameplay wise.
That should tell you everything.

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Not an argument, fag. Ether explain the advantages or shut up.

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Please make sure to punctuate your sentences properly, please. Zoomers acting smug while forgetting to add a Period at the end of sentences or not capitalizing the first word's letter yet does for other words isn't a good look and makes you come off like an lazy, uneducated American.

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>they haven't broken into song yet
honestly, i dont remember if it happens in the first one, but that is the ENTIRETY of atlantica in kh2.

from what you're saying, this isnt the game for you. it takes its feelsy cringe "my friends are my power" and "heart" stuff extremely seriously and its everywhere, every step of the way. in a way, its kind of cringe kino (until anything after 2, where it completely goes off the rails and makes no sense). but if you dont really jam with that sort of vibe, then you're not going to really enjoy it at all. and if you arent even enjoying the gameplay either, then just drop it, its not really going to get better or change.

if you decide to bull through, yes you can skip chain of memories. if you really care about the plot, watch a youtube video to get the gist of it, or read a summary somewhere. 2's start is fucking retarded and a pretty shitty 2 hour tutorial zone with the dumbest, gayest, emptiest character, roxas. its a miserable slog, but once you get back to playing sora, the game finally begins, and most people like it more than 1.

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Story-wise yes, it absolutely is relevant to the events of 2. The problem is there's so little story that you have to go through a lot of game to get to those moments.

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Not him but yes, Riku does change over the course of KH1. He is the actually interesting character in the game because he actually has an arc, unlike Sora who mostly stays static aside from the fact that he becomes more brave and set in his convictions over time.

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They transferred over the mechanics of the GBA version without taking into account if those mechanics still work well in a 3D space.
I would say watch the cutscenes for the PS2 version on YT after playing it on GBA.

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Being able to dodge roll "through" large bodies was great in the gba. Was livid it was cut in the 3d remake

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>2's start is fucking retarded and a pretty shitty 2 hour tutorial zone with the dumbest, gayest, emptiest character, roxas.
I thought that back when 19 and the game came out, but boy have I 180'd on that over time. It's not just that it's the only part of the game that matters prior to the halfway point, it's that Roxas is the most interesting character in the entire series because he's an actual character. He’s really likable and he actually grew and had character development. At first he was this quiet, shy guy who was questioning his existence but when he befriended people he started to open up and find meaning to his life. Plus he’s a tragic character. Life keeps fucking him over time after time again. He was forced to kill his friend, his friendship with Axel was damaged because he felt like he couldn’t trust him and then he had to constantly hear about how he shouldn’t exist and that his life isn’t really his own he has to give up his life for Sora. He also possesses something Sora doesn't, which is anger. His emotions actually feel real and his outburts make sense in the context of the universe being determined to fuck him over for being a good person.

Roxas should’ve been the protagonist of KH2 instead of that retard Sora.

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Riku is just vageta lite

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In that Vegeta is the most archetypical "rival character the fans all think is cooler than the MC" character that as a result people compare EVERY rival to either him or Vergil, yes.

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No, Bass from Megaman is fucking Vegeta-lite, like down to a T. Vegeta follows an entirely different arc from Riku
>starts evil
>begrudgingly helps the heroes because of a shared enemy
>slowly becomes "good"
>is one of the "good guys" now
>realizes becoming "good" isn't getting him anywhere and the MC is surpassing him again
>says fuck it and becomes evil again for one last shot at being #1 (reminder that Goku has never beaten Vegeta in a fight, Vegeta's bitterness is always because Goku beats someone that Vegeta failed to beat)
>realizes he fucked up doing that
>finally becomes an actual good guy, but just kind of a jerk

Riku is not that, Riku is not written as the rival. Riku is written as the older brother character who was a good guy from the start. You know, the cooler, stronger, smarter older brother that damnit why can't the little brother be more like him? But here's the thing, you don't stay kids forever, and there will eventually come a time when little brother can reliably kick big brother's ass. And big brother who has been the center of attention up to that point and never had his status of being the best in question before, cannot cope with that. So much of Riku's actions in KH1 make more sense if you read between the lines and see it as, "stop acting like you know what you're talking about, Sora! I'm the older brother, that means I'm always right!"

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>(x) is just vageta lite
WHERE is this shitty meme comparison when it comes to rivals coming from in the past few months -- dirty Hispanics? Do people just look past character ambitions and solely see just the archetypes/personalities?
>Magnus is just Vegina-lite
>Gary Oak is just Vegina-lite
>Bowser is just Vegina-lite
>Rival character with an egotistical attitude is Vegina-lite

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Donald Duck is just Vagina-lite

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watching the cutscenes is enough but overall no need

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>WHERE is this shitty meme comparison when it comes to rivals coming from in the past few months
Past few months? Nigger where have you been, people have compared rivals with their head up their ass to Vegeta ever since I was a kid.
>Go. AWAY.
First stop posting like a SA goon.

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>Do people just look past character ambitions and solely see just the archetypes/personalities?
Japan is not known for writing characters more complex than stock tropes on average.

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Not an argument.

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It is an argument, if your character is nothing more than a list of cliches then they're barely a character and all you can do is compare them to other characters similar to them because there's nothing else there.
See: half or Org XIII who have nothing to them beyond their one defining trait
>the stoic one (Lexaeus)
>the cautious planning one (Zexion)
>the sadistic one (Larxene)
>the overly ambitious one (Marluxia)
>the one that sees everything as a game (Luxord)
>the one that is always in over his head (Demyx)
Not retro but the most hiliarious part is that when Days was in development, Nomura specifically talked about how you would see a whole new side of the Org. That literally never happened, Days only reinforced there's nothing to these characters beyond that one trait and focused literally all development on Roxas, Axel, and [REDACTED] with a tiny scrap of development thrown at Saix.
They're not characters, they're cool designs given stock personalities made to match their weapons and powers.

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Yeah I get that, but you're arguing something different when that wasn't my point. When there IS depth to a character, people tend to center in solely on the surface level troupes/archetypes and can't look past them. Cliche or not, KH's main cast is well written.

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Just want to add my 2 cents here.
GBA CoM is great but Re:CoM sucks, it's boring and a slog, the game wasn't made with 3D in mind.

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You realize hispanics are like the biggest anime fanboys right? Your racism is completely unfounded, based on stereotypes of course. All the biggest DBZ and other shonenslop fans are hispanics and black dudes.

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You're right on all ends but to be fair, there's absolutely no time to deeply develop 13 main characters.

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It fucking sucks playing it right after kh1. It recycles so much from 1 that it overall feels like a shittier version of it.
At the very least the GBA version has the novelty of being kh in 2D.

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I read the manga when I would go to the bookstore as a kid. I never even completed 1.

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>hispanics are like the biggest anime fanboys
>All the biggest DBZ and other shonenslop fans are hispanics and black dudes.
>Your racism is completely unfounded
That's a pretentious way of agreeing with me.

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The gameboy advance version is the third best game in the series. The remake is a downgrade.

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How is it agreeing with you, you were claiming the people who are overly critical of anime tropes and cliches are hispanics, but I'm saying that's a lot of the people who actually love and are impressed by it

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>Reading comprehension
Oh I see where you went wrong.

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>Riku is not written as the rival.
meanwhile, there are competitions on destiny islands between them.
you're fucking retarded. you're right that he isnt really vegeta, but thinking he isnt just a rival is retarded.

more accurately, he's a sort of "dark mirror". he's all of the opposites of sora. riku is confident, sora is hesitant. riku is capable, sora is a buffoon. light hair, dark hair, embrace the darkness, unending light, its all opposites while still springing from the same origin.

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roxas is the epitome of self insert for edgy kids that were bullied. you'll also notice that those are the same people that like him. he's beyond empty. he does NOT have character or personality. he's dry as fuck. the ONLY thing he has is anger, which really only shows up when bullying happens or circumstances are against him. he's the poster boy of angst against life being unfair. he's a walking teenage tantrum against growing the fuck up, and thats only when he actually expresses anything, which is few and far between. all of the rest of the time he's dry, empty, and boring.

you're right, he is a tragic character. the tragedy being that he shouldnt even exist at all, and the story would not truly be different if he never existed in the first place. he's nothing more than an empty contrivance.

also actually playing his segment of kh2 is the most boring slog of the entire game. literally atlantica is more fun and worthwhile. literally pooh's shitty minigames. also the 3 friends (hymen, pants, and omelette) are factually useless wastes of space.

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>he does NOT have character or personality.
Right, just like how FF7's plot makes no sense and that everyone on the main cast but Cloud don't matter to the story.
You didn't play the game.

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go ahead, link me a clip of roxas having actual character, and not just being led to follow another character OR reacting to a threat.

>> No.10140758

>Show me gameplay of the game I haven't played
I'd suggest you play it, Zoomer-kun -- that's what games are made for. It's a pretty fun game all things considered.

>> No.10140912

you literally cant think of one, because it doesnt exist. in every scene he's either reacting to a threat, or just following another character's lead. he's almost like squall from ff8, just bland and boring. he's like that autistic kid trying halfheartedly to fit in, but contributing nothing of his own.

i accept your concession.

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also to add and reiterate, he's an empty shell because he's a pathetic self insert character. he doesnt actually HAVE character. the character all of his fantrannies think he has is their own projections.

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Why did they name a character Riku in a Final Fantasy crossover game that could potentially include Rikku?

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When you walk away

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im almost done beating kh1 and ill play gba com next because im not a little bitch who has to ask

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>90% of Chain of Memories is gameplay
>PS2 has worse gameplay
>90% of the entire game is worse on PS2

checks out

>> No.10141689

Kingdom Hears 1 and 2 are a complete story. Like with any of Nomura's extended universe bullshit the other games are just him masturbating over a DVD

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>all of chain of memories and KH2 establishes that nobodies are not functional people
>in order for a nobody to be at peace with their uncontrollable emotions they need to go back to their original owner
>roxas ends KH2 reunited with sora, fixing the emotional pain he was feeling
happy ending with a pretty pink bow

>everything after KH2 immediately backtracks on this and claims all these sociopathic emotion tards are fully functioning people despite that never being shown on screen

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I would argue Sora is specifically not well-written and it's a big reason people like every member of the protagonists more than him.

>> No.10142370

>When there IS depth to a character, people tend to center in solely on the surface level troupes/archetypes and can't look past them.
You can't undo the fact that people view everything through a meta-narrative lens now. It no longer matters how Sherlock Holmes was able to figure something out in-universe, people now see it through the context of "but why did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle do that?"

>> No.10142376

>he's beyond empty. he does NOT have character or personality. he's dry as fuck. the ONLY thing he has is anger
Not retro but did you play Days?

>> No.10142405

>in order for a nobody to be at peace with their uncontrollable emotions they need to go back to their original owner
Not true, Axel was at peace when he was dying.
Also the idea that Nobodies don't have hearts, even back in 2005 people were calling bullshit about how that felt like a convenient lie Yensid was telling them. People love to point out the whole "they look like they have emotions but they're just pretending" and say that's like sociopaths, but sociopaths DO have emotions. What sociopaths lack is the capacity for empathy, aka being able to care about someone other than themselves.

It's ultimately just the result of poor writing. Partially because they had already been established in CoM where come across as more human (albeit 2-dimensional aside from Axel) people. The other being that the only way you're going to make such a concept work is to have the entire Org be like Saix or Mansex mood-wise and that doesn't make for a very interesting villain team.

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Nta but the reason people like Roxas doesn't come from KH2 itself because like you said, he doesn't have much going for him aside from feeling kinda sorry for him. Well that and his fight in KH2 is arguably the best boss fight in the series up to that point. It comes from people having played the rest of the series and going through all the further development they put on the character because Nomura and Nojima refuse to let Roxas go (and tbf, some of that is fans projecting Ventus's personality onto Roxas). By the time they get to the "who will I have ice cream with?" scene, nothing you're saying matters to them anymore.

Also you're just flat-out wrong that it's edgy bullied kids that love Roxas. It's women, women are THE biggest group of Roxas fans by an absolutely massive margin, especially since the series pushes so many fujo moments between him and Axel.

>> No.10142456

I've played both and I think they're pretty similar in quality.
I mildly prefer the PS2 version myself. The voice acting and cutscenes add a lot to the story, and you don't have the problem a lot of beat 'em ups have where you miss an attack due to lack of depth perception.
The GBA version is charming in its own right though, it's fun seeing all the KH characters in pixel art.
If it's your first playthrough I'd say go with PS2 or HD, then go GBA for your next playthrough. Both versions are super cheap so even if you aren't emulating there's no real harm in buying it twice.

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You didn't play the game.

>> No.10142471

>By the time they get to the "who will I have ice cream with?" scene, nothing you're saying matters to them anymore.
I wasn't part of this conversation but short aside to this and your point about chicks being the Roxas fans, I was watching slowbeef go through the series for the first time because I like to keep up with beef after all these years, and he got to Xion's death. He was just kinda nonplussed during it, feeling a little sorry for them. The girl who was helping him go through all the games was fucking choking back tears the entire scene. In the game's defense, it emotionally manipulates the fuck out of you with Vector to the Heavens. That song would make any scene sound bigger than it is.
Sorry for bringing up a not-retro game, it just went into my head as soon as you mentioned women and the ice cream.

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I think you legitimately need someone who isn't mentally ill to give you a fair opinion on Kingdom Hearts. Most of the games fucking suck and I say this as someone who loves KH2 and some of the music and characters from the series. Literally all you should play is KH 2.5 HD remix. KH 1 is decent but so outdated and shitty compared to KH 2. Birth by Sleep was actually pretty good and offered a nice story and enough new content. KH 3 is fucking awful and disregard any opinions that say otherwise cause mine is correct. You cannot believe genuine Kingdom Hearts apologists.

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The manseX wannabe won't except any proof to the contrary because he drew his own line as what does/doesn't constitute as a character/personality in >>10140916 and either missed or ignored subtle nuances to Roxas' character.

If you watch a playthrough of KH2, Roxas shown to be:
Headstrong, concerned, sympathetic, bashful, sarcastic, kind, confident, excited, cocky, angry, fearful and has a sense of justice and pride in his accomplishments.

If you watch the cutscene after his win against Hayner and the Clock Tower scene after that and say he "has no personality", then you're a faggot queer and not just because you play KH.

>> No.10143440

So what's the best version to play these games on these days?

>using music to heighten the intended mood of a scene is emotional manipulation
This is why autists deserve to be shit on, because they don't understand the most basic human concepts and see it all as "manipulation"

Says the person who thinks BBS is good.

>> No.10143629

prove me wrong then. show or link me a clip.

>> No.10143638

>i don't know how to emulate ps2
are you retarded? it's literally as simple as downloading a free program you can easily find with google

>> No.10143701

>If you watch a playthrough of KH2, Roxas shown to be:
literally none of those. he's extremely dry and empty. the single greatest expression he shows throughout the entire thing is confusion. he's a complete autist.
>If you watch the cutscene after his win against Hayner
>"i had a lot of fun fighting you"
>"hey, lets find a way to cheer you up"
roxas talks like a fucking AI going through the motions of responding how it think its expected to, in the driest, flattest tone. meanwhile, hayner actually expresses charm and sarcasm.
>the Clock Tower scene after that
the one where all he says is "as promised" after splitting the trophy?
or the one with axel? where axel delivers lines with actual depth and passion, like "are you really sure that you dont have a heart? is it possible that we ALL have one? you, me, her? or is that just wishful thinking..." and he responds with complete airheadedness? also thats another example of just following another character's lead. even when roxas said "i suppose i should go. sora's waiting for me" axel responds with actual emotion, but roxas delivered the line with... nothing.
throughout the entire kh2 opening, he's just FOLLOWING every other character. every other character has more lines, focus, emotion, and direction than he does in every scene. like, its almost comical how the SIMULATED fake characters have more actual character than him, which makes him the actual epitome of an ACTUAL nobody; just an empty shell, mimicking those around him.

>> No.10143757

We accept your concession, Diz: You didn't play the game.

>> No.10143764

How 'bout read the thread.

>> No.10143774

Tough talk coming from a Zoomer who can't punctuate properly. Who's the AI here again?

>> No.10143880

lmao hoes mad that they have no defense and called called out.

>> No.10143906

How Zoomers end a sentence when they're seething.
>lol I'm signaling that I'm above this conversation I'm "clearly mad" about lmao even

>> No.10143909

meanwhile, im the only one posting details. you fail to support your claims. i accept your objective concession.

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I wonder who's behind this post?

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Tranny RP posting.

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>So what's the best version to play these games on these days?
If you don't care that it's on fucking EGS, then the PC version by far.

>> No.10143965

Sora is poorly written but it's not because he has no depth, he has depth. He's poorly-written because the writers are intent on making him a giant dumbass even though he was NOT one in KH1.

I agree with everything you say, but at the same time, go play that intro sequence again after playing Days and tell me you feel the same way.

>> No.10143970

Hit submit too soon. Was going to say, the reason everyone was so happy when he returned in 3 wasn't because of 2's intro sequence, it's because of Days.

>> No.10143972

Don't listen to this fag >>10143953
Just pirate it.

>> No.10143973

Pirate or not, that doesn't change that the PC version is the best version of the games aside from the ones that are cutscene-only in the collections.

>> No.10143979
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>a giant dumbass even though he was NOT one in KH1.
(also see image in >>10139323)

>> No.10143981

He's a little naieve and kind of a goof in 1, sure. But he's not actively stupid, if anything figuring out to use the Keyblade of Hearts on himself within seconds is damn smart. Suicidal, but smart.

>> No.10143982

people were huge roxasfags even before days.

>> No.10143985

Women were. Days just put way more people in the group that like him.

>> No.10143996

Honest question: Are you queer?

>> No.10143998

Nta but as much as that moment does come across as ping-ponging between "so crazy it just might work" and "you're literally doing what Ansem was gonna do", I wasn't getting the sense of complete retardation from him that I did in a lot of 2. Now, 2 actually does have a canon answer for this, he's literally broken internally for most of the game until Roxas fully accepts re-merging with him at TWTNW. But I'm not an idiot, I know that was a justification they came up with after the fact because they just wanted him to be dumb so that other characters could exposit at him.

>> No.10144003
File: 1.95 MB, 2560x1440, sqinakwwnq611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>for most of the game until Roxas fully accepts re-merging with him at TWTNW
oh yeah? it stops at some point, does it?

>> No.10144005

I can't tell if you're doing this on purpose or not. Acting goofy and making funny faces to try and cheer his friends up, the thing he's doing in the other 2 pictures posted, is not the same thing as the character seemingly having legit brain problems.
Also no, it doesn't stop there, he arguably becomes even stupider in DDD and 3.

>> No.10144010

>I can't tell if you're doing this on purpose or not.
i like having applicable occasions to use my saved reaction images.
>having legit brain problems
can you give me an example or describe a scenario from kh2? im curious what sort of things you think are out of character compared to the first game.

>> No.10144030

>Show's Sora's willingness to sacrifice himself to save a friend
>Implying Riku would've stopped Ansem to stall for time if Sora lost
I'm getting tired of people nitpicking plots like they could do better.

>> No.10144039

i wasnt "implying" anything. honestly i really wanted to use the earlier grin from twilight town, but "no duplicate images" nonsense. my only point was that sora has always been a lovable goofball.

>> No.10144045

I'm surprised you don't notice it, it was one of the most common complaints about him from 1 to 2 back when the game came out. But it's mainly that in 2 he just seems to fall for the villains' plans every single time (and then DDD decides not to just double down or triple down, but quadruple down on this, like seriously how many times can someone forget they're in a dream world?). And they mainly do this to make Sora simple-minded for the sake of comedy.

>> No.10144053

he's constantly playing catch up from being in stasis. i never really saw it as "falling for the villain's plans" as much as "he wasnt fast enough to stop them". compared to the first game, he usually foiled their plans, and then the boss fight "wtf im foiled?! RAAAAGGGHHH IM TURNING INTO A HEARTLESS NOW". also in thinking about it, the main point of their plans was just using him to swing the keyblade around. they just stirred up trouble, and he went to fix it like a good boy. whats he going to do, just let the heartless run rampant? i really dont see it as sora was "dumber", but more than the villains were actually just generally smarter since the plan had multiple layers.

>> No.10145897

I mean Sora is also pretty unquestioning of what he's told in 2 compared to 1. He just blindly accepts what Yensid tells him about Nobodies not being real, not actually having hearts and emotions, etc. KH1 Sora would've at least questioned that, he questioned shit all the time because despite being naieve, Sora in 1 spoke up when he thought something wasn't right. He was actually far more rational in that game than Riku was, which is why he called Riku out on being retarded enough to think he could control the heartless while Riku was so high off his own supply that he never considered that that could happen until it literally did (speaking of which, why didn't Riku create a Nobody when Ansem SoD took over his body? Is it because his body was just straight up sent to the world of darkness?)
Even in Chain of Memories, where he's literally just a heart walking around and thus is pure emotion (and also getting fucked over and gaslit by like 4 different people at once), he treats the Nobodies like they're actual people.

>> No.10145929

>speaking of which, why didn't Riku create a Nobody when Ansem SoD took over his body?
He never turned into a Heartless. His heart was completely engulfed by the darkness but he never lost his heart in the process because his willpower was too strong, he's closer to the summon gems in KH1.

>> No.10146209

>he questioned shit all the time because despite being naieve (its spelled naive, btw), Sora in 1 spoke up when he thought something wasn't right.
thats a pretty fair point, i guess.
>speaking of which, why didn't Riku create a Nobody when Ansem SoD took over his body?
>His heart was completely engulfed by the darkness but he never lost his heart in the process because his willpower was too strong
ok, but whats the difference between riku and terra? xehanort possesses terra, and it makes the heartless big boss of kh1, and xemnas (which is still terra's actual body??? or no? honestly, im unclear what the precise difference between terra-nort and xemnas is), but terra never truly lost his heart, and xehanort never truly lost his, he was just the pinnacle master of darkness. so if neither of them truly "lost their heart", how/why was a heartless and nobody created? why for them, but not riku, who also "didnt lose his heart due to willpower"?

>> No.10146350

Ok so here's how Terranort works
>MX takes over Terra's body
>Terra is still resisting inside so he uses his keyblade on himself a second time which combined with getting the fuck beating out of him by both Lingering Will and Aqua, causes him to lose his memories
>Terra never loses his heart, it just becomes the Guardian while his mind stays in LW
>Terranort, now with no memories, becomes kind of a good guy under Ansem, but this doesn't last because he discovers the heartless and goes to more and more extremes experimenting on them because he thinks Ansem is holding him back
>in his amoral research, he ends up losing his own heart to the darkness, this creates Ansem SoD and Xemnas

>> No.10146363

Also yes, technically Xemnas is Terra's nobody, not Xehanort's. But because Terra's heart wasn't in Terra's body at the time, that's kind of a moot point because it means he would just inherit Xehanort's personality anyway.

>> No.10146450

thanks. its all so complicated. but now i see what the difference is. riku may have been fully possessed, but thats much like terranort, and didnt make a heartless or nobody right away either. riku may have accepted darkness, but thats not really much different than other manual darkness users. he never lost his heart, while AMNESIAC terranort (essentially a 3rd character thats neither xehanort nor terra) did lose heart did. thank you for clearing that up.

>> No.10146751

and skip this garbage remake

>> No.10146754
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>> No.10146891

Introduces the main villains in 2 and half of them """die""" in this game so yeah I think so.

>> No.10146914

How is it possible to like garbage like BBS and dislike 3? They're cut from the same cloth of boring gameplay and the plot being aimless meandering for 75% of the game.

>> No.10146936
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Daily reminder the oc parts of KH2 come from the 1995 movie Dark City

>> No.10146951

imagine willingly exposing your self to Kingdom Hearts

what is wrong with you people

>> No.10147451

Darkness within darkness

>> No.10147683

play the GBA version instead

>> No.10149510