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I love the Saturn as much as the next guy who grew up with it, but calling it the peak of gaming is a bit much. It was criminally underappreciated, and it could never realize its true potential as a result.

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I never knew the Saturn version's Maria was different from the PSP version's. Also lots of little details like the sword familiar's subtle changes as it levels. And how you can kill the flea men riding those skull dragons sometimes and the skulls will change sides and help you out. This game has too much cool shit in it I'll never see it all.

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I always kept hearing about how bad this port it. Complaints about the load times and such, but I tried it and the load times aren't even bad. Can barely notice them. The graphical downgrades are only noticable if you look for them and the slowdown isn't major. Maria is an awesome playable character.

Anyways I still prefer the PSX version if I'm playing as Alucard and Richter, but the Saturn version is awesome for Maria. Plus there's nothing you need to read when playing as her so being only in Japanese is all good

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