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Been thinking /vr/. So I hate resellers, like everyone else. There's a local store I stopped going to because they started out cool but started becoming reseller faggots, like telling me that a game they'd sell for $20 or more would be worth $5 or less credit. I mean double markup ok, but hitting me for 4x? Fuck that.

That being said, I understand why resellers, or more specifically stores, do what they do for it to be viable as far as a business. My question is this, if there was a store that was for collectors, by a collector that paid more than other stores in buy and trade value could it make up the potential losses of giving people a more fair market price for things? Or even if buying and trading wasn't an option and it was just selling and prices were set below ebay and other stores. It seems like initially you lose money but if enough word got out about such a store I'd think more people would do business there.

>tl;dr, would a bro-tier priced store we all dream of even be viable economically?

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OP here, I also know that being a nerd or whatever is 'in' right now but I also think having a better image would be something I'd like to see in a store as well. Every time I walk into a game store or vintage shop or whatever and see the same neckbeard faggot behind the counter who is usually fat, looks like his mother dressed him, unkept beard, usually gauges/glasses/cabbie hat or fedora/ect. And it's almost ALWAYS somebody that has no social skills that acts like it's a chore to help you if you ask questions or inquire about selling or trading them something. I think Oh look...it's this store again. I'm not saying it has to be all corporate faggotry and suit and tie behind the counter, just think if somebody started a small shop and did things right, it would be good for anybody that went there, and good for business.

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It would have to have zero overhead so a brick and mortar store that has to pay rent and taxes and keep the lights on is right out. A craigslist group is more along the right lines. You could try to enforce a trades only policy but resellers would still PM people with cash offers. You could ban anyone that was reported as a reseller and keep it all private but it would have to be a really cool group to keep people from just using the generic sell group or Craigslist.

Probably half the people out there just want fast cash for their shit and they'll take what they can get as long as it's quick and easy.

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You probably just described yourself because i've been to about 15+ game stores/vintage shops/thrift stores in the pass week here in southern california and i've never seen anyone close to that nature. You and OP should be happy that these stores are even open because who gives a fuck if you are paying 15$ instead of 5$ somewhere in a garage for a game that shit is like pocket change.

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Everytime I went to the retro game store out by me there's a somewhat normal looking guy behind the counter. He had good social skills for someone who works at a store. Talked to us about games, what games he has, what are good picks around the store, etc.

$5 for a $20 doesn't seem that outrageous. Sure, it's not ideal, but they need to make money some how.
The ideal /could/ work, but I don't see it happening. Just not enough of a demand. You'd have to be in a well positioned area with a lot of people interested in retro games and have good advertising.
Also this: >>1008507

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Where does /vr/ even get their games? I do my best but I'm sick of getting fucked over.

Amazon has Conker's Bad Fur Day as almost SIXTY BUCKS for their cheapest USED copy.

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Craigslist/garage sales/flea markets, retro game stores/thrift shops, Ebay/Amazon, downloading them from the internet

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I think a lot of us with real strong collections got them back in the day, or at least enough to leverage now so the bubble doesn't affect us as bad.

Kids just getting into it should probably emulate to scratch their itch while they wait for their golden opportunities to pop up and/or decide where exactly to start paying out the ass.

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Gotcha, thank you. I used to have an N64 back when, but my mom gave it all away when I wasn't looking. So I'm trying to get it back.

Mario Party 2 and Conker's Bad Fur Day continue to elude me. That shit's expensive.

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I've been trying to pick up Conker myself.

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OP here. I don't necessarily mean strictly /vr/ but to keep it relevant. You know the type of store, the local comic/games/toys/ect
I know you have to make money but I think if you didn't lowball the ever living shit out of everybody that comes in the door you're going to lose some profit, but I think in the long run once you built a reputation that you'd make more eventually because you'd get a loyal customer base.
Looks aside the typical game store employee is an asshole, it's usually the type of faggot that thinks their hot shit because of where they work and needs to get off their high horse. I've worked at a Gamestop (unfortunately) so I know how it goes. Maybe you guys are just lucky in your area.

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