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Did Resident Evil need a remake?

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I don't know, it's good but I like the original more. I wish they put effort into 0, if that meant no REmake and just 1 RE game for the GC I'd honestly be fine with it

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Yes, it did.

Put the original RE1 next to RE2 and 3, it stands out pretty badly.

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Does any game "need" a remake?
It's cool we got a good game, it's a nice companion to the original. I personally prefer the original, but can enjoy both and it's cool to see a different take on the same idea.

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It's one of the first modern-style remakes, and they did it right the first time, showing everyone how to do it. Sadly nobody listened and everything else is so shit that Nomura going full autism and making up a whole new story on top of the original story with a meta-story thrown between those is the best remake done since.

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Most games never need one. At least not the ones people keep wanting to see remade. What should be remade is games that failed to live up to their potential instead.

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Diablo 2 needed a remake.

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don't remind me
nomura should have been shot long ago

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He's like one of the only five creators left who still make big games somewhat frequently, so we don't really have a choice but to put up with it.
I think REmake accomplished a lot because they didn't fuck up the gameplay, didn't BOG the characters, didn't retcon everything, didn't turn it into shipping romances, didn't make it piss easy, didn't fuk up the aesthetic, but made nice changes where you can still enjoy both games individually. They extended the life of the game and brought in zoomers plus made tons of money for the franchise.

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>didn't fuk up the aesthetic
Uh oh… Now the Disney haunted mansion Anon is going to show up

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>didn't retcon everything
>didn't fuk up the aesthetic

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Who took care of those candles?

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>they didn't fuck up the gameplay

>didn't BOG the characters

>didn't retcon everything

>didn't fuk up the aesthetic

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>No points
>Just rhetoric in green text format
How did they retcon everything, how did they bog the characters, and what version did you play.
They are lights designed to look like candles.

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Bad games who had potential deserves a remake. For example sonic '06 vould have been a good game without all the bugs and glitches.

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>Anthropomorphic beastiality

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small brain guy:
>RE1 needed a remake!

big brain guy:
>RE1 didn't need a remake

universe brain guy:
>RE1 needed a late-PS1 remake with all they'd learned and improved from making 2 and 3

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People who want remakes of good games (instead of games that actually need it) just want to see more official content for these good games that they like. It's not for improvement, it's just "do it again, Capcom!"

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Not really?
The mansion was over-designed for what it is, the '96 character designs feels better and more original, and stuff like Lisa Trevor was probably unneeded methinks. Maybe the crimson heads, corpse disposal, and self defense could use some rework.
The very least, spruced up backgrounds that still sticks to the original's general layout, and maybe better dialog with new voice actors.

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I had no issues with it existing but I thought it was made too soon, the original was only 6 years old at the time

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In the purest sense, no. The game is what it is and it exists as is and we can just live with what we have. But if I'm being honest I don't feel the need to be cynical by default when it comes to good faith remakes. I can play early PS1 games and still enjoy them, jankiness and all, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't dig how REmake looked on my big HDTV.

If a good game gets a significant visual overhaul that brings it up to par with modern tech but doesn't lose the core gameplay, what's the problem? Something like 2 where they dropped the fixed camera angles and made it a shooter is a different question but REmake is a mostly faithful recreation

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Sonic '06 is definitely a fucking waste of potential, for sure. But how is it bestiality when there is no penetration of any kind between genitals?

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No, and it was just another sign they had no idea what to do with the series after 2.
>Let's do a side story about Jill!
>How about a Dreamcast exclusive outsourced to Sega?
>And an N64 prequel about Rebecca fighting leeches on a train!
>Wait, scrap that last one.
>Fuck it, let's just remake RE1 since we know that formula worked.
>Hey guys, Becky's Big Adventure is back! In Gamecube form!
This isn't even touching on the 6 year development hell 4 went through. Or scrapped ideas like Hunk on a boat and Biohazard Sengoku that got retooled into Onimusha. It's a miracle the series didn't completely fall apart.

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>How did they retcon everything
Crimson Heads, Lisa, and the entire reason they're stuck in the mansion.
Mansion was ruined. Turned into a haunted house, rusting and decaying environments despite people living and working in them not even 2 weeks prior. A gigantic sea world underneath the guard house that isn't even plausible. Multiple areas interconnected with each other that make no sense. A 24/7 storm that magically stops anytime you go outside. The fact theres not only an ancient tomb hidden directly under the mansion entrance hall, but that its also apparently built on top of a endless chasm.

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Absolutely not but it got lucky it got the best remake ever made

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Resident Evil IS a remake.

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For what? Sweet Home?

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>yet another garbage le spooky Disney haunted mansion DEmake thread
kill yourself

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No. But at least it's a good remake.

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>Did Resident Evil need a remake?

Yes, but it was made wrong.

First and most important, there are not female zombies. They had the chance to insert female zombies scientists or female zombies maids in that remake, but they wasted that chance. they could have made female zombies like the ones of outbreak, but they wasted that chance.

Second, there are not infinite magnum as "trophy" like in the director cut version. Instead, the only mediocre "trophy" you get is a weak infinite handgun and a infinite rocket launcher wich does not destroy the zombies arms and heads as the original one used to.

Third, the chimeras enemies are pretty slow and weak in comparison with the ones of the original.

So in short: a mediocre remake.

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Based esoteric personal standards autist

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Nah, it's RE2. That's some brilliant shit.

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Where could I be?

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They hold hands and kiss, that's too lewd.

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it sucks zoomie

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>nobody listened
>Nomura going full autism is the best remake done since

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No, but I'm glad it got one.

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It's amazing and you're trying too damn hard.

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>WWWAAAAAAAH Holding hands is ToO lEwD, aS iS kIsSiNg On-ScReEn
FUCK OFF with this tired-ass meme; its at best as stale as the "Hey my name is John, and I hate every one of you" Copypasta!

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Probably, but I dislike how the remake fucked the aesthetic somewhat.

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>Give Nintendo fans a way to play RE1 after skipping N64
>Bring RE1 up to date with visuals and improvements that came with the sequels
>Fix some things while bringing new concepts like Lisa

I say yes.

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I get the mod is supposed to make her look closer to RE3 with the colors but it doesn't blend well with the desaturated look of the rest of REmake

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Hell no

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Why does the Remake look so fucked up? There's some ugly smoothing/upscaling on all the backgrounds and it makes everything look extremely fake. It's like those fan projects to upscale the old RE games. Also no, it didn't need a remake. It was rough around the edges, but it was still pretty solid on its own. To be honest, I haven't really played the remake much. When I boot it up, I get about 30 minutes in then I just boot up the original cause I like it more (no nostalgia, I beat RE for the first time in like 2014.) There really is something about its feel that the remake doesn't recapture.

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yes it needed one,besides it look great and i love jill jiggling tits so good job!!.
original well it doesn't have that horror feeling the remake has.
sadly the murrican version don't have those jiggling tits (tested both a few hours ago jiggling tits are only on pal and japan version)

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Yes, because most Nintendo owners did not have a PS1, and just releasing the ps1 version on the GC would not have sold well.

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Too bad her ass doesn't jiggle too

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>Why does the Remake look so fucked up? There's some ugly smoothing/upscaling on all the backgrounds and it makes everything look extremely fake. It's like those fan projects to upscale the old RE games.
they didnt had the assets from back then to do the remaster so if you want the best graphics you have to play the gamecube version.

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Did the PAL and Japan Wii versions censor jiggling?