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Hi /vr/ why don't we have a monkey island thread?

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there is, but it's a secret.

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Can this also be a Pirates of the Caribbean hate thread?

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My name's Guybrush Wilson, and I want to be a pirate!

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The earliest one was 2003, so no. It can't.

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why monkey island fans hate pirates of the caribbeans

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Because the project that became Pirates of the Caribbean started of as Monkey Island the movie.
Much of Steve Purcell's concept artwork even got recycled into that project.

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Because PoC rips-off stuff from MI, even if they're inspired by the same thing.
I don't care that much, those movies sucks balls anyway.

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I first played somi on an amiga 600. Followed with lcr on same 600. Both pirated copies. 4 disks and 11 disks respectively. Music and graphics rocked for the early 90s.

Comi was played on my second pc. An lBM aptiva pentium. 16 meg ram, 2gb hdd, 16 bit soudblaster.

Played efmi on a borrowed ps2. Had a gamecube and a girlfriend at the time.

Tried tomi on the wii. Not worth it. Downloaded complete set for the PC and enjoyed. As good as efmi imho.

Some of the happiest times of my life.

I am rubber you are glue!

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Disney does a lot of that... Deciding to build on someone elses property and then realizing they could make more dosh by bootlegging it instead.

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Even though I think SOMI is the best game overall, nothing beats the Blood Island chapter in COMI.
Such amazing atmosphere, puzzles, characters.. I love this place

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The ending of SOMI2 is one of my favorite endings ever. I avoided playing the subsequent games because they fuck with Gilbert's canon.

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I'm not sure whether LeChuck's Revenge has the best or worst ending of any videogame.

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It was a cliffhanger meant to be expanded upon in a sequel that would explain the acronyms and expand upon the original two games darker, more serious themes.
More people should play The Cave to get the sense of where Ron Gilbert was probably going to conclude the series...

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The best.
I guess you could call it the worst because it's fucking insane, but the whole game is fucking insane (I wish the puzzles were less insane though).

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My guess is that Robert Gilbert was thinking about leaving LucasArts as the game was drawing to a close, and he decided on the ending so that the series could have either stopped there or continued. He probably figured that if he left then Lucas wouldn't touch it because of the hole the plot had dug itself in.

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>Because the project that became Pirates of the Caribbean started of as Monkey Island the movie
Actually that was debunked as a baseless rumor. People thought it was so because both movie seemingl had a scriptwriter in common, but this turned out to not be the case.

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But that's wrong, it's been confirmed they reused several assets of the failed monkey island film