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What are Saturn and N64 answers to this game?

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Idk killer instinct gold? War gods? I feel like there were a bunch of 3d fighters on n64 not sure about Saturn. Athena is a one on one 3d fighting game w side stepping if I recall. Not saying they’re good or bad just, I’m guessing this was the answer?

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Virtua Fighter 2, Killer Instinct Gold.
>I don't like those games.
That's as nice as your thread topic.

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There wasn't

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I probably invested more time playing Fighters Megamix on a neighbor's SS than in any other 5th gen fighting game until I got my own PS

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Visually? Nothing.
Gameplay wise? Virtua Fighter 2 on Saturn. Maybe Killer Instinct on the N64.
>Fighter's Destiny
lmao even

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Fighter's Destiny is much better than KI Gold though

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I have saturn answer just right here

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tekken3spammer is back lol

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>Virtua Fighter clones, everything listed twice
Is there supposed to be a joke?

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Well OP wanted to talk about VF clones

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You mean, Saturn's only answer to Tekken 3 is VF clones?

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Saturn's answer to Tekken is a bunch of dead franchises nobody cared about for more than a saturday evening rental, save for the Tit or Abreast.

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Nintendo solved the fighting genre
Everything else is a Street Fighter 2 clone and Nintendo 64 already had Killer Instinct Gold

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>Killer Instinct Gold
That's not how you "solve the fightimg genre"

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Yeah it’s no question that Smash was THE answer to all fighting games. IMO Fighters Mega Mix was fucking top tier too. It’s a shame it was on a shit console. I really think it would have modern entries if it wasn’t on the Saturn. Going more casual crowd was clearly the play to keep fighters relevant past that generation of consoles.

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Dead or Alive
None. There are no good fighting games on N64.

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>There are no good fighting games on N64.
Why is KI Gold overhated?

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Virtua Fighter 2
Dead or Alive
Fighters Megamix
Fighting Vipers
Last Bronx
Zero Divide

Really my favorite Saturn fighting games are in 2d or Virtua Fighter with the twin sticks. Last Bronx is my favorite traditional 3d fighter of that generation, but I think thats an unpopular opinion.

I guess the Attempted answer is Fighter’s Destiny and Mace the Dark Age. Really Nintendo went their own way and made creative but not directly comparable fighting games like Smash Bros and Custom Robo and also just focused on other genres.

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kek half the games appear twice

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Lol. get a load of this nigga.

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N64's answer: ignore it and wait for a question you can answer
Saturn's answer: die and rely on the Dreamcast to come up with something

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>this nigga unironically put criticom in a comparison
I'm done with this thread.

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Based Namco